June 29, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts

Keep your friends close and your Package Closer ~ Hilarious review of a piece of apparel that can prevent the guys out there from experiencing the dreaded ”fire in my underpants”

Outdoor Teaching Mistakes we make with our Children ~ Reader Note: Lindsey and Olivia both do an awesome job of discussing educating kids about and in nature. This particular post is such a great reminder about being completely present with our kids in nature.

Finding Joy in the Little Things ~ Reader Note: A great reminder to stop when outdoors and enjoy the small things.

Why Raven ~ Reader Note: A beautiful essay by Will about the process of story in our lives.

RiverTop Rambles ~ Reader Note: I’ve put up the URL for the blog itself. Well worth going right down the line. He’s just got started and is well worth following.

Ice Fishing in a Bikini? ~ Reader Note: A bit controversial depending on which side of the fence you sit, but certainly worth thinking about how woman are portrayed in the outdoors. Be sure to read the comments!

Hemingway’s Whiskey, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and Other Re-Brandings ~ Reader Note: A very nuanced look at Hemingway and modern revisionism- very well written.

As Long as Winter Holds Its Breath ~ Reader Note: Quill writes with beauty and with this post, the pictures compliment his prose.

On Being a Writer ~ Reader Note: How one makes peace with the idea that they have become the writer everyone else already recognized.

Ponce de Leon Park: A Gem in Punta Gorda, Florida ~ Reader Note: Every park or area of beauty should have a photo essay like this done about them. Beautiful!

7 Signs You’ve become disconnected from Nature ~ Reader Note: This is a guest post and it asks alot of great questions and gives everyone things to ask themselves and answer honestly. A great post.

The British Countryside, What’s in it for us? ~ Reader Note: nice post from the UK about why we love the outdoors

Where there’s Water ~ Reader Note: Incredible essay about a day outdoors. Read it today

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    Yay, my first “home” post featured on OBN. Thanks to whoever voted!

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    Glad to see Walt form Rivertop Rambles on the list. Been following him from post #1.

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    Congrats to all! Great Job! oB

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    Thanks so much for the feature and thanks to the person who nominated my post. Now I am going back up and reading all the rad posts listed!

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    Wow. An honor to be included! I can’t wait to read all these posts, they sound fabulous. Thanks!

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    Wowser – I am humbled and honored to be in such great company.. many thanks to whomever submitted that controversial post.

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    Some great reading in here.

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