June 27, 2016

OBN Friday Notes ~ 1/27

Around the Outdoor Blogger Network this Week: 

Outdoor Talk: Surface Film Part Deux : Fly Fishing Photography Show ~ Outdoor Book Review Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Guide by Tim Allard

Outdoor Blogging Tips:

First up, Home Skillet has posted a follow up to his post Income from Custom Editorials (Part I)

Income from Custom Editorials (Part II) dives further into the details of monetizing blogs via Editorials. If you’ve thought that might be an option for you, be sure to check out this follow up, it’s full of information you’ll want to know that will help you make a decision about this possibility.

Next, The Bearded Boar has posted his follow up to Video Editing on a Budget.

Video Editing on a Budget 2 (part 2) is full of information on how anyone can learn to and afford to add video as part of their Outdoor Blogging experience..without mortgaging the house. Awesome tips on software and programs for video editing to be read in this post.

Outdoor Gear Reviews:

Badlands Hybrid Pack Review

Badlands Hybrid Pack

Beat up Road Sign has reviewed her full hunting set up of Haley Vines Apparel here. We have re-posted it on the gear log here. Be sure to check out Christine’s full review of her duck hunting set up that keeps her comfortable and warm.

The SoCal Bowhunter has posted his review of the Badlands Hybrid Hunting Pack here. We have re-posted it on the gear log here. Be sure to check out this great review and see how Al also took this pack to Disneyland!

Nimrod Diaries reviewed the book Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Guide here. We posted it in the Talk section here. The ice has come in some area’s…check out this review!

Around the Outdoor Blogosphere:

Fly Fishing Journal

Fly Fishing Journal

A Year on the Fly  is doing a little giveaway on his blog. He recently reviewed a set of Lightload Towels and now he’s giving away a (new) set of them.

Beyond the towels, if you are a fly fisherman then take a gander at the picture I posted <~~over there. Joel is an amazing artist and he’s created a special Fly Fishing Journal from his art prints.

Visit his post: Tying Journal & A Giveaway to get in on the lightload towels and for some custom fly fishing journal drooling (ordering)

Fly Fishing Giveaway

FlyFishilicious Fun

Up next, FlyFishilicious  is currently having a party of sorts on her blog marked with fly tying and giveaways you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out: Tie it. Love it: Higa’s SOS & BIG Giveaway too and get in for your chance at the fun stuff!

In Case you needed another reason to support Harnesses for Hunters,  you should know that if you check out this post: ATS Outdoors Supports Harnesses for Hunters with a Giveaway! you’ll see you have the chance to win some very cool broadheads through your support and donations. I like that win-win situation!

A Last Note: I do my best to keep up with the comings and goings of over a 1,000 blogs, but I have no doubt I’m missing some great giveaways and such that I could be promoting on the OBN Friday Notes.

To be perfectly honest, the majority of my blog visits (and giveaway discoveries) are via the Outdoor Bloggers who use the Community News Post feature. For me, it’s a RSS Feed I can keep up with…

Even then, I can miss good things! If any of you have a giveaway on your blog, you can help me out–anytime–by simply sending me a contact.

Have a Great Outdoor Weekend Everyone!
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