July 1, 2016

Blood Knot Magazine: The 2nd Annual “Blogger Issue”

Bloodknot Magazine It’s here and I’ll admit it.

I’ve already read the magazine from cover to cover.

Blood Knot Magazine
2nd Annual “Blogger Issue”

If I had any restraint, I would have announced it first, then read it, but I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

It’s just that it’s chalked full of Outdoor Bloggers that I know, enjoy, respect and all of their articles were so good, I couldn’t pause to share the news.

But I’m sharing now and encourage everyone to go check out the latest issue from Blood Knot Magazine that is devoted to highlighting the writing of Outdoor Bloggers.

To the Outdoor Bloggers that made it into this issue:
Congrats to You!! Well done, well deserved and great articles!
Again, I can’t help myself, so I have to say it..I am quite proud of you all ~

To Matt Coudayre and everyone behind the pages at Blood Knot Magazine:
You are always Fantastic to work with and Thank You for putting a spotlight on so many talented Outdoor Bloggers!

Read It Today: Blood Knot Magazine 2nd Annual “Blogger Issue”

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    Very cool, there are a lot of great E-Mags that are tempting me to get an Ereader. Thanks for sharing.
    -The Impractical Fishermen

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