June 30, 2016

Gear Review Opportunity Winner: Eastern Mountain Sports

EMS Men's Techwick Essential Crew

EMS Men's Techwick Essential Crew, L/S

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend!!

Now in case someone didn’t get a new Outdoor Shirt for Christmas, the fine people from Eastern Mountain Sports has one of you covered.

The lucky comment number is….#21 and that turns out to be…(looking)….Chris Hunt

Congrats Chris!! Please visit the EMS Men’s Techwick page and pick your color and size choice.

Then send us an email with all your information.

For everyone else….2012 is looking GOOD on the gear opportunity front so hold tight ~

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  1. 1

    Congrats Chris. Unfortunately they don’t make this shirt in your size, but they do in mine.

  2. 2

    Better yet, Chris, they are sending the shirt eventually to the right town. Just not the right address! Tee Hee

  3. 3

    YEAH Baby! And Howard… my New Year’s resolution is to ensure that I will fit the shirt, not the other way around!

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