June 29, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts:

Sorry for the delay folks!

Ending a Drought and Moving Forward~ Reader Note: Bill’s writing is always top notch but this post is probably his best work. It wasn’t just about hunting but hunting to find one’s true self and the reward it brings.

Thin Blue Line ~ Reader Note: Ben captures the outdoors in this short, but beautiful essay

New Project: Harnesses For Hunters ~ Reader Note: One of the best ideas to come around in a while! Right there with Hunters for the Hungry.

Woodpile ~ Reader Note: Matt has a way with words and this post shows that.

Keep Your Scuttlebutt to Yourself ~ Reader Note: This post talks about how fishing women are portrayed in media and the internet. This is a point of view that is not mentioned often and worth taking a look at.

Too Cool to Cache???? Not Girl Scout Troup 2903 ~ Reader Note: I feel that this article is so great! Taking out time with our youth to teach and explore together. To have fun and build life long memories of great times in the great outdoors. I mean check it out! This is a great post with excellent pictures and a very clear and wonderful message. Thank you

Louie’s Venison Chili ~ Reader Note: Grab this recipe to put a new twist on cooking up the venison you have in the freezer.

Centennial Valley, Montana ~ Reader Note: Sanders takes you right into his post and wild place. A destination for your travels for sure.

Fly Fishing: The Confectioness ~ Reader Note: Rebecca took writing up a blog post to a new creative level. Check out this post and see if she used your blog name in telling her fly fishing story. (Thank you for the mention!)

Silver and Gold ~ Reader Note: If you haven’t seen this video by Yukon Goes Fishing then you are missing out!

Down The Hatch ~ Reader Note: Erin shows us her amazing writing talent once again in this eloquent essay.

Bring the Wild Inside — Christmas ~ Reader Note: With these easy touches you can showcase an Outdoor Christmas in any home. Great ideas!

The Angler’s Year - December ~ Reader Note: An extremely well written post about life in Michigan during December

The Accidental Buck ~ Reader Note: A well written, excellent hunting story. Don’t miss this read.

A Graceful Rise Quill illustrates and highlights the women in history that have had a fly rod in hand. A great piece to read.

Buying American Made Products–Are you in? ~ Reader Note: Read this post today and keep it in mind during this holiday buying season!

“Gasp” arilla ~ Reader Note: This post is interesting because it talks about what women should and shouldn’t wear while fishing.

Sharing the Fun ~ Reader Note: This looked like a great day in the field and the photographs are incredible. Enjoy this fun.

Note: If you have found one of your blog posts listed above, you should know that one of your readers enjoyed it very much and wanted to share it with others. Well done to you!!

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    Well, how about them apples! Thank you, dear reader, for the props. Very cool.

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    Wow! I was going through the list of great blog posts to read and BAM! My post made the list! That just made my day, thanks!

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    Great List! I love this segment and it’s an honor to be featured!

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    Thanks for the shout out for the couple of Backcountry Journal articles.


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    It is really awesome to be listed with such great blogs. A lot of these I follow and admire. This is a first for me and I am glad I made the list with this post “American Made Products.” I am sure you noticed from the post that this has become one of my projects in the future. Thanks to everyone who took the time to check out the post.

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