June 29, 2016

Outdoor Writing Prompt: Best Wild Places

Colorado Water Drainage

Photo Credit: Field and Stream ~ Colorado's White River Drainage

This Outdoor Writing Prompt is inspired by:

For the second straight year, Field & Stream has partnered with Trout Unlimited on tours of America’s Best Wild Places. The Best Wild Places is a joint project and offers a unique look at some of the country’s best hunting and fishing destinations, as well as the challenges these amazing places face if they are to remain intact and functional for years to come.

This year they are spotlighting the following treasures:

I’ve really enjoyed following along with the posts about each Wild Place they have featured so far (White River, Colorado & Tongass National Forest, Alaska & Clearwater) and look forward to the weeks to come and the new features.

Which brings me to this Outdoor writing prompt.

We have no doubt you have your own Best Wild Places that are near and dear to your heart and this is your chance to spotlight them and share them with others to discover.

Write a post about your favorite “Best Wild Places” to fish and hunt. Include pictures if you can. Are there any issues facing your favorite Wild Place you wish you could change? If you don’t want to name the specific spot, we can understand that too, just give us a general area and keep your secret,  but tell everyone why you love it!

NOTE: As an extra bonus to this writing prompt, Trout Unlimited will be re-posting  the links to your posts (MAJOR personal blog exposure) on the TU FaceBook page and Twitter feeds. If you would like them to give you all that extra visitor juice, be sure include a link to the Best Wild Places  tour on Field and Stream in your post to help spread the news about their 6 choices.

Have fun and we’ll look forward to reading about your Best Wild Place. Don’t forget to come back here after you’ve posted and include your link on the handy dandy Linky System.

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  1. 1

    I’m unable to get the Field and Stream link to work. It’s just spinning it’s wheels. I’ll keep trying though, just in case it’s on my end. By the way, not all of America’s “Best Wild Places” are out west. ;)

  2. 2

    Not sure why the link wouldn’t work for you. Went right through for me so maybe someone else out there could check it for me?

    And you’re right, you guys in the East certainly claim some amazing places!

  3. 3

    Right you are Rebecca. The West and the East certainly have some wild places. The only wild place I know in the South is Owl’s house.

  4. 4

    Folks… Don’t want to be TOO much of a stickler, but if you want us link to your blog from the TU Facebook page, please mention the Best Wild Places project and post the link… thanks!

  5. 5

    We have our post all finished!

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