June 26, 2016

Outdoor Community Question: Outdoor Gifts made by Outdoor Bloggers?

Cotton Candy Sky By Trout MaGee ~ Click Photo for purchase details

The photo above was taken by Trout MaGee who writes the Outdoor Blog
The Catching Chronicles you can also visit his shop here: Driftless Creations.

Ok, so maybe this community question is a bit selfish on my part, but I’m on the hunt for Outdoor gear/clothes/books/swag/stickers/art/photography….and so on that is made, or created, or designed and sold by the Outdoor Blogging Community.

I’ve been putting together a Outdoor Blogger Made gift guide, but I know I’m missing A LOT of great items and I thought, who better to ask then YOU ALL to help me locate the stuff we’d all love to find under the Christmas tree this year.

So that’s my question: Do you make something Outdoor-ish that you offer for sale on your blog? Do you know of an Outdoor Blogger that offers something cool that we could highlight? Any other Outdoor gift suggestions?

Leave a comment below, or if you are feeling shy, feel free to hit that contact button above and give me the details.

P.S. It’s candy cane season. Everything is better with a candy cane!

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Hi! I can’t wait to see who else sell products. I need gift ideas.
    I create fine art prints with the photos I take on my walks. You can access my shop from my blog at Walk Simply
    or directly at Traci Lehman – Fine Art

  2. 2

    I have a ZAZZLE store where anyone can upload their own photos or blog information onto a multitude of items, OR personalize hundreds of items OR purchase something already made.


  3. 3

    How weird. I was just updating my blog with my Zazzle store that I’ve had for a few years, but fail to promote. Then this request shows up. Perfect timing I guess. Link to the store:


    I’ve grown tired of a lot of the images, but now and then someone buys one so I’m reluctant to get rid of them. I still wonder how they find them.

    I have hundreds of photos sitting waiting for me to get my act together and do something with. One of these days.

  4. 5

    How about my outdoor paddling race adventure book ‘PADDLEFISH’?



  5. 6

    I make custom fly fishing flies, fly fishing lanyards, and beer koozies that you wear around your neck. Check out my stuff. When I’m not crafting I’m either stay at home dad and/or a fly fishing guide. I sold photos in college to pay for beer.

  6. 7

    Ok you asked for it, my own special blend of Cajun spice, fish fry, hush puppy mix and more.

  7. 8
  8. 10
  9. 11

    Hi Rebecca,
    The Freshwater Fly has a couple items available.

    Great idea by the way!

  10. 12

    Thanks a lot for the sweet Plug :) I think this is a great idea and question. Great to see all of the fellow bloggers out there selling the great things they have made. Nothing cooler than homemade things from different outdoorsmen/women around the globe.
    Thanks again.
    Tight Lines.
    Trout MaGee

  11. 13

    Arizona Wanderings has a store with Arizona Wanderings t-shirts, a quail hunting ebook and mini-hoppers along with some other assorted flies. Stop on by and let me know what you think.



  12. 14

    If you are buying anyone flies, listen to AZWanderings above and buy his min-hoppers. Those things OWN!

  13. 16

    I brew beer and give a 6-pack selection to all my friends for Christmas. But, I guess I’d get in trouble for selling it. This year it’s apple, cherry, raspberry, honey, pumpkin, and irish stout. Stop drolling. :-)

  14. 17

    If you would like some fish art on your wall then I’m your man. Prints and originals at my blog http://WWW.ayearonthefly.blogspot.com (including a special Christmas deal of 4 rare trout prints) or check out hexfishing.com for rod cases and art.

  15. 18

    Hi Rebecca,

    I am an artist & designer and I create handmade Old World style panels to display domestic/exotic antlers, horns, tusks & sheds. I designed them and they are made in the USA. I have a blog on my site under news-updates. I write about tips to balance the hunter/non-hunter home and reviews on shows and shoots I attend and a favorite recipe here and there. Rita

  16. 19

    Here’s mine http://www.cedarhillboatworks.blogspot.com
    Check it out…gift certificates available

  17. 20

    I paint gourds. Some with outdoors subject matter, others are bird houses. I call my little endeavor Gourd Central Station.

  18. 21

    I make writing pens made from deer antler or exotic type woods. I give these away through drawings once a quarter, through my blog. http://sscottjohnson.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/antler-pen-giveaway-2/

    Survival Bracelets make wonderful gifts. I have a how-to ebook on making these for free on my blog: http://sscottjohnson.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/how-to-make-a-survival-bracelet/

  19. 22

    We produce a extra lean, premium, handcrafted 100% turkey breast jerky. This may be the best tasting jerky you ever tried. Many of our customers tell us that. We are a small producer for those that want top quality. We make it like it is for friends and family.

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