July 1, 2016

Quick Fire Outdoor Interview: Lunker Hunt

Clif of Lunker Hunt

Name or Online Code Name: Clif
Blog URL: http://lunkerhunt.blogspot.com/

1) Outdoor Activity of choice?   

I love to fish for…uh…fish. I use a spin rod about half the time and a fly rod the other half. The species doesn’t matter too much either, if it’s hungry and able to bend a rod I’ll try to catch it. Most of my adventures start out with a plan to catch bass, but I’m always prepared to roll with the punches. For example a recent smallie outing ended up with me forgetting the streamers and throwing #16 dry flies at a school of rising mooneye.

2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? 

If I’m in a tent I usually don’t last much longer than 7am, but if my day starts in bed it also starts late. Not being too obsessed with catching gives me the latitude to take my time. Fish can wait and the weekend was made for sleeping.

3) Snicker Bar or Granola Bar on the trail? 

I’ve found if you’re prepared for a long day, the fish won’t bite. It’s when you’re starving and dying of thirst that the fish won’t stay off your hook. I usually don’t bring food, but if the bite is strong and my hunger stronger there is always a gas station somewhere close and gas stations always have jerky.

4) Santa is coming. What outdoor (dream) present should he put under the tree for you this year? 

I’ll try to be somewhat realistic here, otherwise this answer could get wordy. An acquaintance owns a Sage Smallmouth fly rod and I absolutely love that thing. So I’ll take one of those and a matching reel. Maybe someone at Sage will appreciate me plugging their awesome rods here. Sage.

5) Seven days in the Alaskan Wilderness or Seven days on a Tropical Beach? 

Give me the beach any day. I’m pretty lazy, and seven days in any wilderness sounds fun…but it also sounds like a lot of work. If I’m on vacation I avoid all responsibilities and anyone that tries to give me an itinerary…I deal with that stuff enough at work.

6) What kind of Outdoor Store would you own?

The idea of owning an outdoor store doesn’t appeal to me, but I am a design engineer and would love to develop and sell some sort of invention. The big idea hasn’t hit yet, but I’m open to suggestions.

7) Fill in the blank. When I head outdoors I need to have_________________with me? 

“A rod,” she said.

8 ) Biggest Outdoor Pet Peeve?

Many times I’ve had my fishing hole run over by ATV drivers, but it’s more of an amusement than a pet peeve. It’s just one of those experiences that makes the day interesting. I love the challenge of fishing, so thing that adds to the challenge is just another obstacle.

9) What’s the worst injury you ever got in the outdoors?
I’ve been lucky enough to avoid ever getting seriously injured, so the worst may sound lame. As a child I rolled over in a go-cart, and it landed on me. I lived in pain for about two weeks and never said a word to my parents lest they revoke go-cart privileges. A couple years ago I finally came clean…mom was not shocked.

10) Finish this sentence: When I was a little kid, I loved to go outside and…

Ride my bike. Start fires. Build treehouses. Ride go-carts and 4 wheelers. Shoot my BB gun. Do other stupid and potentially life ending things.

Courage Test:  It’s You and a Grizzly Bear face to face on the trail. Knowing yourself, will you 1) Hold your ground and see who blinks first 2) throw your gear at the Grizzly and run for your life or 3) faint on the spot or 4) Describe your escape plan…

We don’t have bears around here, so I don’t have a survival plan on file. Whatever the plan, I’m sure it would involve the stink of human filth. That’s right, I’d be a HUGE chicken. I mean we’re talking about bears here people, not something silly like a mouse in my sleeping bag.

Thank you for standing in the fire for a few minutes Clif! We appreciate it. 

Be sure to visit Lunker Hunt and follow along in his outdoor adventures. 

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  1. 1

    I think that many of us appreciate Clif’s sense of humor…in his comments on other’s blogs besides his own writings. So, less snacks = more fish…Got it! And a mouse in a sleeping bag is just “silly”!!! Hmmmm.

  2. 3
    Paula Karine says:

    Great sense of humor, well written. You have a nack for words. Nope wasn’t surprised.

  3. 4

    Great interview Clif (you got to appreciate the Lunker Hunt) but really – weekend is made for sleeping? As someone once said, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, for now I fish. Love the go-cart story. What kid doesn’t have that one toy – A Christmas story comes to mind – “You’ll shoot your eye out”.

  4. 5

    Nice job Clif! Something like your go-cart story happened to me too on a 3 wheeler….never said a word until years later….LOL!

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