July 1, 2016

Best Wild Places Tour continues: The Tongass National Forest

The Trout Unlimited/Field and Stream Best Wild Places Tour, 2011 version, continues with a look at southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Not only is this 17 million-acre national forest America’s “Salmon Forest,” it’s home to some of the best hunting on earth for Sitka black-tailed deer. Join Author Darren Dorris on his first-ever hunt on […]

Gear Review Opportunity: ECS 2 pack Rifle Case

ECS Rifle Case

Who’s ready for an early Christmas Present? We are happy to bring you an amazing product for the gear review opportunity this week from ECS Case. From their site: ECS Case offers a full line of factory direct shipping products as well as the most advanced custom packaging solutions available today. Commercial-off-the-shelf products include rackmount […]

Outdoor Recipe Book: Hunting Widow’s Guide to Great Venison Cooking

Awhile ago I was approving a new blog for the Outdoor Blogger Directory and I spent…oh…I’ll just admit, A LOT of time browsing the many posts of the amazing blog: The Hunting Widow’s Guide to Great Venison Cooking (and then I was very hungry) I was delighted to discover the blog author, Susan Rose, also has […]

Outdoor Community Question: Outdoor Gifts made by Outdoor Bloggers?

Cotton Candy Sky By Trout MaGee ~ Click Photo for purchase details

The photo above was taken by Trout MaGee who writes the Outdoor Blog The Catching Chronicles you can also visit his shop here: Driftless Creations. Ok, so maybe this community question is a bit selfish on my part, but I’m on the hunt for Outdoor gear/clothes/books/swag/stickers/art/photography….and so on that is made, or created, or designed […]

Conservation Minute: Illinois Whitetail

Did you know that just 50 years ago most of the mid-west was devoid of whitetail deer? Through reintroduction efforts, good management and monetary support from hunter-conservationists, the corn-belt is now home to a healthy population and some of the biggest whitetails in North America. Watch the Video, here>>

Featured Outdoor Blogs: 11/28

Outdoor Photography Blog

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I battled a bit of an illness (viral plague of  bed ridden misery) all last week, so I apologize for the quiet tone of the OBN (and the delay in responding to emails) but I’m on the mend and getting back into the swing of thing. Today […]

Quick Fire Outdoor Interview: Lunker Hunt

Clif of Lunker Hunt

Name or Online Code Name: Clif Blog URL: http://lunkerhunt.blogspot.com/ 1) Outdoor Activity of choice?    I love to fish for…uh…fish. I use a spin rod about half the time and a fly rod the other half. The species doesn’t matter too much either, if it’s hungry and able to bend a rod I’ll try to catch it. Most of […]

Quick Fire Outdoor Interview: Bill Howard Outdoors


Name or Online Code Name: Bill Howard Outdoor Blog: billhowardoutdoors.com and giveemtheshaft.com 1) Outdoor Activity of choice?   Bowhunting 2) Outdoor Mornings. Up at 5 a.m.? 6…7…8…9…Or when the sun heats up the tent and you can’t take it anymore? Actually, most days if bowhunting or duck hunting, I’ll be in the stand or boat by 4am.  3) Snicker Bar or […]

Realtree Branches out on Sportsman Channel


Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, is proud to announce Realtree joins the network as a weeknight sponsor of the Realtree Hunting Camp block of shows starting December 27, 2011 and airing every Tuesday night throughout the year. Plus, Realtree is the title sponsor for Sportsman’s original production, Dropped: Project […]

OBN Friday Notes: 11/18

SPMN logo-4.20.11

Around the Outdoor Blogger Network this Week:  We kicked off the Sportsman Channel Blog Writing Contest for Hunters. With a $200 dollar (and a $50) Cabela’s gift card up for grabs, it’s a fun writing contest with some great submissions already in. Be sure to check it out, read some fantastic blog posts and get […]