June 27, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts:

And now for one of my favorite features around these parts. How about a round of Reader Picked Outdoor Blog posts to brighten up your day with great reads! Enjoy…

  Silent Sunday (How Fragile) ~ Reader Note: A photo blog post by Bryan that is beautiful.  No one should miss it.

Simple, Important, Beautiful Things. ~ Reader Note: Erin has a way with words and this short piece is a great example of her talent.

The Best Of: Glacier’s Waterfalls and Lakes ~ Reader Note: If you’ve ever thought about visiting Glacier National park, take a look at this blog entry and once you see what you’ve been missing, you’ll put it on your vacation radar.

What is Your Definition Of a Successful Outdoorsman? ~ Reader Note: A well written post that gives you a lot to think about when it comes to defining success in the outdoors.

“Why Fishing is My Life” ~ Reader Note: A new blog I came across that tells the stories of how someone started fishing. This story is really touching.

ALLEN Fly Co. Fly Line Review ~ Reader Note: Excellent review on a fly line that everyone can afford.

Mountain biker gets taken out by a hartebeest ~ Reader Note: This video is hilarious and you’ll watch it over and over. A great share.

A Frenzy Among Friends ~ Reader Note: Excellently written review of the Rocky Mt. Frenzy.

Owls, Orchids, and the Outdoor Sisterhood ~ Reader Note: How the support of outdoor friends and a day walking in beauty helped make a difficult decision easier. Beautiful pictures and writing that touches deep down. Thinking of you Gretchen.

A breed apart ~ Reader Note: Great post about hunting

5 Tips for Fall Foliage Photography ~ Reader Note: Great tips for taking photos this fall!

An Adventure You Won’t Believe: Episode One & Episode Two~ Reader Note: I enjoy Al’s stories and reviews, but both part 1 and part 2 of this particular blog expresses how an unsuccessful hunt is not necessarily unsuccessful.

The Freshwater Fly Factory Tour. It’s a Must See ~ Reader Note: See how the Fish Fighter Fly Clip is made… it might make you smile.

Canyon Country backroad mishap offers lessons in resourcefulness, awareness ~ Reader Note: Shows what can happen while driving in the backcountry and how to overcome it.

In the Starfish Boneyard ~ Reader Note: An interesting walk on a beautiful island with echoes of the past. Although a fascinating place to walk, others like to use modes of transport that only put pressure on a fragile environment

Migration Time Again ~ Reader Note: Alaskan Fishing Guide Fred Telleen wraps up his final days up North and why it was time to migrate south to Montana. Awesome pictures.

Note: If you have found one of your blog posts listed above, you should know that one of your readers enjoyed it very much and wanted to share it with others. Well done to you!!

Readers, remember, if you come across an Outdoor Post that you have enjoyed, feel free to share it on the OBN by adding it to the Reader Submitted Blog Posts form (located bottom of the left sidebar).  We call that good blogging karma ~

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    Robin says thank you to whoever submitted her 5 photo tips for Fall Photos.

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    Thank you to the one who liked my entry. take the thoughts as you will and generate your own answers. feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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    Really appreciate being included on this list, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the post.

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    I am so humbled – Thank you to whoever submitted my post – It’s just yet one more example I’m thinking of that outdoor friendship and fellowship at work in the background when we least suspect it :) Thank you so much!

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    Wow! I feel honored and humbled to be included in this list. Thanks go out to whomever suggested my blog. I appreciate it!

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    Many thanks for being included here…cheers!

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    Thanks for being thought of and included in this list of great writing and bloggers. I appreciate it greatly.

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    Thanks for the inclusion. I’m back from the Alaska migration and now I have no excuse not to blog more frequently, except that fishing in Montana is really good right now.

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