June 30, 2016

Outdoor Blogger Network 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

On Tuesday the 18th
The Outdoor Blogger Network will officially be 1 years old.
And what a great year we’ve had!

When Joe and I think back to our talk along the river that inspired us to build this website, we both agree that not only did our vision happen, it’s taken on a life of it’s own and become so much more.

We certainly know that this site wouldn’t be anything without the support of you…and you and you. All of you. You guys probably have no idea how encouraging and supportive it feels just to visit your sites and see our little badge in your sidebars. Thank you!

When you write us nice emails, or leave comments here, or participate in the things we put out there, it just enforces our original concept, that creating a central location for Outdoor Bloggers to create an online community was a good idea.

At this point, I’d say our year 2 will be focused on providing information and platforms that have either been requested of us or things we’ve thought would enhance everyone’s experience here. Who knows what I’ll be writing about on year 2, but I know it’ll be good. Joe and I are committed to keeping this site going, so only time will tell.

We’ve also had the support of the Outdoor Industry over this last year and it has meant a lot to Joe and I that we have a part in putting new and interesting outdoor gear in all of your hands to test out, use and enjoy. Sometimes we feel a bit like Santa Claus, but we assure you, the Industry is watching and they appreciate the efforts of Outdoor Bloggers that write about their products and provide them feedback. They value your opinions.

Speaking of the Outdoor Industry, we let them know we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary and asked if anyone would like to celebrate with us.

Can I just say they said “YES!” in a BIG WAY!

So get ready Outdoor Bloggers, this week is going to be full of giveaways. As in thousands of dollars worth of outdoor gear to be given away. So there is no regularly schedule features this week. Nope, they are off the books and every day we will be posting new gear giveaways. Multiple entries a day.

Members of the OBN can enter every single giveaway.
You can win multiple times.
(if your blog is listed in the Blog directory, you’re a member!)

All we ask in return is that if you win something, we’d love for you to post a review of the gear you won. It completes the circle and is good for everyone around. We want to know what you thought of it!

This week the gear giveaways will be run a lot like usual, except that everyone will have the opportunity to get extra chance comments in. Make sure you read the fine print at the bottom of each post to see if you can get an extra comment in.

A Bonus BLOG Option to the giveaways: We don’t want anyone to miss out on the celebration and if you’d like, you can get 3 extra comment entries on any of the giveaways you throw your name in the hat this week by posting about the OBN celebration in your blog.

Meaning, if you post about what’s happening over here at the OBN on your blog, you get an extra 3 comments on any of the gear giveaways you participate in. Not just once, but all of the giveaways, you can add an extra 3 comments. So not only is this bonus good contest karma (again, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the party) but you’ll UP your personal chances.

If you do a post on your blog, when you are commenting this week, just add an extra 3 (separate) comments to the giveaway with the word “Blog Entry” in it and we’ll know exactly what you mean.

1 regular comment entry
3 bonus “Blog Entry” comments
Any extra comment options in the individual giveaway post
The possibility to have a lot of chances to win!

Lastly: We’ll be announcing all the winners on Monday the 24th so you have all week to visit all the giveaway posts and get your comments in. We will close all the contests on Sunday the 23rd at midnight Mtn Time. If anyone has any questions, just let us know.

That’s all for tonight and we’ll see ALL of you this week and GOOD LUCK!!! 

 Thank you again for an amazing first year
~ Rebecca and Joe ~

NOTE: Please leave your Outdoor Blog URL in ALL your entry comments so we can verify that you are a member of the OBN.
(Membership=a blog on the Outdoor Directory)

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Does this count?

  2. 5

    Happy Birthday OBN. What an occasion. Way to go Joe and Rebecca. This is truly a testimony to the good things you have done for us outdoor bloggers. Can’t wait to see what gear is available and can’t wait for to see what the next OBN year has in store.

  3. 7

    A big congratulations and thank you to Rebecca and Joe and all the bloggers out there who have made this such a great place.

  4. 9

    Rebecca & Joe, my Outdoor Bloggers Celebration post is up on my blog just a few minutes ago. Have also added it to Google + and Facebook!

    Hope that gets me at least three bonus comments! Tee Hee1
    Congratulations to you both and am looking forward to an exciting week here on the OBN.

    • 10

      Thank you Mel!!!

      And I just changed my words around in the post to better explain the extra 3 comments.

      You not only get an extra 3 comments for doing an announcement post… you get as many extra 3 comments as you can use for each giveaway post you throw your name in the hat for.

      Let’s see for example: You want the Coleman Instant tent? You get your regular 1 entry plus a bonus 3 comments in on that one.

      And you also want the Muck Boots? Same deal, you get your normal entry comment, plus 3 more for a total of 4 comments for that one…

      and so on, all week long!
      I hope that clears it up and yes….those are two of the items we are giving away this week =)

  5. 11

    Congrats to you both on the big one year. The OBN sure has come a long way and it truly is a great idea and a positive resource for bloggers. Thanks so much for all of the heavy lifting and work that you have done. Here’s to another great year ahead…


  6. 13

    Much appreciation for the opportunities and people I’ve linked with so far. Have done a post on the 1 year party and encouraged any who aren’t a part of OBN to get over her and make it happen.


  7. 15

    Well, let’s be honest here…if you and Joe didn’t have your little “river conversation” in the first place, I wouldn’t even have a blog! So, thanks for opening up the floodgates…haha. It has been a fun interaction with other outdoor enthusiasts for sure…blogging and meeting up with some fantastic people. Thanks for the year long efforts of OBN and wishing you many more great years ahead!

  8. 18
  9. 20

    Thanks for the opportunities to network…


  10. 21

    Congrats on this wonderful milestone and best wishes for many more. Hooking up with The Outdoor Blogger Network has introduced me to some great blogs and I’ve made some good friends. I posted about you today and will each day this week. It’s time to party!!

  11. 23

    Happy Birthday guys! This is such a great site and a great tool for outdoor bloggers. I have made my entry and look forward to this week!


  12. 24

    Congrats!!!! It’s hard to believe this site is only 1 year old….


  13. 25

    Posted! Happy birthday OBN.

  14. 26

    Congratumahlations! :) Where would we be without OBN? Probably sitting around in our underwear mumbling something about pig farming, the price of cranberries or why we’re growing hair THERE?!?!?! In just a year, you’ve put OBN on the map as the go-to place for outdoor blogging and that’s quite the accomplishment. You should be very proud of what you’ve done and realize that we’re all very proud of (and grateful for) you too! Enjoy your birthday OBN and thanks!


  15. 27
    Michelle aka ladysportsman says:

    Congrats Rebecca and Joe! I can’t believe a year has come and gone already for OBN and what awesome things that have happened since then! I hope to see you guys at ATA and/or SHOT. Maybe we can get a blogger roundup at SHOT?

    Happy Blog-aversary!

  16. 28
  17. 29
  18. 30

    Sweet! Congrats on the year! You sure it hasn’t been longer than that?? Seems like only yesterday I was scared to submit my blog! Thanks for all you do!


  19. 31

    Congrats on a wonderful year and here’s to many more!! Thanks for doing everything you do!

  20. 33

    Happy Birthday OBN! Thanks for the community and great content.


    Look forward to contributing to the community.

  21. 34

    1-Year old already? Wow does time fly or what?

    Congratulations to you Rebecca and Joe for providing a unique collection of blogs and interests all in one place.

    Happy Birthday OBN!

  22. 35

    I’m just a newb here, but …

    HBD, OBN!

    Here’s to year #2.

  23. 36

    I like the OBN. It’s a cool place, run by cool people, with cool members. Not sure how was allowed entry, however.

  24. 37

    “Not sure how *I* was allowed entry, however.”

  25. 39

    Happy Birthday OBN. Joe and Rebecca – Thanks for all you do with this site to connect us with each other, not to mention the gear review opportunities.


  26. 40
    Kristin Noel says:

    Glad you guys have had a great year!:)

  27. 41
    Kristin Noel says:

    Would be a GREAT Christmas gift for my husband!:)

  28. 42
    Kristin Noel says:

    Thanks for the entries!:)

  29. 43
    Kristin Noel says:

    Camo makes the Muck Boots even better!!

  30. 44

    Have a great birthday guys! Thanks for all of the great work you do. Enjoy the fun filled week.


  31. 45

    Congrats on the birthday!


  32. 46

    Happy Anniversary – Break out the Bubbly!

    The founders had a dream and made it Real!


  33. 47

    You’ve had a big first year and are very articulate for toddlers. Looking forward to watching you grow!

  34. 48

    Blog, Blog, Blogger Baby
    Happy Birthday tune is boring


  35. 49

    Happy Birthday OBN!!! Thanks again for giving us all such a great platform and we’re hoping for many more birthdays to come!

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