June 27, 2016

OBN Notes: 9/30

Things that give your OBN Administrators BIG OLD SMILES:

Thank you goes out to The Functioning Fishaholics aka as Funcfish on twitter and Hunt Like You’re Hungry aka as The Writing Huntress on twitter for sharing the good news (and the smiles)

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Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: Make your way over to My Hunting & Fishing for your chance to win a $100 Cabela’s Gift Card! All you have to do to enter the drawing is sign up as a member of My Hunting & Fishing and post a profile photo.

It’s free and a great place to share your hunting and fishing experiences. Visit this post for more details: Win a $100 Cabela’s Gift Card   

Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: Just in the nick of time…as in today is the last day, so get on over to Fishcreek Spinners and get your comment in for an Archery themed Spinner Giveaway. They look pretty cool to me so I’m sure the fish would agree!

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: T. Chris from the blog An Outdoor Adventure reviewed the Irish Setter Rut Boots here. We have re-posted it on the review log here. It’s hunting season and a great pair of boots is critical to comfort in the field so if you’ve had wet, cramped feet lately, check out his review and your feet just might thank you.

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: Beth from the blog Our Appalachia has reviewed the Green Bug Natural Insect Repellent here.  We have re-posted it on the log here. If keeping the ticks off you while smelling like sweet cedar instead of toxic bug spray is up your alley, then take a peek at this tick free review.

That’s it for this weeks OBN Friday Note. Wishing everyone a Fantastic Outdoor styled weekend!!

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