July 1, 2016

Winners: Red Tuna Shirt Club Writing/Giveaway Contest

Who’s ready for a very cool shirt from Red Tuna Shirt Club? The contest is over and I imagine quite a few of you are!

A quick note: We apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. As most of you know, we don’t normally hold out on such good news, but things happen..especially family matters and we needed to hold off a bit to give the person who organized this contest in conjunction with us, time to take care of his newest family member.

So here we go–The Writing Contest:

First up, the Grand Prize Winner. As a reminder, the Grand Prize winner will receive a 6 month membership to Red Tuna and they have 7 shirts headed their direction.

Congrats goes to out to Isaac who blogs at
Yak Fish for his Winning Entry: The Dream

Enjoy all those T-Shirts coming your way Isaac and hopefully you get to take that Dream trip, complete with new shirts, soon!

The Second Prize Winner: As a reminder, the second place winner will receive a 3 month membership to Red Tuna and they have 3 shirts headed their direction.

Congrats goes out to T. Chris who writes the blog An Outdoor Adventure for his winning entry Realizing a Dream (Elk Hunting turned Salmon Fishing) 

Great job T. Chris and enjoy your new fishing shirts. Hopefully they follow you on your next dream trip!

Giveaway Time: 

Red Tuna Shirt Club was also generous enough to throw in 5 T-shirts for a bonus round of fun and the following Outdoor Bloggers have each won a shirt as well. So let me clarify that sentence. If you see your name below, you get 1 T-shirt–not 5. I know….I can be such a stickler sometimes (grin)

Employing the always dependable RNG, here we go!

1) Comment #16 ~ Cofisher

2) Comment #18 ~ Brookfield Angler

3) Comment #9 ~ Jody White

4) Comment # 59 ~ Trout McGee

5) Comment#26 ~ Bill Howard

~Congrats to all the Winners~
Remember, the Red Tuna Shirt Club is on a quest to fill up your favorite fishing shirt needs by sending the coolest t-shirts from the world’s great fishing destinations delivered monthly. So be sure to check out their website for all the details. Christmas is coming soon and I have to say, buying someone a membership is definitely giving a gift that keeps on giving….all year long!

Thank you goes out to everyone that participated and to Red Tuna Shirt Club for the opportunity.

Attention Winners:
Congrats again ~ Please visit our contact page and provide us with the following information.

Full Name
Mailing address
City, State, Zip
email address
Shirt Size
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  1. 1

    Oh sweet!! Thanks for the great chance at winning a Red Tuna t-shirt! Awesome.
    Tight Lines to all!!

    Trout MaGee

  2. 2

    Fun contest!
    I didn’t win a prize, but would like to be considered an “alternate”…you know, in case any of the winners don’t wear shirts…or whatever. ;o)

  3. 3

    Very cool! Thanks to OBN and Red Tuna Shirt Shirt Club for the opportunity!

  4. 4

    very nice! way to go you 7! Wear the shirts well :)

  5. 5

    Congrats to all the winners. I really enjyed reading the posts in the contest!

  6. 6

    WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to everyone else who won and great entries by everyone!

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