June 29, 2016

Outdoor Community Questions ~ Honeybun Anyone?

This Outdoor Community Question was inspired by Andy Whitcomb and a great post he wrote for the Take Me Fishing Blog — Honeybuns. 

When Andy asked me the question via Twitter, my first thought was “Nope, not Honeybuns, but give me a bag of mini-snicker bars and a 6-pack of Diet Coke and I’m all set for a day Outdoors.”

So I’ll be honest and admit healthy doesn’t come to my mind when I’m racing off to my favorite fishing hole at 6 a.m. When I head outdoors it’s usually a matter of space, convenience and quickness, so easy snacks win out over quality sustenance. Food is usually a secondary thought after I’ve packed all my outdoor gear and I go with a –Stop at the nearest convenience store on the way– policy. Maybe I’ve been approaching it all wrong…

Which brings me to the community question: 

What is your GO-TO Outdoor Snack? Or do you go with an actual meal? Does making healthy choices cross your mind or does the fact you are outside, being active make your Twinkies choice an acceptable wash?

Comment below with your answer and let’s see how everyone feels about food choices in the Great Outdoors.

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  1. 1

    My go to outdoor snack is Black Pepper beef jerky!

  2. 2

    So far I like filling up my water bottle, grabbing some energy bars, PB&Cheese crackers and throwing in a satisfying Gatorade. I’m kinda new at this, so we will see how it evolves.

    • 3

      I’ve yet to find an energy bar I liked…sadly…because they do appear more healthy than my snicker bars. Ideally, I’d like to find one that mimics a snicker bar…just on a healthy note =)
      And for being new to it all, I’d say you’ve got the snack thing down just right ~

  3. 4

    Meals While Hunting: If you are going to hunt, then hunt. When I first began hunting independently, as a newly independent adult, I prepared elaborate meals in the field and never saw any game. Only when I concentrated more on actual hunting and less on food and beverages, did I begin to successfully bag game. On one hunting trip, I experimented with a failed offering of “Energy Chews”, “Energy Shots” and “Energy Bars” which made me a sickened, nervous wreck. So, avoid trying to be like an astronaut by too light a provision.

  4. 5

    Whenever I’m out and about you will always find trail mix, beef jerky, and Gatorade in my pack.

  5. 6

    Big Game No-No: For just a few dollars, you can give away your position and forfeit your entire hunt by eating Taco Bell.

  6. 9

    I am scavenger and unhealthy eater when I fish – so typically whatever is on the floor of my car or available cheapest at the convenience store closest to the launch. My first tourney of the year we hit the road around 5 AM and breakfast consisted of a Coke and jelly beans. Come to think of it, I often incorporate sweet, gummy candies into my outdoor adventure breakfasts!

  7. 11

    Fishing’s the best diet for me…bottle of water, apple, maybe some jerky. But if the fishing/catching’s good, I don’t eat.

  8. 12

    I was in the honey-bun category until recently. When my doctor told me to “lose 100 pounds” or else….I took him seriously. Now, as far as actual food goes, I’m in the “granola” camp. I’m not liking it, but I’ve still got alot of livin’ to do. Maybe I’ll even grow long hair and get some hipster glasses….

    Nahhh. Just kidding. But not about eating better. I changed my eating habits ( quantity and quality) and since last Friday ( as of today) I’ve lost 4 pounds. Next week I start my bicycle training and I hope to keep losing about 2-4 pounds a week. So sadly, no honey-buns for me anymore. At least not on a regular basis. ( The chocolate ones are the best. ;) )

    • 13

      Owl, I know I should be in the granola camp as well…but….I sure do like my snicker bars. Keep us posted on how the honeybuns to granola transition goes and good luck to you!

  9. 14

    I try not to eat while I am out on my wanders, if I really have to I will go for the healthy option (vegan cereal bar is preferred), I am getting too heavy to keep having junk food!

  10. 15

    Hunting is a different story but when rushing off to fish I have two considerations:

    1. cheap
    2. easy

    That usually amounts to two dollar menu sausage mcmuffins, coffee and in the backpack: water, trail mix, and a pile of nutrigrain bars.

  11. 16

    I’ve always been a beanie weenie kinda gal. Like Rebecca, I’d be making that last minute stop at the convenient store on the way. Until I hooked up with this one couple (kayak anglers). We pulled a 14′ sea eagle raft behind a kayak to our boat-in campground, just to handle the gear! But we had breakfast burritos, salads and wraps for lunches and (get this) prime rib and shrimp for dinner. So these days if it’s just me I may make a wrap to take with me for lunch, but I’m just as apt to grab that can of beanie weenies.

  12. 17

    I have struggled a little bit with finding something good and healthy to fuel my hunting trips.

    Over the years, some of the things that have worked for me are: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (which still taste good, even when they are smashed), apples, chewy granola bars with chocolate chips…, and mini Snickers bars. Water.

    Jerky is so expensive, but I love it too.

    Some things that haven’t worked out so well are: summer sausage (two pounds or so in one meal), potato chips, and Mt. Dew (though I love the stuff, it doesn’t re-hydrate too well).

    When I am fishing, on the other hand, pretty much anything goes!

  13. 18

    When I go fishing I am going to fish. Food is secondary, but, not forgotten. I am a Peanut Butter & Jelly kind of guy. Doesn’t take up much space in my pack and the stuff sticks to your ribs until you can eat a regular meal again. I just prefer to them as “Fisherman’s Sandwiches” Also, prefer Gatorade drink to replenish my Electrolytes and keep me from dehydrating.

  14. 19

    Even when I used to do my marathon fishing trips of 8 or more hours, I would only bring water. Still do. But then, I have odd eating habits. I only eat twice a day and not big meals. I have an extremely slow metabolism. If I eat more than that I gain weight instantly. I just don’t get that hungry. Most days I force myself to eat something because I should.

  15. 20

    A box of Cheese Nips and a bag of Trail Mix! Good to go!

  16. 21

    I go in fits and starts- Fishing – usually some fruit, granola bar or two, and lots of water.
    Now one waterfowl season and migrations start and I’m busting up and down the flyway highway – umm one could lose a foot in the convenience store flotsam and jetsam that piles up in my floorboard. One look would send a cardiologist screaming into the night – I know I should be eating better – but covering 2-300 miles a day sometimes chasing birds …well it’s what ever I can find at 2am when I fill up with gas! LOL Never underestimate how good Cheetos and Ding Dongs can taste at that time of day !

  17. 22

    While I want my bag of plain potato chips, some gooey donuts, Spam sandwiches and plenty of drinks. Hubby’s campfire breakfasts are nothing to ignore. http://oldentimes.wordpress.com/?p=2738 as you can see by this post.

  18. 23

    Yea, you are definitely Snickers & Diet Coke. I can bear witness.
    As for me…jerky. Some sort of cookies to keep the ol’ blood sugar up. Water or possibly a Gatorade.
    My pipe and some good tobacco actually keep the appetite in check a little too. Just sayin’.

  19. 24

    I make salmon/steelhead jerky (from plentiful non-endangered Great Lakes fish) that is to die for and hits the spot on those all night hunts for big browns. I love the dark chocolate granola bars from nature valley. And I’m totally with you on the Snickers.

  20. 25

    you have all made me feel horrible, 4;30 a.m… start with a caramel white chocolate mocha from one of those machines at the gas&guzzle, ya know.. the ones that leave half an inch of residue in the bottom of the cup and could never be sucked through a straw. Then once riverside its a steady proccesion of marboro lights and RedBull.. I feel so dirty.. but once I did buy a package of cashews for around $35 bucks ( I think?) at a quicky mart… they might still be in the center console I think?

  21. 27

    Had a bad experience once with a gas station hoagie (subs for some of you). Let’s just say it involved illegally beaching a rental boat and something that bears do in the woods.

    From now on I stick to fiber one granola bars. They work for all 3 meals of the day and the fiber fills your belly. All without the same side effects as the gas station hoagie.

    • 28

      Nasty, not the best of places to be caught short, some foods just are not worth the risk when a comfortable seat with a hole in it is several miles away!

    • 29

      I had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago and although I am fortunate that I do not have many issues or digestive challenges from that surgery…I do find that I have to eat VERY light (a small snack) and preferably very fibrous in the mornings on days I plan to hunt. I cannot eat at 3:30-4:00 a.m. I have to wait a little later. I also cannot wait 6-8 hours before placing something in my stomach after that small snack in the morning. I guess the existing tubes from the gall bladder just dumps stomach acid into my stomach causing an acidic environment for the food that I do ingest on a stomach that has been empty too long.

      The biggest aggravation from that surgery, I have the noisiest stomach you have ever heard in the stand or on a turkey hunt when empty; embarrassing when in church or somewhere quiet. I don’t feel it, but you can sure hear it.

  22. 30

    Since I have recently discovered that I have Celiac Disease which leaves me gluten free for life, it has become a game changer and forces me to bring my own food out in the field and realistically not trust what anyone else shares. It’s been a difficult transition, and do intend to do a write up on it sometime soon.

  23. 31

    I generally carry three items for sustenance on the water: An aluminum bottle filled with water, a Clif Bar (Peanut Butter or Blueberry) and a flask of scotch. Oh, and a cigar or three though that’s probably a bit off topic.

  24. 32

    late to the party…

    zip-loc of Trail Mix is as close to the perfect hiking meal I can think of. It’s quiet, calorie-dense, easy, and has salt, sugar, and chocolate – aaaah!
    I could also live off Snickers bars for a very loooooong time.

  25. 33

    My snacks for an all day hunt is usually a pack of peanut butter cheese crackers, two beef jerky, a bottle of water/gatorade and a Strut & Rut Energy Shot or Energy Stix. Sometimes I will throw in a cheese stick. If it is in the dead of winter I will also bring my small Thermos with Campbell’s Bean and Bacon Soup…my “lucky” soup for a days sit. But I have put Ramen Noodle or Bouillon cube in it. But that is only on REALLY cold days for an all day hunt.

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