July 1, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts:

The Good Folks Outside ~ Reader Note: Gretchen is right, there are some bad apples out there, but her post shows there are plenty of wonderful people still in this world. A great feel good write up by a true Outdoors Gal.

Fly Fishing Sucks- Top 5 Reasons ~ Reader Note: A Great Post that is sure to make you laugh and smile.

The Diabetic Camper ~ Reader Note: diabetes and camping with the sense of humor this guy has is great!

Confession ~ Reader Note: This post takes you back. A Dad, a worm box and the blogger that turned to into a flyfisherman but still feels his bait chucker roots.

Places such as this ~ Reader Note: A day in pictures and perspective. This blog entry shows how passing on a love of the outdoors is important and special. It really touched a spot in me.

Trail Rules and Toddlers ~ Reader Note: if you have a little one around and your taking them outdoors, read this post for some ideas to make the time more enjoyable. A great blog for parents.

Sometimes I Just Want to go Fishing ~ Reader Note: Ken G. is an excellent writer and this post shows how he can make any day a good day to go fishing.

Crafted By Nature ~ Reader Note: One photo that says everything about the beauty found in nature.

Quacky’s Chunks O’ Gold! ~ Reader Note: A venison recipe from Al that is sure to help out all the hunters who have been successful this season.

After Irene ~ Reader Note: Quill does it again. A wonderfully touching account of life after Irene.

The Redneck Fishing Lure ~ Reader Note: I saw the mention you had about a fishing lure with earrings. This one is about putting those beer caps to good use too. Worth a try!

Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn ~ Reader Note: I just discovered this blog from the OBN directory and I’m ready to start painting the things I see in the outdoors. This blogger and blog post is incredible.

Congrats to all the bloggers above, well done!
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  1. 1

    I greatly appreciate the mention. A lot of times you write things down and assume no one is reading them. Good to know that’s not always true.

  2. 2

    Thank you for the kind mention! I hope people try out the recipe and let me know what they think or how they changed it up to make it their own!

  3. 4

    Congrats to all! Some great reads!! wow!

  4. 5

    Thanks so much….this means a lot, since it is reader generated. Like, Ken, it’s great to know that others read what we write and find value in it. Thanks to whoever submitted this!!!

  5. 6

    Oh my gosh – I am so humbled.. and honored. Yes! there are so many more good people out there on water, in the woods, in the forest and the fields – so many that I’ve been blessed to learn from, make friends with, and know that they have this gals back when I’m out there. Thank so much to whomever nominated this post!

  6. 7

    Thank you so much for including me on your list! I am really enjoying this site and all of the wonderful nature bloggers! I could spend hours reading them all instead of working…hahaha (minimize when the boss walks by)!

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