June 26, 2016

Outdoor Blogger Connections

Matt ~ Rebecca ~ Grant

When you make the leap from computer screen to meeting someone in person from the blogging world, really great things can happen. The Outdoor Blogger Network is the direct result of Joe and I, two Outdoor Bloggers, getting together for a couple of days of Fly Fishing the summer of 2010.

So far, every person I’ve talked with that has connected with another blogger–minus the computer screen–has expressed what a positive experience it was and we’d like to spotlight those met ups here on the OBN.

Introducing a new Outdoor Blogger Network Feature:
Outdoor Blogger Connections
(and today, I’m going first…)

Earlier this September, I met up with two Outdoor Bloggers who traveled to Idaho from foreign lands (according to Idaho opinion) — New York. They have both written about the experience on their blogs and I for one…will get to blogging about it myself as soon as I’ve caught up. I left the day after I met with them for Oregon so as always, I’m on Outdoor fun (blame/excuse)–catch up mode.

Matt Smythe from the blog Fishing Poet has written about our meet up here: THE IDAHO TRIP: RIVER X 

Grant Taylor from the blog Grant Taylor Images Weblog has written about our meet up here: Idaho on the Fly and  The River of Secrets

It was a positive and FUN experience and I’m so glad I got to meet them both in person.

Now, don’t be shy— if you have met up with a fellow blogger, hit that contact button, let me know about it so I can feature you here on the OBN.  I’ll be needing a photo of you together and links to your blog posts so everyone can read about how it went.

Some strong friendships and unforgettable memories can be made through these connections and I know I can’t wait to meet the next Outdoor blogger who comes my directory (or if I’m headed yours)


About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Very fortunate to have off-line friiendships with Owl Jones and our very own OBN co-founder, Rebecca! Now, we head to Colorado to meet up with maybe one of the largest gatherings of OBN bloggers next week. Stay tuned! This should be an expeience to remember!

  2. 5

    RD ~ Take LOTS of pictures and I’ll look forward to featuring the event here on the OBN. I agree Owl, RD should travel the world =)

    And to all the people sending contacts to me this afternoon about your blogger connections…can I just say Awesome!! I’ll be featuring them over the weeks for sure.

    • 6

      Hey, can I get some of that OBN love for our little October Camp-N-Fish goin’ too……might be too late to get campsites now, but you never know…all depends on the leaf change timing. We’d love to hang out with some OBN bloggers at Smokemont and take ‘em to our big trout honey holes!

      • 7

        I did mention it in the OBN Friday notes a few weeks back, but I can certainly mention it again. When you all get together, I’d love to do a follow up piece as well!

  3. 8

    You guys are funny…RD, the vagabond!! Probably not, but this next week will be fun.

  4. 9

    Hi Rebecca,
    Great idea and article. I love connecting with my readers. There are not many Outdoor Bloggers here in Australia so that is hard to arrange.

    I have connected with a lot of readers over the years. One of my favourite times was with Alan from New Jersey. We hike the Overland Track in Tasmania together and had a great time.

    I wrote up an article about it here: http://ourhikingblog.com.au/2008/06/overland-track-tasmania-bad-weather.html . That is me on the right and Alan in the middle of the first pic.

    Alan then penned his story. He is a great bloke and I still keep in contact with him. Here is his story. http://ourhikingblog.com.au/2008/05/backpacking-overland-track-view-from.html

    Hope it is the sort of stuff you were looking for.

    Cheers from Oz,

  5. 11

    It was a very cool thing for Grant and I to be able to meet and fish (and watch football and go to the stock-car races) with you. To be completely candid, our trip would most likely have been a bust without the benefit of local friends. A perfect example of the value of social media…and the good in people.

    Looking forward to the stories from RD’s blogger get-together…

    • 12

      It was a great time Matt and I’m SO glad for the opportunity. I think next time you need to plan for at least 2 weeks out here though. The time restrictions on both of our sides was the only down side ~

  6. 13

    Rebecca – HOW COOL! One of the best days of my whole summer was finally getting to meet up and spend time with The Hunters Wife- along with some other bloggers I hadn’t met yet in person, when went on the Great Carp Caper. It was a wonderful experience! I’ll get you the info about the whole trip- and yes The Hunter’s Wife is just as hilarious in person!

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