June 29, 2016

Admin Note: Something Fishy…

Untouched Photo ~ Oregon has purple sunsets....I stand impressed

Although I’m still having a lovely time over on the Oregon Coast, yesterday after I got the 3rd “Have you gotten any winner addresses yet?” email from Joe, I started to smell something a bit fishy going on. That fishy business had nothing to do with the boat or the hoards of scruffy fisherman everywhere.

The fishy business was coming from the OBN. For one, a couple of people got ahold of Joe and I in the last couple of weeks and said we’d never gotten back to them about something. We had no idea what they were talking about. Second, the last two groups of gear review winners were told via the announcement post to use the contact page on the main OBN homepage to send in their information.

Joe and I didn’t receive a single winner claim over the last couple weeks and lets just say, winners are usually QUICK and SURE about getting their information in. Hence, the fishy business.

I followed the smell of missing emails and figured out the contact page here was working great. As in, one could fill in the information, click submit and everything looked like it went through perfectly. Nothing seemed amiss or would indicate the message didn’t go through.

Except the system never sent us an email with the contact information. Nadda. Nothing. Which means 1) Joe and I have no idea how long the contact page has been broken and 2) We have no idea how many people tried to contact us via that route and are still waiting for a response or have written us off as not caring about their issue/question/suggestion/requests and so on…

We do get a lot of contact messages through so many other channels we’ve set up around this hub, the OBN directory contact worked, the emails listed on the About page, most people have our emails in their address books, Facebook, twitter, google + and so on that we honestly didn’t even realize one of the avenues to get a hold of us was down.

So, we’ve alerted all the previous winners and I think I’ve got that sorted out. But I also wanted to publicly let everyone know that if you’ve tried to contact us and didn’t hear back, PLEASE try again. Everything is all fixed now. Again, we have no idea how long that system was down, so we feel pretty bad that people may have tried to contact us and we had no idea.

Now, it’s time for me to get back out into the fishy waters of the Rogue River. Thank you for your understanding everyone!

Rebecca and Joe

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  1. 1

    Rebecca’s going Rogue! Ha.

  2. 2

    Rebecca, did you guys receive my gear review?

  3. 3

    LOL , I swear my blog and I had absolutely nothing to do with this!

    Glad you guys got it fixed :)

  4. 4

    I’m guessing this means if we didn’t win anything before, we still haven’t won anything? Oh well, at least I know it will work now if I do win!

  5. 5

    Fish On Rebecca!

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