June 28, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts

First off, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who continue to take a moment out of their time to submit the Great outdoor reads they come across. Your support of your fellow Outdoor Bloggers is heart warming and appreciated!

I also wanted to thank Graphic Designer, Kirk Werner of Itchy Dog Productions for the new graphic. If one of your blog posts has been hand picked by one of your peers, feel free to add the graphic to your post if you’d like.

Death…One Year Removed ~ Reader Note: Another reason to keep a journal, or a blog, you can later reflect an experience like the day it happened. Oh, and in this entry, a friendly reminder to keep your calm when faced with the big D. Marc is always a good read.

Old Friends I’d Yet To Meet ~ Reader Note: Mike went fishing, again, but this time with a old/new friend. A post about trusting in the relationships we make through our online blogs and taking them to face to face meetings. A positive experience of fishing, traveling and making memories

Reloading .44 Magnum Ammo ~ Reader Note: This is a blog about reloading 44 mag loads that the readers will find interesting.

 One Year In ~ Reader Note: A very cool way to write out a year in Outdoor Blogger reflections. Plus, a top notch fly fishing blog!

I’m one earring short of a full lobe!!! ~ Reader Note ~ This is hilarious. The next time you are in need of a fishing lure, just borrow one of your wife’s earrings, stick a hook on it and you can catch fish in a pinch.

Slough Creek ~ Reader Note: A terrific post about a long ago journal entry that took me along the adventure.

The Heritage of Hunting ~ Reader Note: I can relate to the legacy of grandpa, to dad, to son. Unfortunately the post sends you off SA’s site, but it is a must read

It was a Crap Day ~ Reader Note: This just goes to show even a bad day fishing is GREAT. Plus, this is a pretty funny post of crappiness that can happen when you are just trying to have a great time Outdoors.

Here’s to the… ~ Reader Note: An entertaining photo ‘essay’ from the perspective of several bird dogs and a day in their life. Creative use of pictures (and dogs) for a blog entry!

A Special Day ~ Reader Note: A beautiful story of a Mom who taught her son how to fish growing up and now Son is teaching his Mother to Fly Fish. Spot on writing and great photos to show the experience to the reader.

Fly Shop Ethics (or When Is It Okay To Not Support Your Local Fly Shop) ~ Reader Note: An interesting twist in bad marketing practices by a Fly Shop. Well written and certainly something both Fly Fisherman and Local Fly Shops can learn from.

Finland Two-Photography Time ~ Reader Note: The photography in this blog entry blew my mind. Absolutely gorgeous photos, especially of the bears reflected in the water. Amazing.

Make another bloggers day by highlighting their efforts! If you would like to submit a great piece of Outdoor Blogging that you come across, take a look to the right sidebar here on the OBN and fill out the “User Submitted Blog Entry Spotlight: Reader Submitted Blog Posts”

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    Thanks for such a great place for all of us to congregate and share! Thank you as well goes to the person who thought enough of my writing to place me in such a wonderful group of people. This is my second time on the Reader Approved and it just gives me a push to continue. Thanks!!!

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    Thanks for sharing this list. Really loved the images from the Finland bear and wolf expedition. Top quality!

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    A huge thank-you to the kind person that submitted my blog!

    Like Marc above says, this is a great encouragement, especially after a summer where I didn’t do a great deal of posting. :)

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