June 28, 2016

OBN Notes: 9/30

Click Here For a Chance to WIN

Things that give your OBN Administrators BIG OLD SMILES: Thank you goes out to The Functioning Fishaholics aka as Funcfish on twitter and Hunt Like You’re Hungry aka as The Writing Huntress on twitter for sharing the good news (and the smiles) Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: Make your way over to My Hunting & Fishing for your chance to win […]

Outdoor Community Questions ~ Honeybun Anyone?

My Twitter Answer ~ Snicker Bars and Diet Coke

This Outdoor Community Question was inspired by Andy Whitcomb and a great post he wrote for the Take Me Fishing Blog — Honeybuns.  When Andy asked me the question via Twitter, my first thought was “Nope, not Honeybuns, but give me a bag of mini-snicker bars and a 6-pack of Diet Coke and I’m all set […]

Winners: Red Tuna Shirt Club Writing/Giveaway Contest


Who’s ready for a very cool shirt from Red Tuna Shirt Club? The contest is over and I imagine quite a few of you are! A quick note: We apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. As most of you know, we don’t normally hold out on such good news, but things happen..especially family […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Goodbye Summer…


Although the  thermometer here in Idaho is still borderline HOT, hints of Fall are starting to reveal themselves all around. We hope everyone had a fantastic summer and soaked up enough sun and fun to pull them through the winter months. I personally think it’s a great idea to stock pile a bunch of vibrant […]

Outdoor Blogger Connection

Big Fun

John Montana  from the blog Carp on the Fly and Mctage from the blog Fly-Carpin got together this summer for some carp catching fun. By the looks of all the photos on both of their blogs they most certainly caught some big fish and had a great time together. Read about their Outdoor Connection on their […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers ~ 9/26

Southern Oregon Fishing

This week, we’d like to Introduce: Our first featured Outdoor Blogger is Southern Oregon Fishing ~ Fishing from all around the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon Steven keeps his blog updated every couple of days which means those of us who depend on his fishing reports are never let down. He also has contests/giveaways and great […]

OBN Notes: 9/23

Windknots & Tangled Lines

Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: Ok, this is short notice so get on over to Appalachia & Beyond for your chance at a ENO Hammock Giveaway. The contest ends tonight at 8:00 pm, so click that link and secure your chance. Looks comfy! Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: You have until tomorrow– Sept 25th, to get in on the […]

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts:


The Good Folks Outside ~ Reader Note: Gretchen is right, there are some bad apples out there, but her post shows there are plenty of wonderful people still in this world. A great feel good write up by a true Outdoors Gal. Fly Fishing Sucks- Top 5 Reasons ~ Reader Note: A Great Post that […]

Outdoor Blogger Connections


When you make the leap from computer screen to meeting someone in person from the blogging world, really great things can happen. The Outdoor Blogger Network is the direct result of Joe and I, two Outdoor Bloggers, getting together for a couple of days of Fly Fishing the summer of 2010. So far, every person […]

Admin Note: Something Fishy…

Untouched Photo ~ Oregon has purple sunsets....I stand impressed

Although I’m still having a lovely time over on the Oregon Coast, yesterday after I got the 3rd “Have you gotten any winner addresses yet?” email from Joe, I started to smell something a bit fishy going on. That fishy business had nothing to do with the boat or the hoards of scruffy fisherman everywhere. […]