June 26, 2016

Summer Wanderlust

Rogue River at Gold Beach ~ Oregon

When Joe and I started the OBN back in the fall of 2010 we talked about what might happen the following summer (this one) because the fact is, I’m a bit of an wanderer and I usually set up my year so that during the summer I can pretend I’m a rubbertramp who travels the countryside without a responsibility in the world. Schedule-less, map-less and sometimes driving in circles chasing rumors and opportunities.

I’ve been doing that this summer. In May I purchased an Expedition to use as my summer transportation and mobile home. As of yesterday, I’ve put 14,000 miles on it. In other words, I’ve crossed a lot of bridges, rivers and mountain tops this summer.

I have to admit it’s been hard to keep up with the OBN, emails, social media outlets when I’m on the road. So the previous statements are basically an explanation for the quiet demeanor of the OBN this summer. I’ll be back to a predictable and reliable posting schedule soon enough…

I know it can’t just be me, so what other types of Wanderlust has been going on this summer? I know Owl Jones took a road trip journey across the U.S and documented it via his blog. Has anyone else jumped in their vehicle and took off on a journey that will fill their quota of Outdoor Memories for the year?

I hope so…

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  1. 1

    No cross country for me this summer. I did go across Texas with my family for a few days of some trout fishing at Beaver’s Bend in Oklahoma. And, as I think about that statement, it occurs to me that driving across Texas is pretty much the same as driving across the country.

    Other than that, I caught up on local pond fishing with my oldest son during his college break. The heat has everything just miserable here. Looking forward to Autumn and getting out for lots of urban flyfishing.

    One highlight of my summer was my brother calling me and inviting me to an expense paid trip next summer in Montana. We’re in the planning stages now, and have a lot to look forward to in the coming year.

  2. 2

    Well, the Rocky Mountain Frenzy, which was to take place this past weekend…(thanks to a root canal the day before I was to leave) has been rescheduled to Sept. 30 – Oct. 2nd…look for that to be a great fishing adventure for 7 or 8 OBN bloggers to meet up! : ) We missed you, Rebecca! And don’t worry about the mileage..I don’t! haha

  3. 4

    I love to wander all year, this summer I have had my wings clipped a little as I have an old 1870′s cottage (jokingly known with some affection as The Hovel) in some need of renovation. Every so often I have to slide off into the night to clear my mind and spend as many hours as I can under the stars. It has also been a welcome break to read the blogs of fellow wandering outdoor folk, helps keep me sane.

  4. 5

    That bay looks awfully empty. You didn’t miss all the good fishing out here did you?

  5. 6

    My road trip this year is to Nipigon Canada in search of giant brook trout- exploration, adventure, fishing. Things have been a little quiet at FR as well- a death in the family, a tight work schedule and a myriad other things conspiring against me. Can’t wait to get out on the road and have an adventure. Glad you’re getting some quality time in.


  6. 7

    Long road trips are nice! I haven’t had a long one, but I have had a bunch of short ones. Luckily they will continue at least thru September, with a coastal bowfishing expedition this weekend, opening day of dove season over Labor Day weekend, and a gator hunt in Georgia the following week! Have fun!

  7. 8

    Around January every year I say to myself, “I am going to plan and do that big trip THIS year.” But it never seems to happen. Don’t be like me and actually dig into summer with a true wanderlust adventure.

  8. 10

    As a treat to myself before I start back to school, I spent two weeks in Florida. This lead to a new type of fishing and just some great general reaction. I think I’m going to take a few more weekend trips this fall since I’m back in school and will have more long weekends..

  9. 11

    I had a 5-day, 800-mile, 2-province mini-odyssey chasing sea-run trout, Atlantic salmon, and stripers a couple weeks ago. I’ve been away working most of the summer, so my lovely (non-fishing, non-camping) gf would rather me stick close to home when I’m not away for work.

    That being said, I’m probably gonna sneakily stow extra camping gear in the truck & just whisk her away on another mini-odyssey, maybe Maine or Gaspe, Quebec (“Let’s go get groceries…we’ll take the dog for the drive…”).

    I’ll let you know how that goes… :)

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