July 1, 2016

Outdoor Community Question ~ Books


Over the next couple of weeks the OBN will be rolling out some new features, redesigns, and what-nots we’ve been working on and figured today looks like a good day to get one new feature rolling down the path. ~ The Outdoor Community Question ~ That sounds very official doesn’t it. Or maybe not. Either […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers ~ 8/29

Bird Bath & Beyond

Our first featured Outdoor Blogger of the week is: Bird Bath & Beyond ~ It’s all about birds, wildlife, nature and life in Northwest Wisconsin. Cindy is a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ (her words) who brings her world to us via her blog platform. There’s trail cam photos, photos she takes herself, and […]

Red Tuna Shirt Club Contest ~ Ends Sept 1st

Red Tuna Shirt Club Writing and Giveaway Contest going on now… Click the link above for more details, to enter yourself and to read all the fantastic submissions! Contest ends this Thursday, Sept. 1st

Glacier Packs Gear Review Winners:

All right, here we go–making two bloggers extremely happy about winning the Glacier Packs.  Instead of using the RNG this week, I changed it up and used twitter. I made a quick tweet that said, “Quick, someone give me a number between 1-49″ and quick as a sparrow, two tweets (and many more after that, […]

Put your best Face (book) forward…

A common question in Blogging:  ”What is the best way to attract traffic to my blog?” My first answer to that question is always the same….get actively involved with other bloggers by visiting their websites, taking an interest in what they have written and leave comments. Comments not only support your fellow blogger which is […]

Feed Your Reader ~ RSS

If you build a blog, visitors will come…..but the real question is, will they come back? And the answer is…maybe…. For the purpose of this Outdoor Blogging Tip, lets visualize that your new visitor absolutely LOVES what you are doing on your blog and wants to bookmark you for a second visit. They now look […]

Organize your Blog with Labels, Tags and Categories

From –Karl M. Searl of Live Free and Hike —”Hey OBN. I have a suggestion for a future blog post in the “Blogging Tips for Outdoor Bloggers” section. Being new to blogging, I still can’t figure out what “labels” and “tags” are used for and what their benefits are…and if I should be using them or not. […]

The “About Me” Page on your Outdoor Blog…


Great things are happening here at the Outdoor Blogger Network and ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’…feel free to sing that really bad sappy song… Considering one of the biggest components of this website is to connect fellow Outdoor Bloggers with other Outdoor Bloggers, I thought I would write about an important piece to the Blogging connection puzzle. It’s […]

What’s your Blog Grade?

Sadly, the concept of, “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t necessarily work with blogging. Public blogging is a two way street, the Writer and the Visitor, and we want to make it a win-win situation for everyone involved…which starts with a fine tuned Blog. One important ingredient to successful blogging is ensuring that your blog […]

How To Get The Comment Avatar

Default Avatar

As you wander around the blogosphere you’ve probably noticed that when some people post a comment, a default (generic image) avatar symbol will show up next to their remark, while when some people comment, a personalized picture will show up instead.From time to time people have emailed me and asked how I have the same […]