June 28, 2016

A Quick Update from the Admin

I have been in a state of transiton this pasrt week, living out of boxes.  My DSL goes live next Tuesday – HOORAAY!!!


Rebecca may be on an extended fishing jaunt – not realy sure.


I tried to post via my Ipad, but ran into technical difficulties.


Don’t fret – we haven’t disappeared – just took a short leave.







  1. 1

    Whewww, we the people were starting to wonder. And then I realized it’s the last week of July and anyone with half a life is out on the water somewhere. Or living out of boxes. It has gotten pretty sparse over at FR too, I guess we’ll all have to blog about our summer once it’s over.

  2. 3

    Every one deserves a break! Hopefully you’ll get one from the boxes soon as well! I’ve been fishing too much to write much, but man do I have some stories!

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