June 28, 2016

OBN Friday Notes:

Outdoor Blogger Get Together: This is the weekend four fantastic writing contest winners are stampeding into Montana for the Trout Unlimited Conservation/Fishing/Get-together!

When they find time between hanging out, fishing and eating, they’ll be writing in their blogs about their experiences. Be sure to keep up with the action by following along with all 4.

First up is Mike’s Gone Fishin’….Again. Except this time he’s fishing in Montana for trout instead of bass!

Next is the tailout.  With the waters in Idaho flooding constantly all summer, I hope Travis finds a nice friendly stream in Montana!

And then there is Up the Poudre. I’m hoping Sanders catches a Brad Pitt type moment.

And lastly, we have Owl Jones. He’s made quite a journey across America and I hope this final destination is amazing for him.

I image Chris will also be blogging (right Chris?) from his blog Eat More Brook Trout.  We shall all live vicariously through their fun and be happy for them without the slightest hint of jealousy. At least…that last part is the plan.

Outdoor Social Media: I’m keeping the OBN notes nice and short this week. So let’s hear some feedback about the new Google+. I’ve been saying for awhile, Google is going to rule the world and this looks like one more step in that direction.

I didn’t know anything about it until the Google+ adds emails started rolling into my Outdoorbloggernetwork@gmail.com account. At first I tried to pretend I didn’t see them, but they kept coming. Then one day I clicked on one to take a quick peek and ran away. Then a few days later I looked again (still in denial) and last night I finally resigned myself to joining in on what looked like fun community action.

The similarities between Google+ and Facebook are many, so I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be running two concurrent social media platforms now, mirroring each other, or what the differences really are. When I was just doing Facebook and Twitter, the two felt solidly different. So I’m currently in testing it out mode, but if the whole of people are going to use Google+ as well, then I know I’ll need to add this extra outlet to my daily rounds.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about it.  Likes? Dislikes? Benefits?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Rebecca and Joe


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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    The similarities between google+ and FB are remarkable. I predict it’ll take about 30 days for someone to offer a service for managing the two pages as one. If that doesn’t happen, maybe I’ll do it.

  2. 2

    I started a full time job this week. 3 solid days with no access to the web. I get home, skim through FB in a couple of minutes and I’m gone. It’s kind of nice losing complete interest in social media in general. Kind of nice being away from the computer for 12 hours. I don’t do the whole blackberry, iphone, whatever thing.
    I’m officially out of the loop and loving every minute of it. I’ll skip Google+
    I have my favorite blogs all bookmarked, when I find time I’ll go read them, leave a comment if they’re interesting.
    That’s enough.

  3. 3

    I agree that Facebook and Google + have a lot of similar features. I have enjoyed the past couple of weeks on Google + checking it out. I particularly like the Circles feature and how you can share with a certain group and not others. Separating out family from fishing friends makes things much cleaner in my view. Anyway, will be keeping an eye out to see where it all goes.

    • 4

      I ditto Mel’s comments. The Circles make it a lot easier to reach the group that you want to share info with. I have found it much nicer to have a Fishing Circle and post those things that my other friends could care less about! And the response time is much quicker too it seems for comments. Almost like a continuous chat if you want it to be. I checked out the Hanging Out feature for the first time too. I believe that I like it better than FB overall.

  4. 5

    The more I use Google+ the better I like it – I too find the circles much handier and easier to use than FB lists. In general I’m like it better than facebook – aty the moment it seems cleaner and easier to me, however as more people move there that may wll change it may end up as frustrating for me as FB often is. I am such a neophyte at all of the social media stuff that in general.. I tend to want to run screaming into the night…
    I need a social media coach!
    And truthfully – I’m just not so sure I like be so stinking connected all the time. Most of the time my smartphone is off when I’m in the field, although I do occasionally tweet or fb a quick snap with the camera phone vs waiting until I get in to transfer and process cards full of RAW images..

  5. 6

    I haven’t been using it much but I do like how you can blend followers, friends, family – who you share stuff with (or don’t) much more seamlessly than FB. We’ll see how it all works out – maybe a year or two from now FB will be like MySpace is today – or Google will finally take over the world and start looking for Sarah Conner.

  6. 7

    I’ve been using it recently, and really like it. I think overall, it could end up being more complete than facebook. The circles are great, the ease of integration is nice, and there seem to be a lot more collaborative possibilites with google+ than facebook. When you consider how good it is now, it’s interesting to think about what it could look like in a year. If I had to pick a winner in a super geeky contest between google engineers and facebook engineers, I would (as I think most would) pick the google engineers. Having said that, I’m not dumping facebook, yet. As of now, most of my family and friends are on it, while very few are on google+.

  7. 8

    Another vote for the circles. Just waiting for HootSuite to integrate Google+.

  8. 9

    well i do think that one day google will rule the world after all they are a very rich company and produce some amazing software. so this is another vote for the circles

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