June 26, 2016

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts (and blogs)

So, I didn’t have the heart to delete more nominated submissions that encompassed a whole blog. I just couldn’t….so in the spirit of change, the following is both blog posts and over all blogs that readers have taken the time to submit to the OBN because they wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. I wouldn’t call myself an old dog, but I can certainly learn new tricks. Besides, nothing is set in stone around these parts. We roll with the flow….

So bloggers, if you see something of yours below, you know you have a reader that really appreciates you!

Following Atticus: The Book Trailer ~ Reader note: This is the trailer for the book Following Atticus. If you’ve not aquainted yourselves with Tom Ryan and Atticus M. Finch, you don’t know what you are missing. Tom and Atticus bring to us what a true friendship between man and dog really is. Oh and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, bring kleenex. :P

Texas Survival Training ~ Reader Note:  It has alot of in depth info & they update their facebook page often where I can keep track of any new info or posts.

(Father) Time Beater Fishing Device ( for those who refuse to grow old) ~ Reader Note: Cofisher is on to something here for every angler out there when Father Time catches up to you. Very enlightening.

Recipe For Saving a Wet Cell Phone ~ Reader Note: Great tip on how to save a cell phone you dropped into the lake. I’m hoping the process will also work for a waterlogged digital camera.

A Day Hike Into the Clouds ~ Reader Note: Mike does a great job of putting the reader in his shoes. He includes some breath taking photos that illustrate his post. His use of words paints an excellent picture of the scenery that he encountered.

Sig 556 Meets Tannerite ~ Reader Note: This guy just has an awesome website, totally different that anything else I read.

The SoCal Fly Fisher ~ Reader Note: It’s informative, has some great photography, blog is always updated, excellent for anyone how plans on fly fishing in southern California.

The End – Camping on the Gravel Bar ~ Reader Note: Because it needs to be ‘out there’. Many people who enjoy Ozark Scenic Riverways will be effected by this action.

The Unhealthy Outdoorsman ~ Reader Note: Mark finally stepped out of his comfort zone and shared his quest for weight loss with his readers. It is an inspirational story that already has his readers chiming in with support.

A Second Date ~ Reader Note: Erin’s writing makes you think about your outdoor life in new and wonderful ways. This is an excellent piece from one of the top blogs in the OBN directory. Everyone should sign up for Mysteries Internal.

The Argosgirl Chronicles ~ Reader Note: This isn’t directed at one post individually, but instead at Argosgirl’s whole site. I love that she takes the time each week to feature another’s blog. She even takes the time to write a nice explanation as to why it’s the blog of the week. Bloggers like this help spread the word about everybody elses blog. Hopefully I can return the favor by nominating her blog for this!

Well done to all the bloggers featured above. If you are a reader of blogs and you come across something sparkly and amazing, be sure to come back here, look to the right of this post in the sidebar ~ Reader Submitted Blog Posts ~ and submit the diamond you found out there for everyone to discover! That’s good blogging karma =)

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    Great list and a great resource! Thanks for putting that together.


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