June 26, 2016

Featured bloggers of the week – July 11, 2011

Paul Shorrock

Our first featured outdoor blogger is Paul Shorrock – One Man’s Mountains AKA One Pillock’s Hillock’s  Fun days out in the hills and mountains of the UK – and sometimes even further

His love of the walk has taken Paul past the casual hike and developed into a guided hiking business and author.  There are always great photos from his UK jaunts and reading his blog certainly inspires a person to grab their hiking boots and get Outdoors. Pronto.

Make sure you get this fantastic Hiking blog on that RSS feed.

Nature Writer

Our next featured outdoor blogger is Nature Writer  - Literary reflections on walking in the wild places of Tasmania and beyond. 

There is a wonderful group of Outdoor Art and Literature blogs folks who are artists in the sense that they paint , sculpt, or create a physical object.  The artwork done on Nature Writer is with the virtual pen and paper. If you are looking for a blog with a focus on nature writing click on over and see what is offered.

Beyond the writing there is always beautiful photography to bring you into his world. Enjoy….

Our final featured Outdoor Blogger is My Life On The FlyMy fly tying and fly fishing journey, shared.

My Life on the Fly

Gaeron is 14 years old and devoted to fly fishing and bringing his experiences to his blog. As far as I know, he is the youngest OBN member and we are proud to showcase his blog today.

He writes often, always includes pictures with his blog posts and folks, he is a fine example of youth bringing the love of the Outdoors to their future.

Be sure to put this blog on your RSS feed, show your support and I have no doubt everyone can learn a thing or two from this great writer/fly fisherman.



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    nice job man! Thanks for helping me setup mine!

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    Thanks Cam! No problem. And hopefully that will be you soon!

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