July 2, 2016

A Quick Update from the Admin

I have been in a state of transiton this pasrt week, living out of boxes.  My DSL goes live next Tuesday – HOORAAY!!!   Rebecca may be on an extended fishing jaunt – not realy sure.   I tried to post via my Ipad, but ran into technical difficulties.   Don’t fret – we haven’t […]

OBN Friday Notes:

Outdoor Blogger Get Together: This is the weekend four fantastic writing contest winners are stampeding into Montana for the Trout Unlimited Conservation/Fishing/Get-together! When they find time between hanging out, fishing and eating, they’ll be writing in their blogs about their experiences. Be sure to keep up with the action by following along with all 4. First […]

Gear Review Opportunity – a Grab Bag of sorts


OK, OK – I’m a “little” behind in my Gear Review offering this week. “Why??”, you may ask? Well, one these excuses is true: – it’s 102 degrees outside and I can’t bring myself to do much of anything – I’ve been traveling all week for work – I’m sitting in my living room filled […]

Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts (and blogs)

So, I didn’t have the heart to delete more nominated submissions that encompassed a whole blog. I just couldn’t….so in the spirit of change, the following is both blog posts and over all blogs that readers have taken the time to submit to the OBN because they wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. […]

Gear Review Winners – Tilley Hats

In our continuing quest to keep all our faithful bloggers safe from the ravaging rays of the sun, we went to the RNG to determine the winners of the offerings from Tilley hats. I thought this one might take a little while, since there were not too many women in the mix. But, proving once […]

OBN Friday Notes: Halfway


It’s halfway through July so does that mean technically we are halfway through summer? As in…already??? The weather has been so strange in my neck of the woods this year that everything seems off canter of sorts. The rivers, the weather, the snow pack I can still go visit and make a snowcone have all […]

Gear Review Opportunity ~ Tilley Hats

Woman's Tilley

All right, I just ran outside and yep, the sun is still shining without a whole lot of mercy on the skin. In our quest to protect every Outdoors enthusiast from the harsh effects of the sun, we bring you one more must have item in the battle against sunburn from a company that knows how […]

Outdoor Writing Prompt ~ Summer Traditions


Sometimes they start intentionally, sometimes they just evolve into a tradition, but it seems to me if you talk to anyone who spends time in the Outdoors, they all have a tradition they look forward to all year. Some of those traditions are solitary, some involve a few friends, some include the whole family and some…? […]

Featured bloggers of the week – July 11, 2011

Paul Shorrock

Our first featured outdoor blogger is Paul Shorrock – One Man’s Mountains AKA One Pillock’s Hillock’s  ~ Fun days out in the hills and mountains of the UK – and sometimes even further His love of the walk has taken Paul past the casual hike and developed into a guided hiking business and author.  There are always […]

A Quick Gear Review Opportunity note

We had a series of mis-communication and missed communication with our Gear Review Opportunity provider this week. We will start anew next week. Thanks for your continued patience. Joe and Rebecca