June 24, 2016

OBN Friday Notes ~ 6/24

Have a great Weekend

Another week done. Is it me or does it seem now that summer is here, the weeks are just zinging by? At warp speed.

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: The Downeast Duck Hunter has wrapped up his review of the Berkley Havoc Baits here. We have reposted it on the gear log here. Be sure to check out this review. Not only are the pictures amazing, there is a nice twist to this review in the fact it was done by a youngin’ …and done nicely!!

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: Bill Howard’s Outdoors has posted his review of the Sufix 832 Line here. We have reposted it here. Fishing line that catches fish without the worry of breaking? Sounds good to me and I’m convinced. Take a look….

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: She’s a ManiYak! has posted her review of the The Baker Hookout Max-T here. We have reposted it on the gear log here. If you’ve been looking for a special little fishing tool that will help you…and the fish out on the water, this is the review to read.

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: Tenkara on the Fly has posted his review of the Coleman CPX 4.5 System here. We have posted it on the log here. If you are looking to keep the lights on during this summer camping season, be sure to check out this light and power source system.

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: Outdoor Adventures has posted a review of the Baker Magnum “T” Hookouts here. We have it posted on the log here. Another great review with pictures and a video that shows how handy a tool like this can be when you are out on the water. Although, I’ll pass on the black tip sharks…just sayin’

Outdoor Blogger Gear Review: The Reverend Fowl ™ has posted his review of the Kick’s “High Flyer” Choke Tubes for waterfowl here. We added it to the log here. If you have a shotgun then you owe it to that piece of equipment to check out this Part 1 review. Before you know it, the waterfowl season will be here again.

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On Twitter: Do you follow the twitter handle @MNAngler on twitter? Not only does he write a fantastic blog at Journal of a Minnesota Angler, he also publishes The MNAngler Daily which is a cool way to keep up with all the blogger activity going on out there. He’s a busy blogger which is a great thing!

On Facebook: Get ready to click that ‘like’ button for Into to the Outdoors on facebook so you don’t miss out on any updates of his blog Intro to the Outdoors. Fishing, hunting and much more can be found here and I see no need to risk missing anything….

Have a beautiful (slow) Outdoor Weekend everyone!

Rebecca and Joe

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    Thanx for the shout out! Today also happens to be my 2 year bloggaversary.

    Note that while I’d love to take credit for combing through my Twitter feed and creating the MNAngler Daily, I can’t. It’s an automatic service by paper.li. I also have an Outdoor Bloggers Daily (http://paper.li/mnangler/outdoor-bloggers) for those blogger cohorts that I follow more closely.

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