June 29, 2016

A Trout Unlimited Blog Writing Contest ~ Starts NOW

Today the Outdoor Blogger Network is proud to announce an opportunity for four OBN Bloggers to experience a fantastic fishing adventure. I can’t wait to read the entries and follow along in July with the winners. So what in the world am I talking about? Read on and then get to writing…

Trout Unlimited’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project is hosting four OBN bloggers this summer for a tour of Montana’s Centennial Valley, where the fishing is unbeatable and the marvelous Montana scenery never quits.

The tour is based out of Elk Lake Resort, and bloggers will have the run of the place when they’re not in the field fishing and learning about coldwater fisheries conservation in southwest Montana.

So, which four OBN bloggers? Great question.

First, some prerequisites:

  • You must be available from July 23 to July 26
  • You must be able to get to Montana
  • You should be able to hike on moderate terrain and fish backcountry water—nothing extreme or dangerous, but we will stretch our legs a bit
  • You must have an active blog and be willing to blog about your adventure on the spot (yep, there’s Internet access at the resort!).

If you don’t meet all of those requirements, you won’t need any more information.

If you’re able and interested, though, it’s time to get to writing!

The Blog Writing Topic:
Tell us about your favorite trout fishing trip, no matter where it was, who was there, or if you even caught a thing. Include in your blog post why you think coldwater trout and salmon habitat deserves to be protected and restored.

When you have published your submission, come back to the OBN and submit your link to the ‘linky system’ below. TU will pick 10 winners, all of who will get a free ball cap mailed to them. The top four will need to pack their bags and get to Montana!

TU will handle all of your expenses upon arrivalyou just need to get to Elk Lake Resort and be ready to fish and learn something about TU’s work in “the Last, Best Place.” Make sure to include Trout Unlimited in your post!

Don’t forget to stay current with Trout Unlimited via their TU Facebook Page and TU Twitter handle.

Contest runs from today, June 7th through 1 p.m. Mountain time, June 16th. Good Luck everyone!


About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Awesome contest, it’ll be fun to follow. However I’m not a trout fisher – don’t have them here in Illinois!

  2. 2

    Willie, Willie, Willie, there are trout opportunities, you just need to search them out.

  3. 3

    oh yep, Im in for sure on this one

  4. 4

    I love the fact that there are no entries yet- everyone is digging deep. To my fellow bloggers- this is probably THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY EVER AT OBN!!! Think, take a deep breath, and start writing. I have. The only problem for me is that I have something else going on then, which I’m desperately trying to rearrange. I’ll post it anyhow and hope for the best. It’s on.

    • 5

      When we’ve done these in the past, I’ve noticed people usually hold out for a bit…let the entries marinate in their mind kind of deal. I have to say, I’ve got a post for my personal blog marinating in my mind on this one. I want in on the fun!

      I hope you can get your schedule moved around…you know..just in case!

      • 6

        Rebecca … just because you’re the grand poobah of OBN (apologies to Joe, who I’m sure would LOVE to be called a poobah) doesn’t mean you’re disqualified… At last check, you blog like a madwoman. Get busy, sister (but didn’t you just go to the Bahamas?)!

  5. 7

    Awesome opportunity!!! I’m on it for sure! I love Montana…and kudos to OBN for getting TU involved in something like this.

  6. 8

    I meet all the prereqisites, and would love to get in on this amazing opportunity! My question is, are expenses covered for bloggers only, or for blogger +1? I could not come without the husband. He’d never forgive me!


  7. 10

    If this doesn’t break my writer’s block, nothing will. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. 11

    It seems as though I have 8 days to figure out a few things. The entry is written, but do I post it? The requirements on this one are somewhat limiting and maybe for the first time I’m feeling a little bit like “the old guy” – but I guess they have their reasons. To enter or not to enter….that will be the big question sooner or later.

    • 12

      Are you referring to the hiking part of the experience?

      • 13

        Right. Currently my back is telling me not to enter. I’m quite the hiker for a guy my size, but right now I could only do a mile round tripper probably. Need to have it checked out I guess.

    • 14

      Owl… we’re not talking about miles and miles of vertical rock and ice, but it won’t be a leisurely stroll through a meadow either. We’ll put some miles on our hiking boots, but it won’t be anything the average guy can’t handle (and by average, I mean me–I’m a big dude, and I’ve come to realize that I can walk anywhere so long as there are fish at the destination). Honestly, though, it won’t be a death march. The hiking community would put this experience in the “moderate” category. Good luck…

      • 15

        Thanks Chris. As you might remember, I once hiked 12 miles or so after fishing all day ( Death Prong Late-Night March.) but right now the old back is acting up for whatever reason. You know what they say timing is everything. Welcome to my world.

  9. 16

    Sadly (but for obvious reasons), we can’t pay for the spouse. Also, unfortunately, the lodge is booked those days, so YOU can’t pay for the spouse, either. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Our intent is, granted, a bit selfish… we want to show our good work in Montana to four bloggers and gain some “hits” in four blogs. But … there’s a bonus. We’ll take your blog posts and run them through our social media filter, which should give you some significant traffic in return. Oh, and, of course, an almost-free trip to Montana ;)

    Trout Unlimited/Eat More Brook Trout

  10. 17

    Thanks for the info Chris! And thank you very much for such a fantastic opporunity!

  11. 18

    I’m in! A little out-of-the-box, perhaps, but then who’s surprised? Write quickly, kids. We’ll need to when blogging on site in Montana…

  12. 20
    John Bundy says:

    Sorry for the downer that follows. Yes I am a proud TU member. I saw the requirements for the contest included a need to be able to walk a reasonable distance. Which I’m sure is necessary . Over the last several years my mobility has decreased because of bad knees. But as I read this rule It was a though I hit a brick wall. Hard. Those of you who are fit and able are truly blessed. I do my best to fish. And thankfully some guides are extra helpful. Bran at the Northern Angler fly shop in Traverse City Mi. took me carp fishing on Tuesday. The trip reminded me how much I have enjoyed fly fishing over the years. So when you are hiking and wading streams thank the good lord and and groups like TU that such places exist. Be careful and have fun.

    • 21


      Thanks for the kind words about Trout Unlimited … and I’m so sorry the requirements will keep you from entering. Do me a favor and send me an e-mail at chunt”at” tu.org with your home address. I have a consolation prize that should bring a smile to your face.


  13. 22

    I’m going to write my post anyway- I should know by the end of next week whether I’m free that time period or not. I at least want a hat.

  14. 23

    Hi all. A very tempting opportunity, already mulling a post. Unfortunately, I’ll be in San Francisco until the morning of the 23rd (family vacation that I wouldn’t move). Assuming my writing was worthy, I assume arriving late on the 23rd would be out of the question. Please confirm.

  15. 26

    If we are selected, what gear do we need to bring?

  16. 28

    This is the most fun I’ve had in too long; I check fifty times a day for the next entries. Come on people! ha There sure are some great writers out there…wow.

  17. 29

    Is there an age requirement? If so, what is the cut-off?


    • 30

      For obvious reasons, we’ll need the entrants to be adults and able to travel on their own. Cut-off date is explained above.

      • 31

        Would a 14 year old be considered an adult, theoretically of course ;) And this theoretical 14 year old can travel by himself…


        • 32


          Sadly, no. Hate to put that kind of limit on it, but I think, for our insurance purposes, we’ll have to cut it off at 21. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


          • 33

            Well, since I am now officially out of it, let me know if you would have picked it. Maybe in a couple (7 holy crap that’s too many) years I’ll be with you. TU has already done enough for me, it was fun being a part of this and I enjoyed writing my story. Also, good luck to all and you better send me pictures after you go there.

            • 34

              So glad to see you young’uns interested in the sport, Gaeron! You are fly fishing’s future and, based on the passion in your writing, it’s in good hands. Well done, son. Well done.

            • 35

              Keep writing and fishing. I’m envious that you’ve found this sport and the art or writing at so young an age. I was forty when I first picked up a fly rod and a couple of years older when I got around to writing about it. Imagine where you’ll be and the places you will go, and have gone, by the time you’re my age. Sweet….

              • 36

                Well, thanks for all the kind words guys. It really means a lot to me. And since I can’t just have a two sentence reply, I wanted to thank TU (I did write them a handwritten letter) for sponsoring me to allow me to go to the 2011 PA River Conservation and Youth Fly Fishing Camp. I am going this Sunday. As stated before, good luck everyone and I can’t wait to see who wins!

                • 37

                  I vote Gaeron has earned a hat fair and square.

                  Well done and I admire your persistance and passion. You represent the spirit of what this is all about. Go slay some trout!


  18. 38

    Just a little note for what it’s worth: I hiked two miles yesterday around shopping malls and outlet stores. Will K. you are hereby admonished. I think 6…7..oh darn it..8 entires are quite enough already. ;) lol

    • 39

      Are you sure you’re really up to it? I’m just thinking of your health here. I wouldn’t want a fellow contestant to go out and win…. err…ummm… what I meant to say was to go out and hurt himself, yeah, that’s it, hurt himself and then be unable to fish, say.

      :) Best of luck. Hopefully we’ll get to hike, fish and blog together.

  19. 40

    Winning by default is no fun! I think youre skeered or somethin’! ha Ill enjoy my admonished status alllll the way to MT Owl!

    • 41

      I think I saw in the rules somewhere that linking to/spreading the word/telling others was strictly forbidden. ;) I’m sure it’s there. In the fine print. ( Probably along with the qualifications for how they’ll be “judged.” ;) LOL )

      FYI – the back feels even better today. I think I may go for a hike.

    • 42

      No one is winning by default here…many great posts entered already…and you don’t have me to contend with, Will…I’m probably passing on this… Good luck to all !!

  20. 49


    I just wanted to drop in a quick “thank you” to all who are participating. It’s great to see that so many of you understand and appreciate the work that goes into keeping our coldwater fisheries habitat intact and productive. This is going to be a VERY difficult decision that will no doubt disappoint some and elate others. To make this selection process as fair as possible, I will recruit a couple of other TU employees and we’ll take our time judging. I know many of you who have entered need to know pretty quickly if you’re selected, so we will announce the winners on Monday, June 20. Keep those great submissions coming, and thank you again for your participation.

    Thanks again,


  21. 50

    The contest has been spammified.

    Or maybe I’m missing the connection between software data recovery and fly fishing for trout.

  22. 51

    I noticed that as well Steve. Could make for some interesting posts!

  23. 52
    Rebecca says:

    Steve and Marc ~ I zapped it off the list. Darn spammers! I have electric fences, a moat, armed guards, and vicious attack dogs around the entire perimeter of the OBN and the sneaky Spammers **** still sneak in!!

    Yes, I have a quiet war going on in the background. Usually, I’m winning =)

  24. 54

    Thanks for standing guard on our behalf Rebecca!!!

  25. 55

    Oh dear all this discussion about being fit enough has me nervous…not that I have any illusions that I would be chosen after reading through these great entries. I have to use an ambulation aid..cane..stick..staff.. big yellow dog…
    I only really have issues when things get steep or require good balance – if I can have a hand to pull up out of steep areas.. I’m good.. I wonder if should withdraw?
    Oh heck.. I’m up and down the hills and hollers around here daily.. and can scale a river bluff if you give me a boost and a sturdy cedar stick :) But I’d hate to slow down an excursion. I tell people – I am not DISABLED, I am ENABLED every day I go outdoors :)

  26. 56

    Ok…I have committed and entered my linky…Go lucky #19…all the way to MT!!

  27. 57

    Ok, it was down to the wire, but I got my entry finished.

  28. 58

    Love entry #24!

  29. 59

    I removed the two previous entries of 23 and 24 since the links weren’t working. I’ve sent an email off to the author so hopefully we get them back soon!

  30. 62

    Chris ( and Rebecca and Joe) thanks for making the thing happen in the first place. If nothing else, we can thank the internet for bringing like-minded (and sometimes not exactly like-minded) people together. Bloggers, writers, TU, OBN, readers, anglers, hunters, trappers…you name it. As a bonus to something like this – I think the challenge of writing something like this where there’s actually something at stake besides a few more blog-hits, brings out the best in everyone.

    Thanks to OBN, TU and the guy that Eats more Brook Trout for putting this thing on for all of us. Good luck everyone!

    • 63

      Owl ~ Thanks! I was quite honored to host this blog contest on the OBN and have LOVED reading all the entries.

      A whole lot of talented people out there!

  31. 64

    My internet was down today and I didn’t know it was only until 1pm MT, is there anyway to submit right now?

  32. 65

    Rebecca, thank you for the e-mail and here is my post. I love to conserve, protect, educate, and have some trout loving fun! Enjoy :)

  33. 66
    Jim Brown says:

    Thanks Steve, much appreciated.

  34. 67

    WhoooHooooo! Congrat’s, Mike!


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