July 1, 2016

Gear Review Opportunity – how about some Plano??

Everyone who enjoys any activity in the outdoors knows the Plano brand. Whether it the brand of tackle box you (and your Dad, and his Dad) grew up relying on, or it’s your trusted storage for your favorite bow, outdoorsmen have depended on Plano for over 50 years.

This weeks offering from Plano has one part for the Bass Fisherman, and one part that can be utilized by everyone.  First – the Bass offering.  3 winners will receive 1 FTO (3700 sized) Spinnerbait and Buzzbait combo box, and 1 FTO  3700 sized Crankbait box.

The FTO products allow the fisherman to utilize the patented lure storage systems to keep their lures easily accesable and tangle free.  These new boxes combine the patented lure storage system of the FTO with the 3700 size standard established by Plano for use in any tackle bag, box, or boat.  Each of these boxes has a retail value of $9.99 for a $19.98 total value.

The second part of this offering is comprised of 2 of the Guide Series waterproof boxes the 1449 and 1470.  3 lucky RNG winners will be receiving 1 each of these waterproof boxes….a $50.00 retail value. EVERYONE needs and uses waterproof storage for their outdoor adventures.  You can read some of the reviews for these items in our Gear Review section.   The 1449 size is perfect for Blackberry, Ipod, small camera.  The 1470 holds everythign from electronics to beer.

1449 specs

  • Airtight and leakproof storage
  • Strong poly-carbonate structure
  • Soft rubber lining prevents your valuables from sliding around
  • Additional layer of soft rubber is used to conceal the contents of the interior
  • Padlock tabs for secure storage
  • Exterior dimensions: 6.5″ L x 4.675″ W x 2.125″ H  (1449)
  • Interior dimensions: 5″ L x 3″ W x 1.625″ H  (1449)
  • 1449 is perfect for Blackberry / Ipod / small digital cameras
  • 1470 dimensions

  • Patent pending latch with pressure release
  • Exterior dimensions: 14″ L x 9″ W x 5″ H
  • Interior dimensions: 12″ L x 7″ W x 4.625″ H
  • Just to be CLEAR—the boxes will be EMPTY when sent the winners.
    Sorry, we love ya’all but items show in boxes are not included.

    So there we are. Outdoor storage from Plano Molding for your summer festivities.

    3 commenter’s will win the top two boxes.
    3 commenter’s will win the two bottom boxes.
    6 OBN winners this week……

    Before you pull that comment trigger: Gear Review Opportunity is open to OBN Members with an Active Blog on the Outdoor Blogger Directory. By Commenting on this Entry you confirm you have read the Reviewer Guidelines and agree to the terms and conditions. Comments will be accepted until Sunday at 5 p.m. MST. Winning comment (s) will be selected by the Random Number Generator and announced this coming Monday on the OBN. Please check back to see if the RNG has shined upon you, we don’t track down winners…



    1. 1

      I’m in! For all of it. I’m not a fan of them buying out Falcon but man the FTO stuff is good!

    2. 2

      Thanks for the great opportunities, I’m in for one of the waterproof boxes for sure. They would make a great waterproof fire kit.

    3. 3

      Wow. Great stuff. Please count me in for the waterproof boxes. Been looking around for something like that to carry in my canoe on fishing trips.

    4. 4

      Ok I’ll try again, put me in for any of the waterproof boxes, they’d be a great asset to the kayak fishing.

    5. 5

      Sign me up for all of it. Looks awesome!

    6. 6

      These look fantastic! I hate having to leave my camera behind on certain trips…these could solve the problem!

    7. 7

      put me down for the water proof boxes. Will come in handy for the kayak.

    8. 8

      Put me in for the waterproof box!

    9. 9

      I’m in on the waterproof boxes!

    10. 10

      Put me in for the waterproof boxes…or whatever, I’m not scared!

    11. 11

      Looks like some great stuff. Put me in for all of it.

    12. 12

      These boxes all look fantastic. Count me in on any of the above. Thanks again.

    13. 13

      I could use the bottom two waterproof boxes. Put me in for them.

    14. 14

      Count me in for all review opportunities, thanks OBN.

    15. 15

      I’m in for any of it.

    16. 16

      I’m in, it would be nice to have something waterproof. Ok, back to work.

    17. 17

      I’m in for all!!!

    18. 18

      I would like a chance at reviewing one of these please.

    19. 19

      Let’s make it happen!

    20. 20

      Sign me up for them.

    21. 21

      Count me in, thanks!

    22. 22

      waterproof boxes please!

    23. 23

      Count me in for all of it. This stuff looks amazing!

    24. 24

      HOOK ME UP !!!

    25. 25

      I just Plano wanna win something! ;)

      Pick me RNG!

    26. 26

      Count me in for both!

    27. 27

      I can use both. I’m in. I can even drive by and pick them up on my way to the local WalMart. Yes, it’s that close.

    28. 28

      I’m in for the waterproof boxes! They would be perfect to test out.

    29. 29

      I have “Gone Into The Drink”, & would gladly review the latter two products.

    30. 30

      Just so you know…those waterproof boxes are AWESOME!

    31. 31

      Put me in for all of them! I could put any of those items to the test!

    32. 32

      in for all pleeezers and thank youz!

    33. 33

      Put us down for all please. The Plano Bass fishing equipment will get a good work out in June. The waterproof boxes will come in handy on my kayak, my pontoon and on my geocaching excursions. We can give any and all some serious testing in the upcoming weeks. Thanks!

    34. 34

      I could really use the Waterproof Storage Boxes. Put me down for those. My wife says I have a lot of “Stuff”. I would really like one of these boxes to put more stuff in!

    35. 35

      Put me in for all of it.

    36. 36

      Put me in for all please! Thanks

    37. 37

      Hi All,

      I’d like to be entered for the waterproof boxes! The amount of rain we get over here will sure put them to the test and they would get a real good field trial.

      Best regards,


    38. 38

      Please put me in for one of the waterproof boxes…they look awesome!!! I could use one of those on my pontoon this summer…dial up my number please RNG!!!

    39. 39

      Count me in for them all. Thanks.

    40. 40

      Crap. I’ve got to stop working. I’m sure I would have won one of these.

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