June 25, 2016

If a Great Blog Post is Published in the Forest…

Shine a Light

And only a couple of people read it, should the sound stop there??

I can’t tell you how often Joe and I have visited your blogs, read something that was either hilarious, heart warming, entertaining, informative, beautifully written or simply ‘WOW, that’s an awesome blog post‘ and wondered….

“How can we use the OBN to help spread the enjoyment of this one blog post out and across the entire Outdoor Blogging Community?”

That ‘issue’ happens a lot by the way. I read something amazing and I want to yell into the forest to everyone within earshot to get their hiking boots right over to so-n-so’s blog post so the writer gets the attention an outstanding blog post deserves.

I think I may have found a solution I’d like to try. It’ll take community participation to make it a success, so it’s my hope that now that you know this is available, as you are wandering through the Outdoor Blog Forest and you read one of those ‘can’t miss’ blog posts, you’ll remember this feature, come back and submit your discovery for everyone to share in.

In order to ‘harness’ awesome blog posts, I’ve created a new widget that is now located in the footer of the OBN  homepage (down below) and in the sidebar of the Outdoor Blogger Directory.

You’ll notice it says, “Support other Bloggers” because this new feature is meant to be used as a way to spotlight other people, not your own blog posts. So basically, you’ll keep using the Community News to spotlight the happenings on your own blog and you’ll use the Support other Bloggers feature to bring attention to blog posts you read that others shouldn’t miss out on.

Once you’ve submitted your find, I’ll keep them gathered up and when we have enough, I’ll write a post here on the OBN homepage that lists all the great discoveries everyone has shared. Easy right?

We hope this new feature will be embraced by everyone and beyond that, I think we could make our fellow bloggers day by letting them know we think what they did was outstanding. That’s just good blogging karma….

  • Remember: Support Other Bloggers = Reader Submitted Blog Posts | Community News = Self Submitted Blog Posts
  • There are no limitations on how many blog posts you find out in the forest and submit to the Feature
  • Please remember to only use the exact blog post URL (this isn’t meant to highlight an entire blog, just specific posts) to easily do this, click on the blog post title so that it opens in it’s own page. Then copy and paste the URL from your browser into the widget

I now await your blog discoveries…

    About Rebecca

    When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


    1. 1

      THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS REBECCA G. KNOWS NO BOUNDS! What an incredibly wonderful idea! I’ve got a few on my list of “gee I wish everyone could read this” right now! Thank you!

    2. 4

      Ok, where do we submit the URL?

      You wrote to paste it into the widget… Is that right?

      Here is my favorite blog post from one of my good friends: http://waterdogjournal.com/?p=379

      • 5

        Well you’d need to head down to the bottom of this page into the footer. In the middle section you’ll see where it says Support a Blogger. Thats where you would add the URL into the box provided along with additional information you’d like to share. We’ll be checking out the link you left in the comment too =)

        • 6

          I don’t see a box for entering anything down there…

          Here is a screenshot of the footer as I see it:


          • 7

            Wow…..well thats not good.
            I can see it, or actually the missing ‘it’ so I’m glad you gave me a screen shot…From my side of the computer it shows up just fine.

            I shall refrain from saying a bad word here and only mutter….bug#87 on the list.

            I wonder…if you visit the blog directory if you see the widget down at the bottom right side bar? And now, I’m working on it…..

          • 8

            I just put a widget for submissions in the middle sidebar….right next to this post, right above current OBN activities.
            I can see it sitting there…………

            The question is….can you see it?
            Can anyone?

            Owl submitted a few blog posts, so I know he must be able to see the widget in the footer. Now I’m just wondering who can and who can’t.

    3. 9

      Good stuff, Rebecca. A great way to share the hidden nuggets. Thanks!

      • 10

        Your welcome Mike, I’m excited to see what people find out there. I have a feeling far too many great blog posts go by without the attention they deserve.

        Now I’m just hoping my newly created widget works for everyone! Darn programming…

    4. 11

      Excellent idea, Rebecca! It worked for me. I’ll keep this in mind for future ‘outstanding’ blog posts!

    5. 12

      I can see it. I’ll be getting back with you. Great idea.

    6. 13

      Great idea, Rebecca. Just submitted one and I’m sure I’ll have more to follow.

    7. 14

      “shine a light” I love it!

    8. 15

      I like how you guys continually try new things and genuinely support bloggers. Great idea.

    9. 16

      That is an awesome idea. I actually see it on the side panel and in the footer now.

    10. 17

      Pretty cool. Now the trick is to get hundreds of people outside of the Outdoor Blogging Community to read this stuff. I’m working on it locally. No clue how it’s going. I’m going to steal this idea and start doing the same thing on my Facebook pages with the posts I like. I’ve done that on a small scale with the people I know personally, but I think I may make it a regular thing with the stuff I find.

      You wouldn’t believe how much I read in a week. No wonder I never get anything done. :-)

    11. 18

      Great idea :) !
      (Why is simply stating ‘Great idea’ too short for a comment? mpf…..)

    12. 19

      Might I also add that the new news-feed input form is most excellent.

    13. 20

      I still don’t see it, maybe it’s an issue on my end. (is there a proctologist in the house?)

      I’ll see if I can fix my machine.

      • 21

        Updated Firefox and Windows. All better now. *blush*

        There are a few blog posts I have read in the last few months that deserve another nod. One of them is your mouse in the sleeping bag post Rebecca!


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