July 1, 2016

Take Me Fishing Blog Contest WINNERS!

First off, we wanted to say we appreciate everyone’s patience in giving the blogspot bloggers a couple of extra days to get their blog entries submitted. Having your blogging platform go down and not work is a terrible feeling…trust me, I know...but hopefully since it was an across the board (meaning misery had lots of company) blogging outage, the frustrations were kept at a low level.

Now, on to the winners of the
Take Me FishingNational Fishing and Boating Week—-OBN Blog Contest

Here we go:

Entry #19 ~ It’s Official – Take Me Fishing by Scent Free Lip Gloss

Entry #13 ~ A Legacy of Fishing by Wild Bound

Entry #20 ~ Take Me Fishing By Sipping Emergers

Entry #5 ~ To Alaska! By Beat Up Road Sign

Entry #9 ~ Be part of the National Take Me Fishing Event by The Northwest Camper

Entry #3 ~ Who got you hooked on Fishing? By The Catching Chronicles

Entry #6 ~ Bass Pundit NFBW by Bass Pundit

Entry #11 ~ Thanks Dad by Owl Jones

Entry #16 ~ National Fishing and Boating week: FR takes the challenge by Fontinalis Rising

Entry #8 ~ Take me Fishing National Fishing and Boating week by Jody’s Fishing

Ok, let me double check my count, but I believe that’s 10 solid winners!
Congrats to you 10 and thank you to everyone that participated. We loved reading your entries and NOW we look forward to all the follow up blog posts.

A Reminder for the Winners: Please visit the original contest post for ideas and hopes we had for the follow up to this contest. Take Me Fishing will be looking forward to see what you do with all the gear they send you, including those pictures and videos with your new flipcam. From my side of this fence, I’d strongly encourage you to post the links to your blog posts on the Take Me Fishing Facebook Page so your writing and blog gathers up some new and exciting exposure.

Winners, please send us your address (no p.o. boxes) to contact@outdoorbloggernetwork.com
Your prize packages are already packaged up and waiting for an address!

Don’t forget National Fishing and Boating week starts June 4th-12th

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Wow! That is super exciting news. I can’t wait to try all the new stuff out with the family and then blog about everything. My two kids were jumping up and down when they found out they had brand new fishing poles on the way. I am really excited to get some great footage with the flip cam. Thanks for the opportunity and tight lines to all. Look forward to everybody’s new posts. Thanks Again Blogger Network.

  2. 2

    I’m ohsoexcited!!!! Thanks. Can’t wait to get my package.

  3. 3

    Woooo!!!! Will definitely be brining the flip cam on our honeymoon!

  4. 4

    Excellent news! Looking forward to continuing the focus on the sport. I like Jason’s idea of majoring on fishing that week — perhaps seven rivers in seven days?

  5. 5

    Hmmmm….seven rivers in seven days, I like the sound of that, but I’ll stick with my post plan. I’d better start tying. I guess with a 50 percent chance of winning I was bound to win something.

  6. 8

    Once again OBN brings it’s A-game and member bloggers reap the rewards! Thanks guys…you know alot of “networks” might sit back on their fanny packs and just enjoy the ride, but it actually feels like you guys are “on” 24/7 and always pushing the envelope of what a great network should be( because you are). Now, I know that the last thing anyone wanted to see was more video from me, but thanks to OBN and TakeMeFishing.org the fly fishing world may soon get a double-dose of Owlie goodness*
    ( *accurate depending on your personal taste). Maybe a behind the scenes video since I’ll now be able to shoot me shooting something. If I use mirrors and duct-tape I might be able…….ah, why ruin the surprise! ( Hey, btw – I even put up a TakeMeFishing.org badge on the site and it looks pretty spiffy! )

    Thanks so much! I was mighty glad to be prompted to tell you guys about my Dad. I miss him still.

  7. 9

    YAY!! Thank you OBN and TakeMeFishing! I can’t wait to get my gear and put it to use.

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