June 26, 2016

Featured Outdoor Bloggers ~ Week of May 30th

The Reverend Fowl ™

Ok, three day weekend is over, time to get back to business and discover some great new Outdoor Blogs! First up, out of the Hunt & Fish category of the directory, we bring you: An Outdoor Adventure – My time in the Great Outdoors T. Chris is a great example of an Outdoor Blogger who […]

Winners of the 5/26 Plano offerings

We here at the OBN hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.  And, for some of you, it is about to get just a little bit nicer.  The RNG has done it’s thing, and we were able to choose the winners of the offerings from Plano. First up are the winners of the […]

OBN Friday Notes: 5/27


I’m going to keep this Friday notes short and sweet. Ok, Ok, I admit it, I need to get on the road and attempt to beat the holiday traffic. It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means…..start of the official Summer season for everyone! Can we have a round of woohooo’s?? May all your trips, adventures […]

A Proverbial Wrench in the Works


Rebecca and I have been giving a LOT of thought and consideration to the following, and we want to bring it to the forefront immediately.  So, without further ado, I’ll just spit it out, then take all the time needed to explain our reasoning, and answer any and all questions. We are putting the 2011 […]

Gear Review Opportunity – how about some Plano??


Everyone who enjoys any activity in the outdoors knows the Plano brand. Whether it the brand of tackle box you (and your Dad, and his Dad) grew up relying on, or it’s your trusted storage for your favorite bow, outdoorsmen have depended on Plano for over 50 years. This weeks offering from Plano has one […]

Winners of the 5/19/11 Gear Review Opportunity

For us, this is always a great way to start a Monday. So here they are, the 5 lucky Outdoor Bloggers who the RNG shined upon… Up first is the winner of the Revo reel and one happy fisherman-  #3 – Brookfield Angler The RNG is sending the Pfleuger Reel to-  #14 – Intro to […]

OBN Friday Notes: 5/20


New OBN Feature: First off, I wanted to say I’ve gotten some really great submissions for the new Reader Submitted Blog Entries Feature! Not that I had any doubts, but you guys certainly know how to spot a great blog entry. Next week I’ll be rolling out the first edition of this new feature….something to […]

Outdoor Gear Review Opportunity Wednesday

Catch More fish Walleye

Ok, ok, so it’s a day late, but I promise, not a dollar short on the fun. This week we have a variety of gear goods headed out to the Outdoor Bloggers of this community so I’ll get right to the good stuff. The first item up for comment comes to us from a company […]

If a Great Blog Post is Published in the Forest…

Shine a Light

And only a couple of people read it, should the sound stop there?? I can’t tell you how often Joe and I have visited your blogs, read something that was either hilarious, heart warming, entertaining, informative, beautifully written or simply ‘WOW, that’s an awesome blog post‘ and wondered…. “How can we use the OBN to […]

Take Me Fishing Blog Contest WINNERS!

First off, we wanted to say we appreciate everyone’s patience in giving the blogspot bloggers a couple of extra days to get their blog entries submitted. Having your blogging platform go down and not work is a terrible feeling…trust me, I know…but hopefully since it was an across the board (meaning misery had lots of […]