June 29, 2016

OBN Friday Notes: 4/22

Outdoor Bloggers...dragon scary?

Outdoor Blogger Interaction: How does a $50 dollar gift card to Cabela’s sound to you? Good? If you won that card would it help get your ready for the summer season? Yes??

Well then put your Scavenger Hunt Hat on and click on any of these bloggers links: Lunker Hunt: - Journal of a Minnesota Angler:Troutrageous!: - The River Damsel: - Outdooress and go participate is some blog hunting fun to win the $50 dollar gift card. Ends April 30th…

I promise, those bloggers aren’t as scary as their picture implies…

Outdoor Blogger Interaction: My Life Outdoors is celebrating Earth day by giving away a Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack this week. The contest ends on April 23th (tomorrow!) so you still have time to get on over there, stock up as many entries as you can and snag this nice piece of gear for yourself. Please visit: My Life Outdoors: Giveaway for the details. Your back will thank you this summer!

Gear Review: Ben of the blog Arizona Wanderings has posted his review of the Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses here. We have reposted it on the gear review log here. For those of you (including me) who might want to take their sunglasses up a notch from the dime store variety, give this review a look over!

Gear Review: LB of the blog Bullets and Biscuits has posted her review of the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline here. We have reposted it here on the gear review log. I have to say, this is an entertaining review and it goes to show, you can get quite crafty with Outdoor Gear, especially when you are stuck indoors.

Gear Review: Justin of the blog Foggy Mountain Meanderings posted his review of all the Montana Fly Company tools and materials he received here. We have reposted his review on the log here. If you are in the market for some fly fishing fun materials, check out this review!

Gear Review: Bruce of the blog Outfitted for Life has reviewed his new pair of William Joseph WST waders here. We have reposted his review on the log here. It’s a great review set in a part 1 manner. We’ll have to wait until this summer to read part 2…the rip cord/swimming pool/floating test!

Social Media Follows:

  • Twitter: If you like the sounds of the Twitter Bird then be sure to follow @Somefishingblog who writes the blog Something’s Fishy. I know I always watch out for his tweets!
  • Facebook: Have you gone and liked the page Up North Journal yet? I’m sure you have especially since they update it regularly and keep things always interesting!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Rebecca and Joe

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    Thanks for the mention !

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    I like the scavenger hunt idea. Let me know how well it works for you? We had some sucess with it, but not as much as I had hoped for.

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