June 25, 2016

Gear Review Opportunity 4/20/11 – Campers? Fishermen? Outdoor Enthusiasts? It’s for ALL of you!

This week’s Gear Review Opportunity comes to us from giants in the Outdoor Industry – Coleman and Gerber.  Our initial intent was to do a Camping-related offering, but these products defy any attempts to pigeon-hole them in a static category.  I really can’t think of ANYONE who couldn’t use any of these offerings.  Well – maybe the Machete is a little bit  geared toward primitive camping.  Without further ado …

We’ll begin the offering highlighting the 3 products offered by Gerber Legendary Blades.  Three lucky bloggers will receive one of the following Gerber products:

Gerber  Answer SM.   This knife features F.A.S.T. blade opening technology.      


A proprietary name that stands for Forward Action Spring Technology: Spring assisted blade opening mechanism designed for Gerber by custom knife maker Butch Vallotton.

  • Textured Inlay – For secure grip in all conditions
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Handle – Lightweight and discreet
  • Full Fine Edge Drop Point Tactical Blade
  • Blade Length: 2.8 in.
  • Open Length: 6.3 in.
  • Closed Length: 3.8
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
    Retail value $63.99
    (cannot be shipped to NYC)


Gerber FIT tool   seems to us that it can be used by anyone, anywhere.  An assortment of useful tools in a compact package, with Gerber’s legendary quality.  Who couldn’t use one of these?

Compact with smooth lines and every day tools, the Fit still manages to sport a L.E.D. light bright enough to be used as a standalone flashlight. The Fit’s long drivers reach into the small spaces typical multi-tools can’t. Components: Tweezers, Bottle Opener, Micro Cross Driver, Micro Flat Head Driver, Scissors, 25 Lumen L.E.D. Flashlight, Fine Edge & Serrated Blade. Interchangeable Large Cross & Flat Head Drivers

Retail Value $40.99


 Alright – maybe this next offering isn’t for EVERYBODY.  But anyone who does any primitive camping will certainly find a use for the Gerber Machete  Pro.

The premium Gator Machete Pro offers advanced durability and multi-purpose use as an axe, machete, brush thinner or knife.

  • Features:
  • Superior Steel – For enhanced strength, corrosion resistance and ease of sharpening
  • Gator(reg) Grip Handle – Enhances comfort and resists slipping
  • Lanyard – Acts as restraint to prevent hand slipping
  • Military-Grade Nylon Sheath – Mold and mildew resistant
  • Sharpening Stone – Included with sheath

Retail Value $52.99

From Coleman, we have 3 separate packages.  These items most certainly fall under the category of “Usable By Everyone”.  Fishermen, Boaters, Hikers, Campers – you name it, everyone can use these.  The items are all shown below.  The packages contain different  assortments of these products.

Package #1 includes:  one each  CPX 4.5 Flashlight,  CPX 4.5 Energy Powerpak ,  and  CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Battery Pak 

Package #2 includes:  one each  CPX 4.5 Mini Lantern ,  CPX 4.5 Energy Powerpak,  and  CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Battery Pak 

Package #3 includes one of each of these four great products:  CPX 4.5 Flashlight, CPX 4.5 Mini Lantern ,  CPX 4.5 Energy Powerpak ,  and  CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Battery Pak 

High power LED flashlight

  • •  Choose your power with the CPX™ system
  • •  CPX™ system means you can operate on included battery cartridge and AAA batteries, or the rechargeable power cartridge (sold separately)
  • •  No tools required
  • •  Product height is 5.75″
  • •  Water resistant
  • •  Limited one year warranty
  • •  Lifetime of light – LEDs don’t need to be replaced
    • •  Machined aerospace-grade aluminum housing with anti-roll design
    • •  Impact resistance, up to one meter
    • •  Extremely durable and lightweight
    • •  126 lumen light output
    • •  Runtime of 7 hours
    • •  Beam distance of 157 meters
    • •  Product tested to ANSI FL1 standards
    • Retail value $34.99


     CPX™ system means you can operate on included battery cartridge and AAA batteries, or the rechargeable power cartridge (sold separately)

  • •  High power LED lantern
  • •  Choose your power with the CPX™ system
  • •  No tools required
  • •  Water resistant
  • •  Limited one year warranty
  • •  Lifetime of light – LEDs don’t need to be replaced
  • •  LED battery meter, power meter changes color when batteries are low
  • •  Water resistant
    • •  Impact resistant up to two meters
    • •  Perfect size for backpackers, or lighting inside a tent
    • •  Recessed wire ball and glow cap maximize light when hung upside down
    • •  Lantern is approximately 4″ tall
    • •  75 lumens on high, 23 on low
    • •  10 hours runtime on high, 26 hours runtime on low
    • •  6 meters beam distance on high, 3 meters on low
    • •  Limited one year warranty
    • Retail value $29.99


     Portable electronics charger

  • •  Portable power, recharges cell phones, MP3 players, and other small electronic devices
  • •  Item itself can be run on 3 AAA batteries, or the rechargeable Coleman® CPX™ power cartridge (sold separately)
  • •  Product height is 5″
  • •  USB charging port protected by water resistant flip cap
    • •  Charging time varies with electronic devices
    • •  Water and impact resistant
    • •  Take it anywhere!
    • •  Limited one year warranty
    • Retail value $19.99


      4.5 volt power cartridge for Coleman® CPX™ rechargeable power system

  • •  Simply charge up, snap into CPX™ compatible appliance
  • •  One power source that works in multiple products
  • •  Product height is 4″
    • •  Connvert any of the great Coleman® CPX™ 4.5 products into a rechargeable product
    • •  Compatible Coleman® CPX™ products include flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns
    • •  Item is water resistant
    • Retail value $24.99


    By now I’m sure you all know the drill, but, for the newcomers, here you go:  Make a comment below if you will be in a position to use and evaluate the gear in 4-6 weeks.  One comment per person.  In the comment, let us know which items you are interested in.  After you get the gear, use it, review it, and write  your review.  Send us a note  and the review link and we put your review on the OBN Gear Review log.  Simple.

    Before you pull that comment trigger: Gear Review Opportunity is open to OBN Members with an Active Blog on the Outdoor Blogger Directory. By Commenting on this Entry you confirm you have read the Reviewer Guidelines and agree to the terms and conditions. Comments will be accepted until Sunday at 5 p.m. MST. Winning comment (s) will be selected by the Random Number Generator and announced this coming Monday on the OBN. Please check back to see if the RNG has shined upon you, we don’t track down winners…



    1. 1

      WOW! All great items and I would love to review any of them.

    2. 2

      All good looking products….I’m in

    3. 3

      Sure, put me in for all of them, thank you!

    4. 4

      Lots of good stuff here! Count me in!

    5. 5

      Shoot I’m in on the Answer and Machete I collect Gerber. All great items though.

    6. 6

      I’d definitely use Coleman’s Package #2 for a very solid test period!

    7. 7

      Count me in for all of them!

    8. 8

      I’m in! Other than the machete, I could put these things to work!

    9. 9

      Count me in for all of them. I’ve actually got my first camping trip of the year planned for this weekend, and there will be many more to follow.

    10. 10

      I’m in for everything! I was thinking just the knives, but with a camping tip coming up I’d be happy to review anyone of these wonderful items.

    11. 11

      These are definitely products I could put to good use. Everything looks great, durable and ready for the outdoors! I’m in.

    12. 12

      You can totally count me in on any of the above items. Being the hikers/backpackers/campers that we are, we can definitely put any of these to the test.

    13. 13

      Great stuff! Would love to try something on our next camping trip – count me in for the works!

    14. 14

      I’m in for any and all!

    15. 15

      Put me in for all of them!

    16. 16

      I would be happy with any of these items, but I think I’m hoping for one of the blades the most. I don’t know, but I’ve been in an edged weapon sorta mood lately.

    17. 17

      i am in for the machete. i love gerber and it’s legendary blades.

    18. 18

      abso-positiv-dinfinit-lutely. I mean, yeah, I’m in.

    19. 19

      I could see myself using any of these things. Except the machete, that’s a little out of my realm of knowledge.

    20. 20

      I’m in–I could do a review on any of those items.

    21. 21

      Put me down for any and all! ! ! ! ! ! :D

    22. 22

      I can use any of these. Except the machete. I don’t have any pigs to butcher in the near future.

    23. 23

      Sign me up for everything. I’d love to have a swing at it!

    24. 24

      I could use any of these for the upcoming fishing season. So put me in for them all hoping to get one to try out!

    25. 25

      Count me in. Lots of cool gadgets there.

    26. 26

      Incredible opportunity! Count me in for all o them.

    27. 27

      I’m in for all.

    28. 28

      Hi Folks,

      I like the opportunity to review for you any of the lighting gear.

      Running courses and working in the woods here in the UK means I would be able to give these products hard use and an honest review.

      Best regards,


    29. 29

      Wow – what a great assortment of gear! I’m “all in” – I’ll probably be using that machete instead of my camp hatchet if I get to review it, and everything else looks pretty cool too.

    30. 30

      Put me in for all! All these rock so I’d be happy with any of them. Thanks!

    31. 31

      I’m not proud; generate my number for any of the above. Please.

    32. 32

      Please sign me up for the Coleman packages!! I’m going to be doing some camping this summer! Thanks.

    33. 33

      Wow, what a great offering. Count me in for all of ‘em, please!

    34. 34

      All of these items are great. I feel I could put the FAST knife and the FIT tool to the test. THat lantern would be awesome on my kayak for night time fly fishing trips…I’m in..

    35. 35

      I can’t wait!!!! I love Gerber knives, so that is high on my priority list, and I’ll put the machete to use easily as well!

    36. 36

      Yet another great giveaway from some quality companies.

    37. 37

      Put me in for all!

      Although I will hold Gerber responsible for the bloodshed* that will ensue should I win the machete…. muahahahaha!

      *tree and shrub blood of course ;)

    38. 38

      sign me up! my first camping trip of the year is coming up soon!

    39. 39

      YES TO ALL PLEASE!! I love Gerber products! I’ve been eyeing up the AnswerSM and the Gator Machete Pro before this was even listed so that just make it all the better. We’ll be camping in no time and I’ll be able to test any and all of the Gerber and Coleman products out.

    40. 40

      Put me in the machete. A lot of limbs will met their fate with it.

    41. 41

      We could review any of the knives, and especially the machete. Good to hack through overgrown trail to find some mushrooms or greens. The coleman products look great for our camping adventures!

    42. 42

      Gerber’s Knifes, Tools & Machetes look like the perfect accessories for The Waterfowler.
      Surviving and succeeding on lakes, ponds, marshes, sloughs, swamps, rivers and backwaters, requires highly functional, compact equipment.
      -The Reverend Fowl™

    43. 43

      Put me in for all but the lanterns and machete!

    44. 44

      camping and fishing in a few weeks. So I’m in!

    45. 45

      Sign me up! If I get the machete, I may have to wait until after Halloween so I can properly rate it’s “scare the crap out of little kids” factor. : )

    46. 46

      I’m in. What a great bunch of stuff!!!!!

    47. 47

      Put me down for the knife and the machete. I can test the knife and will pass it to my soldier friend in Afghanistan to see how it does there.

    48. 48

      What a haul!
      Please put me in for any of the Coleman packages. And the Gerber multi-tool as well. Planning on a Memorial Day camping trip in the ADKs (with Alex from 40 Rivers to Freedom and some others). They’d get put to very good use.

    49. 49

      I would be interested in Reviewing any one of these products. I love knives and camping a ton. Can’t wait to try them out. Thanks

    50. 50

      Awesome opportunity….definately count me in an all!

      r.b. wright

    51. 51

      Please count me in!

    52. 52

      I would jump at the chance to review any of them… great roundup!

    53. 53

      I’m in for all. That machete looks either handy or wicked. I could be the most popular guy in camp and then turn on everyone ; {) with that thing. Sign me up

    54. 54

      Count me in! Any of these would be perfect for my upcoming trip.

    55. 55

      Wow, lots of players on this one. Reckon everyone enjoys camping and the outdoor life. I am in on all o f these great products except the Machete. At my age, I could really hurt someone or something! Ready for camping season.

    56. 56


    57. 57

      Im getting low on hats but I’ll throw another one in the ring!

    58. 58

      Put me in for all, could certainly use any of these on our camping trips. Thanks!

    59. 59

      Check out my Trinity post. I could have really used the Machete on this one. That tool is a must for any type of camping, although I would be stoked to review them all…

    60. 60

      Put me in for all of the Gerber products…man they make good stuff! Any of those would be great for my wilderness camping/kayaking trips this summer!

    61. 61

      Put me in for either the Gerber Knife or Multi Tool! I’d love to have the machete but wouldn’t be able to test it appropriately very soon.

    62. 62

      Coleman Package #3 for me. All my lights are ancient and dying a slow death.

      I have more knives than I know what to do with. They make great presents, you know. So EVERYONE in my extended family gets me at least one every year.

    63. 63

      Sweet deal,count me in.I will say a little prayer Saturday night that I win.oh and good luck to everybody else I suppose

    64. 64

      count me in for the F.AS.T. knife or any of the Gerber products please

    65. 65

      Feelin lucky, put me in for all of them!

    66. 66

      I could go for the knive and the multi tool. I sure could put them to good use!

    67. 67

      Count me in… great gear!

    68. 68

      We do serious Field testing with full ”For your eyes only reports” I know it might be kind a late for this batch…Please consider us for future testing…Thanks…

    69. 69

      Oh, the lantern or either of the power charger systems. I’m taking my adult, electronics addicted daughter for a 10-day camping excursion, and these items would get the full test!!

    70. 70

      I’m in on the camping gear and the knife.

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