June 28, 2016

Outdoor Blogging, Online to Offline, Part I

Cam Miller and I

Back in January I received an invitation to join a group of Outdoor Bloggers for an annual event called the Deneki FIBFest. The ‘FIB’ part means Fishing Industry Bloggers. So here’s what I had to ask myself before I could respond. 1) Would I like to hang out with a group of Outdoor Bloggers and […]

A Quick Note of Dam Bursting


Now we’ve done it. The OBN has sprung some leaks, burst the seat of our pants, and water is pouring over the spillway. The OBN is officially in need of a bigger home, and pronto. While I’m packing boxes and moving information and changing everything over to a new server for the next 24 hours, […]

Winners of the Gerber and Coleman Gear Review Opportunities

We hope everyone had a pleasant Easter weekend.  And maybe our announcement of the winners can make a few of you even happier! I thought we might have to do a LOT of RNG’ing (is that really a verb?) to get the winners for this offering, but it actually went pretty smoothly.  So, without further […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers ~ 4/25

Hunting Blog

Our first featured Outdoor Blogger comes to us from the General Outdoor–Wild Plant Foraging category: This blog is about a family out foraging for wild edibles in rural Connecticut and I have to say, I’m hooked. Take a minute to go visit The 3 foragers and see what they are up too these days. There is […]

OBN Friday Notes: 4/22


Outdoor Blogger Interaction: How does a $50 dollar gift card to Cabela’s sound to you? Good? If you won that card would it help get your ready for the summer season? Yes?? Well then put your Scavenger Hunt Hat on and click on any of these bloggers links: Lunker Hunt: - Journal of a Minnesota Angler: - Troutrageous!: - The River […]

In Case you Didn’t Hear about it…

Go Forth…..Visit the New Outdoor Blogger Directory. We hope you like it!

Gear Review Opportunity 4/20/11 – Campers? Fishermen? Outdoor Enthusiasts? It’s for ALL of you!

Gerber Answer SM

This week’s Gear Review Opportunity comes to us from giants in the Outdoor Industry – Coleman and Gerber.  Our initial intent was to do a Camping-related offering, but these products defy any attempts to pigeon-hole them in a static category.  I really can’t think of ANYONE who couldn’t use any of these offerings.  Well – […]

Outdoor Writing Prompt ~ Share Your Favorite Outdoor Food

A Campfire must: S'mores!

This writing prompt was inspired by a popular thread on the OBN Forum that was started by Owl Jones called What is your Favorite thing to eat Outdoors? Which got me really hungry while reading along…. And then got me thinking about the things we really enjoy when we go into the Great Outdoors, but […]

Visit and (re) Submit Your Outdoor Blog To the NEW OBN Directory


The new Outdoor Blogger Directory has been announced and explained in detail here. For now, we are asking all OBN members to re-submit your blog to the Brand new Shiny Directory Permanent navigation badge will remain –> over there in the sidebar —>Big Red Directory—> Go click around, you’ll discover new blogs to visit…we promise…

Winners of the Pinnacle and Seaguar Gear Review Opportunities

Last weeks Wednesday gear review opportunity from both Pinnacle Fishing ~ Tournament Class and Seaguar ~ Always the best had the comments casting in for a chance to use, test, enjoy and write a complete review about. As always, the reliable RNG came through for us…or maybe thats…came through for a couple of lucky commenters and here are the results: […]