June 24, 2016

Winners of the March 23 Turkey Kickoff!

Yeah, yeah  – I know.  the world is supposed to come to an end when Rebecca goes on one of her legendary lengthy fish-chasing jaunts.  And, for the most part, it does.  But she’s trained me JUST ENOUGH to be moderately functional as an OBN Administrator.  So, last night I brought up the trusty old RNG and determined who our lucky recipients of this weeks Gear Review offering would be.  The process was pretty straight forward, with one small exception.   Since there were considerably fewer people in the running for the Hailey Vines apparel, I did that drawing separately and reduced the number of entrants to include ONLY those who expressed interest in the H.V. gear.  That way I could get a winner without repeatedly drawing numbers, only to find out the entrant couldn’t use the gear.  Without further ado, those chosen by the RNG are:

Irish Setter Boot winner – # 27 – T Chris – An Outdoor Adventure

Hailey Vines – #32 – Lisa Jane – Hunt Like You’re Hungry

Hunter’s Specialties Calls – #28 – CenTex Hunter

H-S Blind – #30 – Bumbling Bushman

OK, you know the drill.  If your item requires sizing, be sure to include it in the email to us.  Send us your address, we’ll pass it along, and you’ll get the goods.

Be sure to send us pictures of the turkeys that were unlucky enough to cross your path!!



  1. 1

    Oh there’ll be pictures alright! Thank you OBN and H-S Blind. Y’all are awesome.

  2. 2

    Congrats to those that got the goods! Looking forward to the review on the boots and the blind!

  3. 3

    Congrats to all the winnahs!

    ( * THEY’RE BACK……(or at least Joe is) …someone clean up the back yard before he sees it! I told you guys to park the jet-boat in the driveway, not in the pool! Is that Charlie Sheen passed out over the engine…nevermind – just clean it up! Fast! )

  4. 4

    Thanks so much for the gear!

    (Owl- We told YOU to clean out the garage… the beer cans are all cleaned up but do you think they’ll notice that the roof is gone?)


  5. 5

    Turkeys beware! Wish I had the calls for opening day this Saturday, I’ll save a tag or two so I can run them through the gauntlet! Thanks for the opportunity!!

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