June 26, 2016

OBN Friday Notes ~ 3/25

I will be blogging from this spot at the Deneki Lodge ~ I promise to be thinking of you all!

Your OBN Administrators have left the building: Joe and I have clicked our computers into hibernate mode and gone on vacation. At the same time. Normally we wouldn’t do such a thing, leave the OBN house unsupervised, but this couldn’t be avoided. It’s fishing season after all and I’m sure you all will understand. We have set up our regular features to post as normal from now through next week, so things should carry on as usual….in fact, you probably won’t even miss us!

But if you need assistance, or email us, expect a delay! If you have recently or just submitted your blog for the Outdoor Directory, please expect a (big) delay in getting included, but we promise to get you in as soon as possible!

Joe and I are on separate adventures and if you’d like to follow along, feel free to visit our personal blogs.

Joe left yesterday and will be blogging about his bass fishing vacation somewhere in the U.S.A. here: Flowing Waters and he’ll be back early next week. Between you and me, I think he’s most excited at the prospect of posting pictures on his blog of an actual fish. Meow has stolen the show lately!

I leave today for the Deneki FIBFest (Fishing Industry Bloggers)  in the Bahamas to kick it with some amazing Outdoor bloggers and will try my hand at fly fishing for Bonefish. I’ll be back, sunburned and grinning early April! One of the fun aspects of the FIBFest is the nightly blog check ins, so I should be posting daily updates on my personal blog here: Outdooress

Ok you all, I can’t hold back the female in me here: 1) No parties (that would require a police involvement) 2) Don’t burn down the house 3) Play nicely together 4) Do the dishes 5) Have fun!

Blogger Gear Review ~ Cameron Mortenson of the blog The Fiberglass Manifesto has posted up his review of the CRKT Guppie Multi Tool Review here. We have reposted his review here. Looks like a handy little tool that I’d like to toss in my Outdoor bag! Check it out…

Blogger Gear Review ~ Tom Sadler of the blog Dispatches from the Middle River has posted up his review of the Montana Fly Co. Scissor Forceps. We have reposted his review on the gear log here. From what I can tell from Tom’s review, not only are they very cool to look at, they work solid as well. Add these to my list of ‘to buy soon’…

Blogger Gear Review ~ Christine of the blog Beat Up Road Sign has wrote up her review of the Prois Ultra Hoodie and I suggest giving her link a click and checking it out. We have reposted her review on the log here. Looks like a great piece of Hunting apparel for Women and us ladies all know how hard that is to come by!

Blogger Gear Review ~ Stephanie from the blog Antlers & Gills has posted her review of the Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses. We have reposted her review on the log here. This is our first sunglasses review and Stephanie took them out to the river, put them to the test (rocks) and it sounds like Fly Fisherman is a product that stand up!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Rebecca and Joe
(now M.I.A.)

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    This is Owl. Please feel free to ignore all the “rules” posted above. I have it on good authority that things are going to get a little nuts around here in the next couple of days.
    You should hang out and see what happens. No, really. I’ve got the keys to the jet-boat, 80 individually wrapped Slim-Jim beef sticks, 14 cases of Mountain Dew, a sink full of whitefish and a 30 gallon trash can filled to the top with Pop-Rocks. What could go wrong?

    they’ll never know it was us……

  2. 2

    Reminds me of a Buffett song:
    So long Boss, knock ‘em dead, don’t worry ’bout a thing
Wish that we could come along, we’d love to see you fish

    The limo’s here, your bags are packed, the list is by the phone,
Me and Owl will watch your place and treat it like our own

    We’re gypsies in the palace, she’s left us here alone
The order of the Sleepless Knights will now assume the throne

    We ain’t got no money, we ain’t got no right

    But we’re gypsies in the palace, we got it all tonight!

  3. 3
  4. 4

    I found the key to the liquor cabinet!

  5. 5

    And leave it to Sadler to recite “Gypsies in the Palace.” We share the same brain.

  6. 6

    Enjoy the time off!

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