June 30, 2016

Special Edition Gear Review Opportunity for the BASS ANGLERS

Havoc Craw Fatty

I know, I know – WEDNESDAYS are Gear Review Opportunity days.  But – I am making an exception.  (And, with Rebecca galavanting around in some remote, tropical isle, chasing saltwater whitefish, she can’t tell me “NO!”) This morning we were contacted by the folks at Pure Fishing about their new baits.  They launched 4 new […]

Gear Review Opportunity 3/30/11 – Time to Fish

Fish Creek Spinners

It’s time to do some fishing with this week’s Gear Review Opportunity.  This week’s rods and reels come to us from Okuma ~ High Performance.  Some of you will be familiar with Okuma as a reliable, lower price point reel, and you would be right.  They are known for good value priced reels.  What you may […]

Sportsmen’​s press teleconfer​ence on conservati​on cuts

Sorry for the short notice on this, but it just came into my INBOX late this afternoon.   Since the majority of our bloggers are passionate about the resource, I figured I’d post it for anyone interested. Joe ****************** American Fly Fishing Trade Association – American Sportfishing Association – Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – […]

Outdoor Writing Prompt ~ Why We Blog about our Outdoor Life

Oregon Archery Elk Hunt 2010 005

This weeks Outdoor Writing Prompt was inspired by The Four Season Angler Awhile ago we did a writing prompt about why we named our blogs what we named them. This writing prompt swings to the other side of that question. The Four Season Angler wrote as a writing suggestion in the forum, “ I‘d like to […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 3/28

Sherpa John: Human Potential

Our first featured Outdoor Blogger of the Week was plucked from the Outdoor Humor Category: The Hunter’s Wife~Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Humor Jody Narantic  is The Hunter’s Wife and I’ll borrow from her about page a description of who she is and what she writes about. “I’m the city girl with painted nails in borrowed camouflage […]

Winners of the March 23 Turkey Kickoff!

Yeah, yeah  – I know.  the world is supposed to come to an end when Rebecca goes on one of her legendary lengthy fish-chasing jaunts.  And, for the most part, it does.  But she’s trained me JUST ENOUGH to be moderately functional as an OBN Administrator.  So, last night I brought up the trusty old RNG […]

OBN Friday Notes ~ 3/25

I will be blogging from this spot at the Deneki Lodge ~ I promise to be thinking of you all!

Your OBN Administrators have left the building: Joe and I have clicked our computers into hibernate mode and gone on vacation. At the same time. Normally we wouldn’t do such a thing, leave the OBN house unsupervised, but this couldn’t be avoided. It’s fishing season after all and I’m sure you all will understand. We have set […]

Newest Members of the Outdoor Bloggers Network ~ 21

In the General Fishing Category: Forever Fishing Washington State ~ Dedicated to the Anglers of this Fine State and their Adventures Philly Nature Guy ~ Fishing is for City Folks, Too The Fish Whisperer ~ Steelhead Alley ~ Fish Hard … Fish Often Fishing ‘n Forgetting ~ Fishing in Minnesota’s Driftless Area Just Fish ~ […]

Gear Review Opportunity Wednesday ~ It’s Turkey Time

Jonny Stewart Slammer Crow Call

It’s Turkey season across the nation and this weeks Gear Review Opportunity is stuffed full of mouth watering turkey gear dressings. Too literal maybe? Well, we would starting gobbling over our excitement of this post, but we don’t want to scare anyone off. So here we go, Turkey gear for everyone! From the generous folks […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Most Un-Frame Worthy Outdoor Photo You Got


This weeks Outdoor Photo Prompt was inspired by Joe from the blog Flowing Waters (ok, ok, and of the OBN) but I have to mention, it had a firm ‘second’ as a good idea by Foggy Mountain Meanderings over on the forum, so I’m game! Here’s what Joe said, “We HAVE TO have a “Smallest […]