June 29, 2016

Winner of the 2/23 Gear Review Opportunity

Well, a bunch of ammo reloaders put their name in the hat for this TERRIFIC reloader from Hornady.  Under normal conditions, I would simply announce the winner and congratulate them.  But this week, the RNG had issues.  Sort of.

I opened up the RNG and chose.  First number up – #3.  Owl Jones, who isn’t a reloader.  Oh well – this has happened before, and we just draw another one.  Next up – #3.  Owl again.  HMM.  Give it another try.  Next number – #3.  OK – something’s weird now.  I let the RNG quiet down, and tried again.  # 6 – finally, a shooter and reloader!

Congrats go out to Mike from Hodgeman’s Thoughts on the Great Outdoors.

Now I know everyone who put their name in the hat would have loved to get that reloader, but I KNOW Mike will put it to good use.  Why, you ask?  He just posted that he just drew a Cow Moose AND a Dall Sheep tag in his native Alaska for the 2011 seasons.

I’m not suggesting that anyone take up gambling, but with those 2 tags AND the reloader coming within 2 days, Mike, you might want put a few dollars into the lottery.  Congratulations Mike – let us know your address – specify UPS or US Postal – and we’ll get the ball rolling.



  1. 1

    Shazamm! I can really, really use that one!

    Thanks so much!

    Address sent to Joe… either UPS or USPS, whatever is most convienent!

  2. 3

    Congrats Mike, good luck on the hunts.

  3. 4

    Mike – First the tags, and now the reloader…will you buy me a lottery ticket. :)


  4. 5

    Mike – Congrats! looking forward to seeing your review.

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