July 1, 2016

Featured Bloggers ~ week of 2/21

(Note from Joe – I am taking over the Featured Blogger posting duties this week as Rebecca is enjoying a long weekend.  My artistic text and photo manipulative skills are sorely lacking, so I apologize in advance to the deserving Featured Bloggers for the bland presentation tonight.  The blogs are noteworthy even if the presentation goes lacking.    Joe)

Featured Blogger #1

With Sunday being the biggest day of the year in the world of Bass Fishing – the final day of the Bassmaster Classic – I thought  we should highlight a Bass Fishing blog.  The one we chose is Tom Harkman’s Five Bass Blog ~ Getting a Limit – One Bass at a Time.  He posts frequently, writes very well, and has his tournament schedule for 2011 posted so we can all follow his successes, trials, and tribulations.  (No added pressure, Tom!!)

Featured Blogger #2

From our (relatively) new Camping Category comes Eric’s  Camping and Family – The Family Campman.com ~ One Man’s Return to the Outdoors.  Eric grew up camping in the back yard and fishing locally, like many of us.  And, like many if us, life got in the way for a while.  The blog chronicles his re-entry into Camping and the outdoors, this time bringing his family along for the ride.

Featured Blogger #3

Our final highlighted  blog this week comes to us from Dawn Fine, located somewhere!  You see, Dawn and Jeff are RV’ers!  Dawn’s Bloggy Blog Full Time Motorhoming for over 9 Years -and still Loving It! , found in the Everything Outdoors Category,  is loaded with pictures and is a joy to read.  She does a lot of bird watching and photography on their travels.  This is a great blog to follow along – you never know where you’ll end up!  One thing you will NOT be by following this blog  is bored due to inactivity – Dawn has posted nearly 800 posts since 2005!!  In blogger years, that’s like living to be 200 years old.

Hope you all take the time to enjoy these fine blogs!



  1. 1

    Perhaps a little lacking in the decorative touches Joe, but it must be a guy thing. Direct and to the point. So I visited them all.

  2. 2

    Congratulations to the featured bloggers. Great job! You too Joe.

  3. 4

    Congrats all! I look forward to checking out each of your blogs.

  4. 5

    Thanks kindly for your nice write up! I am new to this Outdoor blogger network and will be checking out more of these amazing blogs.

  5. 6

    Good job Joe! I think you did great! I can’t wait to dive into all three of these! Congrats you guys!

  6. 7

    Joe, Thanks for the nod! Much appreciated.

  7. 8

    well done all. I look forward to reading the blogs and 800 since 2005…. one word…. WOW!

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