July 1, 2016

OBN Notes ~ 2/18

Outdoor Blogger Network Celebrates 4 months: Today marks our 4 month anniversary here on the Outdoor Blogger Network! We’ve now added a fun interactive Forum and as of last nights totals, we now have 658 blogs listed on the Outdoor Blogger Directory. Joe and I are beyond excited and grateful for the participation and support of the Outdoor Bloggers that grace this website.

The 4 month fact is: We didn’t go out and scrape blog links or just gather up as many blogs as we could to create the directory, but rather, let this site grow organically. Each and every one of those 658 blogs on the directory individually requested to be included and we believe that is what built a genuine Outdoor Blogging community.

We look forward to hitting the 1,000 blog mark, because when we do….it’s Outdoor Blogger Network party time. A celebration no one will want to miss! We’ll never stop saying Thank You to this community…so get used to it ~ Thank you everyone!!

Outdoor Blogger Directory: We have added one, make that two…no lets go with three new categories to the Outdoor Blogger Directory ~ GeocachingSkiing ~ Outdoor Humor

Outdoor Blogger Giveaway: Matt from the blog Non-Typical Pursuits is hosting a giveaway on his blog for all you hunters. Go Check out Giveaway Contest…Facebook Style to win a cool product from SEEMZ.

Outdoor Quail Hunting Forum: Ben from the blog Arizona Wanderings has started a Quail Hunting Forum to whittle away the days until the next season. If you participate in Quail Hunting, we suggest you get over there and discuss next seasons strategies right away.

Outdoor Gear Review: Coming from the Functioning Fishaholics blog, a fantastic review of the Frabill Bro Ice Fishing Combo set. We have reposted the review on the gear log here. It’s a great review to check out for you frozen water (tenacious) fisherman, lots of pictures and a great perspective. Well done!

Outdoor Gear Review: r.b. wright from the blog r.b. wright outdoors has tested and reviewed the Manzella Tracker Gloves here. We have reposted the review on the gear review log here. You’ll have to check out the amazing video he did, plus the complete written review. If your hands are looking for a new glove, this is the review to check out Great Job!

Outdoor Gear Giveaways Reminders: GreenFish Writing Prompt Giveaway and the Prois & Plano Gear Review Opportunity going on now…..

Outdoor Bloggers On Facebook: It’s time to check out and click the “Like” button on the Yukon Goes Fishing Facebook Page. Ivan writes the blog Yukon Goes Fishing and keeps both his blog and his Facebook account actively moving along. You won’t want to miss out on either.

Outdoor Bloggers On Twitter: Check out the twitter handle @foremosthunting who also captains the blog boat Foremost Hunting. Lots of twitter interaction, RT’ing and commentary coming out of this twitter bird so you’ll definitely want to add them to your follow list!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Rebecca and Joe

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I just wanted to add my give away. Three people can win three steelhead flies. Check it out.

  2. 2

    Thank you guys for the Quail Hunting Forum plug. It’s a great place to talk about everything quail hunting. Thanks again for the support.


  3. 3

    Seriously? Only 4 months?….I honestly thought ya’ll were WAY older than that…well done=)

  4. 4

    4 months already? They grow up so fast. Why it seems like just yesterday that Joe and Rebecca were just innocent bloggers doing their thing. Now they’ve built an empire…

    Congrats, and thanks for the energy!

  5. 5

    CONGRATS! Please keep up the good work, because as you know there are hundreds of bloggers out here depending on you guys to put outdoor blogging on the map and make us all millionaires. Seriously. Get back to work.


  6. 6

    LOL@Owl Jones!

    Congrats! And a big Thank You for all the hard work you do!

  7. 7

    A reason to celebrate for sure. You two have out Outdoor Bloggers on the map. Thanks!

  8. 8

    I was surprised when I found out that you are ONLY 4 months old! You have a great operation and you are still in your infancy! (can you imagine what your 4 year celebration will be like?) — I have been on OBN for a few months and really felt like I was way behind! I say it often – but you guys are awesome. I have met some really great folks through this platform and I have learned a great deal from this platform. Great site – great members. Congrats!

    By the way – I do appreciate your mention of the review in these notes as well!


    r.b. wright

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