June 25, 2016

OBN Notes: A Forum of Notes

Outdoor Blogger Network Upgrade #1: On Tuesday we posted our 100th entry and asked for feedback. Our wish was granted in the 115+ comments we got….Idea’s galore! Yesterday I got to test out #1 upgrade to the OBN system based on a suggestion from Extreme Adventure News in the Photo prompt. Based on it’s looks and positive feedback from Bloggers, it’s staying.

Outdoor Blogger Network Upgrade #2: Today I present OBN Upgrade #2 inspired by the suggestions of many OBN bloggers.

Presenting: The Outdoor Blogger Network Forum

You ask, and you shall receive, umm typically…I’ve been building and tweaking the new forum over the last few days and had a few Beta testers (thank you Betas!) go in yesterday to give it a test run. So far, so good.

I would like to think I’ve provided initial Forum Topics that really encompass what the Outdoor Blogger Network is all about and would be beneficial to those who participate in the forum. There’s room for more topics and I imagine the Forum will evolve as needed. The link is above and there is a permanent Forum Tab in the navigation menu on top of this website.

Guests can read the forum at anytime, but it is an OBN member only site and requires a registration to post and participate. I’ve done that to protect the integrity of it’s purpose. For those of you who are interested, check it out, register and let me know if you find any glitches. It’s brand spankin’ new and testing has been limited. Feedback is again, welcome! Oh….and Clif.….you got your Classified section! Enjoy ~

Missing Blogger

Blogger Interaction with a bonus of a $50 gift card: It started with a casual comment and a simple word. Toast. Now, I consider myself a huge supporter of Outdoor Bloggers and discouraging another blogger would be, in my opinion, a punishable Blog Sin.

So imagine my shock and surprise when I read this blog post: Elvis has left the Building (check it out for the details)

Kirk Werner announcing his blog retirement AND mentioning my “toast” comment as the reason. Concerned citizens have emailed me and I’ve tried emailing him. Speculation is rising and guesses to his retirement whereabouts are springing up. I was sent this Missing Poster along with reward details—a $50 dollar Cabela’s Gift card— to encourage the Outdoor Blogging Community to spread the word one of our fellow Bloggers is missing and to guess what sort of blissful retirement he’s gone off to.

So here’s the (good) deal everyone. Leave a comment below guessing his retirement whereabouts, feel free to be creative! By next Thursday (Feb. 3rd) the posse who is searching for him will choose one winning comment via Random Number Generator. Speculation is encouraged!

You can help this blog cause by posting the Missing poster in your blog and writing a post with your guess in it. (make sure you come back here to drop your blog link in the comments so they can track down your submission) Winning comment for the $50 reward will be announced next Friday ~ Whether Kirk turns up or not….

(Disclaimer: The OBN is the messenger, we did not provide the $50 reward, we are just letting everyone know about it)

Social Media Follow Prompt: On Twitter: It’s time to add @Funcfish to your must follow Tweet list. Not only does he hold down the fort at his blog The Functioning Fishaholics, he knows how to interact on Twitter in an effective, enjoyable and interactive way. He even offered up some fantastic Twitter tips in our New OBN Forum. Enjoy!

On Facebook Pages: Cameron Mortenson of the blog  The Fiberglass Manifesto has a Facebook Page I highly recommend a follow of ~ The Fiberglass Manifesto Facebook Page. I’ve personally followed his FB page for some time now and have no doubt that he has achieved an excellent blend of social media interaction, information, and promotion of his own blog AND promotion of  other people. “Like” his page, learn from him and enjoy all that he offers.

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I’m gonna cry! Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. 6

    If it were me, I’d be somewhere in western NC. Plenty of caves to hide in and places to keep fishing without anyone knowing.

  3. 7

    Where O Where could he be? I would have to say that he was taken by Aliens and held hostage in their craft. They are so advanced in intelligence that they required a man of Kirk’s reputation to carry on their species here on Earth. It didn’t help that the Aliens that took Kirk were once attacked by the the Star ship “Enterprise” and had mistaken Kirk for Captain Kirk. Or were they mistaken? hmmmm?
    I am sure that after the multiple probings, tests and the completion of the implant that he will be back and ready to fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the alien nation. If he looks you direct in the eyes, make sure to look away! He will turn up soon and as long as his ears are not pointy and his skin isn’t green then I am sure that we will all be ok. It’s not like he could change anyone of us into an alien? Or has he already done so? That Ken Gortowski guy from http://waterdogjournal.com/ sure acts like he could be from another planet or even galaxy
    We may never know. “Live Long and Prosper” Mr Kirk Werner

  4. 8

    I heard he retired and became a custodian at an aquarium so that he could fish the tanks at night. Shhh…don’t tell anyone you heard this from me.

  5. 9

    Lovin the forum. Great job Rebecca and Joe.

  6. 10

    i hope for his sake, Kirk is fishing.

  7. 11

    Nice job on the forum, as if I didn’t have enough distractions in my life. Thanks Rebecca and Joe!

  8. 12

    My guess as to where he is? He obviously saw the new forum and it was more than he could take. His head exploded…

  9. 13

    I’d sent out a “Missing” poster or some milk carton photos if I didn’t know Rebecca was here. Her Outdooress blog has been seriously neglected as of late. I’m hoping that SHE doesn’t retire too….

    Kirk! Don’t do it, man! Your blog posts are long but quite entertaining and well written! Who cares if you can’t ever top that “Clint” post?

  10. 16

    I think maybe he is somewhere in Chicago… stalking Oprah, and trying to put a copy of “Olive the Woolly Bugger” in her hand.

  11. 17

    I love forums! What a great addition! Thanks OBN!


  12. 18
  13. 19

    I bet he’s just on the couch. Has anyone bothered looking?

  14. 20

    Maybe he is taking the a leaf from Nanook and piled his family and belongings into a impossibly small kayak to traverse the waters of this world.

    Or maybe the utilities company cut his internet connection.


  15. 22

    Jay, you may be on to something, but not quite on target I think, and Clif, he might be near the couch. I’m thinking he’s paying the price most of us have to pay: http://konoske.net/archives/3826.

  16. 24

    APB for the Unaccomplished Angler- here’s my entry

  17. 25

    I actually need $50 to help justify my blogging and I’m pretty sure the Unaccomplished Angler has a brilliant plan.


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