July 1, 2016

The State of the OBN: 100th post

Once upon a time, on a cold October 18th 2010 morning, the Outdoor Blogger Network was officially launched. Last week, on January 18th, Joe and I quietly celebrated the 3 month anniversary of the OBN. No wine, chocolates or flowers were involved with that special occasion, however, Joe did send me a very large box of candy canes (hundreds of them!) that should keep me going until next Christmas. If I end up toothless by 2012, we all know who gets the blame.

With this 100th post milestone, Joe and I thought we’d stand up to the podium, give our current status report and future OBN goals/ideas and then, take suggestions & questions from the crowd.

~The State of the OBN~

The Numbers:

Future Plans:

Weekly Outdoor Blogger Network Radio Show:
Joe and I are always looking for ways to make the OBN community interactive and we have a blog talk radio show in our radar. A radio show appears to be another avenue we could utilize to achieve a new level of blogger interaction on the OBN. We could talk live to featured Outdoor Bloggers, discuss the gear we use and highlight special events, contests and much more.

Outdoor Blogger Network Rendezvous:
Joe and I have been looking into, discussing and lining up the details of putting together a OBN rendezvous for this summer. Nothing has been set in stone, yet, but it looks like Denver Colorado would be an acceptable location to hold a national get-together of Outdoor Bloggers. We see a convention style 2 day event that everyone can come to, meet their fellow bloggers in person, attend classes, meet industry leaders, watch demonstrations or participate in special events.

Outdoor Blogger Awards:
A thirty minute stroll through the Outdoor Blogger Directory will show anyone that there is a lot of excellence in Outdoor blogging going on. This year Joe and I will have a platform in place to facilitate an OBN Blog Awards. This will be a community project and will need everyones support. We would like to recognize outstanding individual blogs within the Outdoor Blogging community and to do that, we need to narrow down the fields. Starting with nominations, voting and ultimately ending with the chosen top blogs in each category.


We built the Outdoor Blogger Network on the foundation of community interaction. The way we see it, this is your community and we welcome ideas, suggestions and possible projects from everyone that participates here.

What do you think of the three main future plans we have for the OBN?
If we did a radio show, would anyone listen or would the sounds of crickets echo the airwaves?
If we put together a convention would anyone come or would Joe and I have to eat all the donuts ourselves?
Does anyone have a name for the OBN awards besides the OBNY’s? (That’s the best we’ve come up with so far)

Do you have other ideas that you would love to see on the OBN? We can’t promise that a suggestion/idea will be implemented here, but we will certainly take everything into consideration.

And lastly, thank you everyone, for making the Outdoor Blogger Network what it is today.

Rebecca and Joe

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    I am new to the OBN, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. It is pretty amazing what you guys have managed to put together in just a few short months!

    I think all of the new ideas sound great, especially the Rendezvous. Obviously starting with one would be the best way to begin, but eventually maybe there could be several regional OBN Rendezvous.

    The “featured bloggers” articles are great, but maybe there could be one more in-depth interview-type feature every couple of weeks or so.


    • 2

      And we also have regional Rendezvous in our radar as well. We have one industry leader who wants to sponsor one over in the East, so we are working with them on details. We figure if we can start with one, pull it off, the rest should follow right along.

      Noted about more in-depth interviews. We were thinking that if we had the radio show, we could interview bloggers, drag out all the details and get the full scoop that way….

  2. 3

    And I’d like thank you two again for all that you do here. This site has sure opened up the outdoor bloggin’ world to bigger audience.

    I think the plans are great too, and here are my two cents worth:

    -Radio shows are fun, but only if they’re short and sweet. Not everyone has time to listen to a half-hour show but ones that are 10-20 mins are great. As much as I love to read everyones stuff, it sure is fun too actually hear the people behind the name once and awhile.

    -A get together? Count me in and save me donuts! (Just please give us all ample time to plan.)

    -I’ve got nothin’ for the award name but am mentioning it because I want to make sure I give you your full 2 cents worth. It’s the least I can do!

    Once again great job you two!
    Best wishes,

    • 4

      I’d say I am a satisfied customer and feel like I got my full 2 cents worth! Well done.

      Noted about the length of the radio show. I agree about getting to hear the ‘voice’ behind the writers and think it would add to the overall community. Now we just need to figure out the little details.

      You come, and I’ll give you Joe’s share of the donuts!
      Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback and as always, your support. Always appreciated!

  3. 7

    Rebecca and Joe,

    Congrats on all of your success, you guys deserve it for all the hard work you do! For the 3 main ideas, I love ‘em. The blog awards would rock (as long as I am a nominee :-) ) and I would definitely be into going somewhere for a OBN field trip. As for any ideas I’d like to see on here, give me some time- that requires some mulling time.

    If you guys need any help, don’t hesitate to ask!


    • 8

      Lisa Jane,
      Thank you for your feedback!
      I like that…an OBN field trip ~ and as for the blog awards, we’ll get those details ironed out and I’m sure you’d get nominated =)

  4. 9

    Radio show um IDK it could work and it would be fun. Do we have the right audience for it with most of us being writers and readers? I would maybe try venturing in the direction of video everyone loves video. Just a thought!

    A get together ohh sounds fun, but I have to save up for SHOT next year and now a blogger convention ah what the heck I’ll give it a try. If you do it let us know way in advance so more ppl can plan on going. If you need help with break out sessions or need someone to present any thing about blogging I would be more than happy to help.

    I like the sound of awards for blogging. This can help boost some talented bloggers to the fore front of the industry. I like simple and to the point names. Here are a few ideas
    1. “OBN’s Outdoor Blogger Awards” The 1st annual OBN OBA’s
    2. “Outdoor bloggers choice awards”
    3. “Outdoor fame awards”
    4. “Super Duper OBN Awards” lol

    That’s it for now.

    • 10

      Start saving those pennies, we’d want you there at the OBN convention! If we indeed get it put together, we want to announce it by mid, late Feb and have it planned for mid-late July. Hopefully that would be enough notice for everyone.

      Ok, video….ummmm…I’m sort of one of those people who dives behind a tree when someone pulls out a video camera, so we’ll see.
      OBN awards potential names noted! Thank you

    • 11

      I like your ideas. I agree that a radio show would be nice, but a video show would be nicer. Have you guys ever seen skate the fly’s STF TV? They have the two main bloggers on STF sit down with beer in hand and talk with a guest. A set up similar to that would be an intriguing one.

      Also, I like the “OBN’s OBAs” suggestion for the awards. It is best to keep it simple.

      • 12

        I’ve watched their show and agree it’s a great setup, fun and interesting. And it always makes me crave a beer =)

  5. 13

    I didn’t know that this site was only launched a little over 3 months ago.. Dang, looks like I’ve been following this site pretty well from the beginning, and I would have had my blog on here sooner if I wouldn’t have thought it wasn’t up to the OBN standard.. Haha.. Really Joe and Rebecca, congrats and thank you so much all at the same time for everything you two do for all of us here. This site has opened so many doors for everyone and better help connect all of us outdoor blogger, not to mention make a few new friends. You guy deserve all the praise you get for all the hard work you two do!!

    As far as the future plans go, I’m agree with Kari, shorter segments are better.. A while back I had a sports blog and radio show with some buddies, the radio shows would go on for an hour or two, running out of stuff to talk about wasn’t the problem, it was keeping the audience engaged or even there in all honesty. I do think it’s a great idea and has even better potential with a platform like this to base it on! Just like everything else it’ll take some work and fine tuning.

    A meet up would be great! It’d be a great opportunity for everyone to meet each other. Not to mention, as you stated learn some stuff through classes and seminars. I like Mark’s idea as well, we have to have a first one to start it, but eventually try and do regional ones.

    The award show, hands down would be a great and funny endeavor.. It’d be a great way to highlight blogs and give everyone something to try and achieve in the next year, quarter, or whatever intervals you’d want to do the awards. This could also be a great place to try and work in some sponsors if at all possible. As for an original idea, I always have a thousand, but right now I’m drawing a blank. I’ll leave you with the nonsense I already type and will just bombard your inbox if I think of any others.. Haha

    On a serious note:

    • 14

      Thank you Justin for your feedback and encouraging words!
      Noted about your radio show, looks like shorter is better!
      Regional OBN meetups are in the works as well, right now we are mainly focusing on a big one, see how that goes and work out more for the future.
      Noted about the awards as well. We think it would be a great thing for all Outdoor Bloggers and Joe and I have some pretty cool ideas on how to ‘reward’ the winners and make it fun for everyone.

  6. 15

    I love the idea of an outdoor blogger conference! I read blogs in other topical areas, and it seems like these conference-style gatherings have made their communities really vibrant. I was following updates from the Outdoor Retailer Show on Twitter, and I was envious of the community being built there. I think combining the educational pieces of a conference like the BlogHer with aspects of a trade show would build stronger connections through the outdoors blogger community.

  7. 17

    I lam thrilled with what you both have done so far and I am excited about the ideas going forward! A meeting would be great if we could all afford it and have time to travel to wherever…but you could move it around the country each year to new locations. OBN RADIO? Where do I sign in? Awards would be nice. Each blogger votes for an outstanding blog in each category (can’t vote for yourself). Blog with most votes wins category title. Category winner with most votes overall is Blog of the Year. Small categories would combine to form misc. category. Those are a few ideas. This is amazing what has happened in 90 days! I have heard, read, and received nothing but great comments about the OBN. I’m just glad Cappy’s Pond can be a part of it all.

    • 18

      Thats how the awards would work Kirk ~ nomination period, blogs with the most nominations in different categories would be featured, then out of that list, people would vote for the top one in each category, until it was all narrowed down….
      And we are glad you are here!

    • 19

      Kirk – the regional concept is definitely going to happen, either informally or formally. We’ve got enough locals within 60 miles or so to do our own right here in the ‘burbs!

  8. 20

    I used two different spell checks and it shows (lam)? Ugh!

  9. 21

    Hard to believe that was post 100. You guys have been busy!

    All three sound like good ideas. Although, even 10 minutes can be a stretch for a radio show. I guess I have to buy an iPod and listen to it on my commute.

    The Denver location for a convention is a perfect one for me as I’m planning a trip to visit my brother in Boulder again this year. From what he tells me, mid-July could be a perfect time as the fishing can heat up right about then.

    Who do I have to pay off to win an OBNY?

  10. 24

    Congrats to you both. The OBN has really taken off over the past few months and the blogs and material found here are absolutely fantastic. I like the idea of the convention and think it would be a great place to meet new people and hear some new ideas. Count me in. Thanks for all your hard work.


  11. 26

    Maybe on the radio show have it available for people who belong to OBN to submit their own podcasts to be aired….after a bit of reviewing first.

    Rewards names how about the camo globes.

  12. 34

    Wow! Congrats! I was just working on MY state of the blog post!

    I think the OBN conference is a great idea….however, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend because of ICAST in July. Maybe you could have it there….?

    Since I have my own radio show, of course I think it’s a good idea. I’m always looking for special guests, so if it’s kayak fishing or fly fishing related, shoot me an e-mail!

    Outdoor Blogger Awards would be awesome! Let me know if you need help putting it together.

    • 35

      Ohh….ICAST….good to remember when planning for a day ~ And thanks Rob!

    • 36

      I know ICAST is in Vegas in July for 2011. Do you know that ICAST is coming back to Orlando in either 2012 or 2013? I’ll find out and let you know when it will be back in your “home turf” – I’m envisionsing a ‘yak fest in conjunction w/ ICAST

      • 37

        I hope it does come back to Orlando! That makes things easier on me and YES! We might be able to put together some sort of yak fest….people look at you funny when you’re dodging the gondolas at the Belagio….

        • 38

          Oh and one more thing – I think it’s only proper to make the trophies for the OBNY’s the image of the Outdooress scrambling out of her sleeping bag in the middle of the night – mouse in tow….

  13. 40

    OBN First Annual Outdoor Blogger Convention – YES. YES. and YES.

    I’ll be “that guy” that says to you guys ( Joe and Rebecca) what the fly-fishing contingent has been talking about since we first got a whiff of this thing….and that is: Could there be a location closer to better fishing? The understanding is that Denver is big, but better water is elsewhere. THAT SAID, we do all realize that it’s not just about fly fishers. :)

    I have to also agree that while radio is nice, video is king. Starting a radio show now, might be alot like starting a new format called a “message board.” Video. The only way to go. ( I’ve seen pictures of you, Rebecca…if you run from cameras it isn’t because the camera would complain, lady. wakka-wakka-wakka! )

    I don’t see how anyone could run OBN any better – the ideas you guys have and the brilliant execution of those ideas….the contests…the format..the homepage…I see no reason to change a thing. I think, and I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers agree, that you guys are doing an absolutely stellar job with everything!

    The actual awards should be called the “Dundies” – however, that has already been taken, so perhaps a better name would be ” The OBN Best of the Best ” or something like that. Or you could just call them the “GET OUT” awards. Elaine would be proud. ( GET! OUT! )

    Well, since I’ve probably totally confused half the readers here, I guess that’s enough from me. Other than this: I would like to put in an early nomination for BEST BLOG NETWORK EVAR…Joe and Rebecca, OBN.

    PS – I’m coming to CO this year, convention or not…..you have been warned. heh.

    • 41

      I’m a fly fishergal, so I hear you on the fishing possibilities. We picked Denver because of it’s airport and the ability of people, no matter where they live, to be able to fly in at hopefully a reasonable rate.
      About the video, well, for one thing, Joe and I live on opposite sides of the US so doing video together would be difficult. A radio show we both call in for, no problem, video, well, I just don’t see it. And thank you, but I still run from video cameras! Scary items.

      And thank you for your input, feedback and support. It’s always appreciated by Joe and I!

      • 42

        “video, well, I just don’t see it.”

        Yea, but we would see it.

      • 43

        I’ll throw in my $ .02 on this one, too. It really comes down ot the purpose of the get-together. If it is to learn some things, network, communicate, and do a little fishing – Denver is a prety tough place to beat. If the purpose is to fish, and do some networking over a few beers around a fire in the evening, then there are a lot of places that will fit the bill.

        And, BTW – I am not saying one type of gathering is better than the other. They’re just different, with different goals and agendas.

  14. 44

    Keep up the great work!

    Id make it to a OBN gathering if it was in the Northwest states, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and maybe even California since i only live 20 miles from there.

    Blogger awards would be cool. Would the OBN community of bloggers vote for it?

    • 45

      We’ll be planning regional OBN gatherings as well as one big convention each year. And yes, definitely, the community would be voting for the blogger awards.

  15. 46

    All awesome ideas. Not sure if I could make a convention but it’s a great idea. I would love to see a “members only” forum type area that could be built towards the goal of outdoor bloggers helping each other. Maybe some WordPress/blogger tips, guest post exchange, statistics and website analytics etc. An area where we can share in the more technical aspects of what we do.

    • 47

      oooooh, now there’s a great idea…

    • 49

      Hmmmm, Joe and I have talked about a member forum on several occasions….and we are still chewing on the pros/cons. But if we start one, it would certainly include those elements!

      • 50

        I mean most forums turn into troll fests but as long as it was tied to your listing you could use the listing as leverage to behave. Maybe even keep it to the business side of things. I mean we can talk forever about hunting and fishing but that can be done in better places. This would be just about the business side of running an outdoor blog and perhaps a better place to take discussions once post comments lose their steam.

        • 51

          Well I’m all for anything that helps out the OBN bloggers.
          So, our two fears are 1) Troll fests that forums tend to breed. We have a pretty positive vibe here at the OBN and I would hate for anything to detract from that and 2) Joe and I already have quite a bit of administrative work to do and adding something like a forum that would need to be monitored….well….we are still on the fence about committing to it.
          I’m open for ideas and suggestions though to see if we can make it work. I know I can build it……..

          • 52

            Assign some moderators.

            Unless you don’t trust your moderators. But if you can’t trust your people what kind of manager are you?

            • 53

              I don’t think our reservations have anything to do with trusting moderators or not. The two fears I listed seem legit enough to Joe and I, that we’ve been sitting on the fence for awhile now about it. But this feedback is helping with our future choices on the OBN and if enough people would like a forum, we’ll make it happen and work out systems to keep it a positive enhancement to the site.

              • 54

                Baby steps! Perhaps we could consider a once a month conference call (or chatroom) type meeting for members to discuss things live. That way it can be a live virtual event and if people get too crazy they can be booted from the room. That way too after the “call” is over you could distill the good stuff out for general consumption in a post on the page. A topic could be announced in advance for the month i.e. website analytics/visitor tracking and those that are knowledgeable could share while newbies could ask questions and learn.

  16. 58

    I’m late to the ball as usual, but wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful job you two have done. I’m with everyone else on most everything. I love internet radio and would enthusiastically support that. I also think the idea of a get together would be great and I support Denver as the initial site. Contrary to Mr. Owl, the world class South Platte River is an easy drive from Denver along with some terrific smaller streams with real life-size fish in them. For the awards, I suggest the OBY (O-BEE) like the Emmy.

    PS – We will seal the borders when Owl tries to get it.

    • 59

      You’re not late at all ~
      Thank you for your feedback and if anything, we could go fly fishing and let Owl hit some local ponds or something if he doubts the waters in Colorado =)

  17. 60

    Well, as Owl said so sheepishly…(ha) “I’m coming to CO this year, convention or not…..you have been warned. heh.” Can’t wait to meet everyone that we blog back and forth with…also, it would be really fun to have demos and mini-classes where we can cross over and learn about something that we are not too familiar with. I like Kirk’s ideas on the awards. Category winners and you can’t vote for yourself. On the radio show, if you could get a Sat. or Sun. morning spot for 30-60 min…I would most definitely listen. Maybe ten minutes with OBN news and then a call-in show for the rest…OBN rocks! Rebecca and Joe, you are awesome…and we appreciate you and your efforts!

    • 61

      Thank you River Damsel ~ we definitely will line up demos, classes, training, fun, kick back and mingle times at the convention.

  18. 62

    OBN…great work. I am continually impressed with the website and the ideas that the two of you are working out.

    I really like the idea of a OBN Radio Show since I’m sure this would be available as a podcast and that’s about all I listen to any more.

    OBN Awards? Interesting. I have a few nominations ready to send.


    • 63

      Thanks Cameron ~
      Hold onto those nominations for now and we’ll get the award ball rolling. I think it will wonderful to see many outdoor bloggers recognized for their outstanding work. Even just being nominated (not necessarily winning) would be pretty special.

  19. 64

    One world class river? that’s all you got? :) ( Why didn’t you say so! )
    You can seal the border if you want, but I’ll just shave mah head and answer to coFisher, talk about glass rods and my six-hundred reel fly reel collection – they’ll never suspect a thing.

    Your trout are in danger….of having to refuse my fly like every other trout out there. ;)

    coFisher, RD, Mike….let the planning begin! w00t!

    • 65

      LOL ~ I think you are going to make this convention very interesting =)

      • 66

        I plan to keep a low profile. Just stay in the shadows. Keep to myself. You may not even know I’m there. I’ll just ease my way into Colorado…maybe wearing something that will make me blend in…you know, something inconspicuous….like maybe a keg.
        How big do they make kegs anyway? Hmmm….I’ll have to check into that.

  20. 67

    Congrats to Jophes and Beccar on a huge success. I hope you realize the lives you have touched, and the focus you’ve given us. You created a community where we only knew how to loiter and occasionally smoke a cigar.

    Yea, so I’ve had too many bubbly beverages to read the previous comments. So I apologize if this has been said already….
    Classifieds. Classifieds. Classifieds. It’ll generate traffic to OBN from people searching for gear. Some of that traffic will trickle into the members. And we (members) will have a targeted market to sell our used stuff. It’s the best idea since you started OBN.

    Oh, and you should call the awards the Oblogna (pronounced Ah-Blog-Nee). Bologna with a twist. The singular version being Oblogna (which is, of course, pronounced Ah-Blog-Na)


    • 68

      Thank you for your feedback ~
      If we were to say, start a forum, would putting a classified ad section in there achieve what you are thinking?

      And I like your twists on the award name!

  21. 70

    I figured I probably ought to chime in on this milestone post. I sometimes feel that our readers may think that I am a figment of Rebecca’s imagination. Actually, we discuss these posts almost daily. Rebecca takes on the responsibility of doing the actual post and the post gets attributed to her, as it should. Unless I have some important nugget of information to add after the post, I refrain from adding more just to see my name. There are a few things I do behind the scenes that are solely my domain, and they stay anonymous, as it was intended from the beginng. Just didn’t want the readers to think I was some kind of “hanger-on”

    I would like to echo some of the sentiment Rebecca has stated so eloquently, numerous times. This short, intense, wild ride has surprised me more than you can ever imagine. We knew there were plenty of Outdoor bloggers out there but could never have imagined the degree to which the OBN has been accepted and embraced. It has been fun, and the best is still to come. Stay tuned.

    In a word – Thanks!


  22. 73

    Well I am definitely late to the party. As others have said, I can’t believe that OBN only started in October! Congrats on great work in such a short time! I like your ideas as everyone has. Here are my comments:

    1. A radio show, as it was said before, is a good idea, but video would be better. I hear you when you say you have logistic issues with hosts in different states, but use it as an asset. You could have a designated “lead” be on camera and the other call in (my vote is for Rebecca to be on camera, sorry Joe). You could also swap who is “on camera” from time to time and this gives you more flexibility regionally for interviews! Either alternative would need to be posted as a podcast. If you can pull off the video, it will be HUGE!

    2. A Rendezvous, I love the idea! I would have a hard time making it, but hopefully I am in the minority (my work has a very restrictive schedule currently and I am limited to a few “windows of opportunity”, but hey, it might be during the window).

    3. Awards would ROCK! It could be an on-line thing or (drum roll please) you could have your very own red carpet ceremony during your convention! It could give you an additional draw for the gathering (sorry if this was already mentioned). Now you need a great name for the award. Here are some suggestions…..The Golden Post, The Outdoor Globe, The Prize, The O-BEE (suggested earlier I know), or commemorate a great outdoorsman or great outdoor writer (examples: The Teddys after Teddy Roosevelt).

    I am confident that whatever you choose, it will be well done. Congratulations again on your 100th post. May you have many, many more!

    • 74

      T. Chris,
      Thanks for your feedback! So, that’s another vote for video (I’m feeling frightened now) So, I’ll look into the details of how to pull something like that off. I hope when we pick a time for the convention it gives you a big window! And thank you for the award name ideas, those are great. It would be fun to make it a real fancy affair!

  23. 75

    Wow…look at all these comments already. Don’t you people have lives?

    It will be a shame when the OBN’s blog listing temporarily drops beneath the 560 mark once Owl Jones disables 23 of his 24 blogs and moves to the owljones.com URL. The Outdooress should probably consider making a post now and then to stay on the list too. Hint, hint. :)

    Seriously, congrats on the milestone post. I like the idea of a meet-up, and kinda agree – it should be beer first, networking second, outdoor activities third. I’m sure we can manage the proper balance. Something smaller for us East Coasters could probably be arranged too. Busch pounders aren’t that hard to come by.

    Awards? Would be interesting to see that unfold. Especially after I win the Mel Moore Lifetime Achievement Award. I’d suggest naming the rest of them the Rodneys (or at least the fishing related ones) in honor of Mr. Rodney Brown. May he rest (& digest) in peace.

    • 76

      Oh now. You know half of those are blog about exotic cane pole fishing, hamster rearing and my tedious work on a museum dedicated to the Quotes of Dwight Schrute ( with state-of-the-art gift shop!). I was going to nominate you for “Blog of the Year that Features a Picture of A Funny Plastic Reel Thing” before this, but now…well, now I don’t know, Mister!

    • 77

      Darn you. I reluctantly second the idea of the fishing related ones being called “Rodney’s” ( at some point, we should probably give Howard the credit for….nahhhhhhh. :) )

      • 78

        OK. Look. This internet thing. I thought I had the hang of it. But that reply up there was supposed to go under Troutragously Yours’ post about Rodney. Someone get me a new brain, please. And make it fast. ( someone smart, too if you can find it.)

    • 79

      Troutrageous ~
      I keep telling Joe we need to kick that Outdooress chick off the OBN directory for falling under the bar of standards, but Joe, who has a kind heart, keeps saying we should cut her a little slack. So currently, The Outdooress is on probation.

      The Mel Moore Lifetime Achievement award…..I like it!

  24. 80

    I don’t really have anything to contribute on the tech side, just trying to make my blog worth reading is a big enough enterprise. But I will say every day we look at places and things and media and say ” would’t it be nice if someone made or did this or that ” You saw it, said it, and then did it.. and you Both should be proud. Before you guys made the mistake of accepting my blog I had two readers, my mom and myself, now I have 12… not much by owly J standards.. but as an aspiring writer it drives me to use periods and avoid run on sentences.. like this one.. and know that I have an audiance, and for that, I thank you- Riverkeeper

    • 81

      HA! That’s RIGHT! I have at least 13! ( and so do you, as of right now I see.) I totally enjoy your posts and especially the photographs! Big fish are something I rarely see on my line, so it’s nice to see someone catchin’ em somewhere – and you have plenty of nice ones to show!

      • 82

        Brad, it’s no mistake that you were accepted for the Outdoor Blogger Directory and thank you for your kind words! (And I use run on sentences all the time which I happen to like)

  25. 83

    Nice accomplishment! I know that I am not the first one to say this, but it is pretty remarkable that this site has grown that fast in only three months. When I discovered it a little over a month ago, I thought it had been up and going for years.. Great job.

    I think that all of the ideas are good ones. I think the awards, an OBN forum, and the conference would help tie things together. Get the community involved and not only does OBN grow, but all of our blogs grow too.

    I think a forum would help all the different outdoor blog categories come together to exchange ideas. The Outdoor blogs could get together promote each other, as well as the technical aspect of things.

    One more idea that I have..

    When you do a “Writing Prompt”, perhaps make a post listing all of those that have contributed. That way links are going back and forth to all of the sites. I think a link in a post is more lucrative, traffic wise, than a link to your own post left in a comment. Many don’t read all of the comments, but if there is chance that they are mentioned in a post-they will definitely read and possibly link it up on their own sites.

    • 84

      Thank you for the feedback!
      And an extra Thank you for that ‘one more idea’!
      I think it’s a great idea, makes great interactive sense and I can easily implement it into the writing/photo prompts. I’ll have a system ready by the next writing prompt ~

      • 85

        I am glad that you liked the idea. I am brand new here, but not new to blogging networks. I have previously mentioned my involvement with the now defunct OBS, and was Recruiting Director for Skinny Moose Media for quite some time. I love this project and plan on being even more involved within the next few weeks. If anything else crosses my mind, I will shoot you n email.

        Jason A. Hendricks

  26. 86

    And could we get a drink machine in the lobby? Thanks. And Howard parked in my space. If you could inform him that just because it has that picture of a guy on a segway painted on the ground, it doesn’t mean it’s HIS spot. thanks.

  27. 90

    Great ideas for the future! Being a podcaster I especially like the radio idea! Let me know if you want me to call in! .-)

  28. 92

    Congratulations on your milestone. It seems like only a few months ago that you were telling me about this really cool idea that you and Joe had cooking :)
    Really cool indeed…and obviously something the outdoor community embraced wholeheartedly.
    The radio show sounds cool. The tough part will be keeping it a listen-able length and finding a mutually beneficial time to air it, given your coast-to-coast-to-other-countries-coasts readership.
    The gathering – count me in…but give me some lead-time to plan. I like the regional idea too. Cool to hear about a sponsor already stepping up in the east.
    Nice idea with the awards too. How about:
    The Words, Woods & Water Awards (call it the W3 Awards for short)

    At any rate…thanks for all the work you’ve done in helping so many folks find a venue for their voice. Here’s to another three months of success :)

    • 93

      Thanks Matt ~ The W3′s…..I like it! It does sound like finding the right amount of time to do a radio show is the key. The good news is people can listen to it anytime and after the fact….

  29. 94

    WTF (Welcome to Finland)? I turn away from OBN for ONE DAY, and this happens?

    First, thanks to Rebecca and Joe for starting something we’ve all benefitted from–clearly there was a need for OBN, and, judging from the responses, this community is healthy, happy and itching for some interaction.

    Love the idea of the radio show/podcasts. A few of us on here have done some radio in the past, and the only real risk is providing too much of a good thing. Finding a good, happy medium that would attract listeners and participants is vital.

    As for an OBN convention/rendezvous, I’d say it’s on all of us to try and make it happen. Sadly, the danger now is running out of time, even for a July event. Many of us are already planning our summer travel, so the sooner we settle on a date, the better. If I’m available, I’m in, and I can join with some of the Colorado folks and serve as a “host” to some great fishing (except for Owl, of course, who will likely have been stopped at the border of Kansas by a state trooper asking, “What do you mean ‘This car brakes for Dueling Banjos,’ sir?”).

    And, of course, the awards could be part of the convention… the trick, of course, is keeping costs relatively affordable, asking members to help foot the bill (even just a little) and looking aggressively at sponsors.

    Joe, Rebecca, if you need help with planning, I’d suggest you throw out the idea of an organizing committee, and I’ll volunteer to help in what little spare time I have. And consider Trout Unlimited an early sponsor for OBN’s first-ever hospitality suite–free booze for OBNers. Us conservationists and fly fishers know how to boogie.

    I think you two have identified some very worthwhile goals (judging by the 72 posts left before mine), and I know I’m not alone when I say, “Let me know how I can help.”

    Keep up the great work, you two… you’ve inspired so much in the last four months… imagine what you’ll have created four years from now. Congrats.

    • 95

      Thank you for the feedback and offer to help out (and ideas about a committee) We are also excited to work with TU in the future. I imagine once Joe and I process all the information we gather up this week, we’ll make some quick decisions about time/dates.

      And then we’ll be coming to you =)

  30. 97

    Thank you, Joe and Rebecca for taking a good idea and turning it into something GREAT! I kind of wish I had thought of it but then I think of all the work going on behind the scenes and I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks for giving all of us keyboard-bangers a place to come together. There is so much good stuff to read passing through this portal, it’s almost overwhelming!

    And a big thank you to all the outdoorsy-type bloggers producing such great content!

    • 98

      Your welcome Ken and I agree, thank you to all the outdoorsy type bloggers that have made this community fun by writing such great blogs

  31. 99

    Hey Rebecca and Joe,
    It really does seem as if the OBN has been with us for much longer than Oct 2010. It’s turned out to be a real success story and is truly a credit to you both. I think the ways in which you are hoping to evolve the OBN are great, though the rendezvous may just be a tad far for the fun cruiser to reach! Looking forward to future developments and hopefully some day I’ll get my sorry ass on to your side of the pond.
    Best regards,

    • 100

      Future plans…..Joe and I head over the pond to organize a get-together over on your side of the world! I think that would be amazing!

    • 101


      I’ve warned you before that I may need to stop in to see you one of these days – I just may need to move it up a few notches on the priority list. If we ever manage to hold our First International OBN Rendevous, it will have eclipsed all my expectations!

  32. 102

    I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys thanks for what you have done. I started in this blogging world almost 1 year ago and didn’t really know what I was getting into. I just wanted an avenue to put some of my thoughts down so that I could share them with my family and myself on day in the future. I soon found out that noone was reading what I had to say and that was very discouraging. My mother (an experienced blogger) suggested that I reach out to other bloggers that may have the same interest as me. She gave me a list of hunting blogs and I starting following their blogs and blogs that they followed. It was a slow process but one that eventually has made me some friends in the blogging world.

    Now all someone has to do is look you guys up and find everything under the sun that has to do with outdoor blogging!! Thanks again for all that you have done!

    • 103

      Trey, your welcome and I’m glad you stuck with blogging! I know it can be frustrating at first, especially when it seems like no one is reading your blog, but finding other like minded bloggers can make all the difference.

  33. 104

    Joe & Rebecca – Cheers! You guys have created such a kick butt thing here. So many people benefit from OBN in all sorts of ways. Thank you both for being geniuses and creating OBN.

    Radio Show – I’d listen.

    OBN Meet-Up – Denver is right in our back yard. RSVP us right now. I think it would be a barrel of monkeys!

    Blog Awards – Now you guys are getting really fancy! Would you do a show with a live feed to announce the winners? That would be awesome.

  34. 107

    Oh my, I guess I thought it, but I didn’t write it. Thanks Rebecca & The other Guy.. I mean um a Jim no Joe.
    If it wasn’t for the OBN I wouldn’t be blogging as much as I am again. It seemed something about seeing the compassion of both of you and the bloggers in the group just lit the fire under my butt again. The ideas just started flowing like the smoke billowing out of my ears. And now I have two blogs. What did I get myself into? LOL! CONGRATS & THANKS Rebecca & Joe.

  35. 108

    Bravo to you two!
    I don’t know about the Radio show, but the other two ideas are awesome!
    I like the idea of a conference and think that it would offer a huge opportunity to the community to meet and learn from each other. Seminars, hands on demo, and good conversation would be quite welcome.
    Please keep us informed about your plans and what we may do to help.

  36. 109

    Rebecca and Joe,

    Wow, 100 posts. Great job and keep up the great work. Milestones are indeed a great thing and they do sneak up on you in a hurry. We started our blog back in 2007 and really didn’t put a whole lot into it until late last year. Since then it’s really taken off and OBN has been a significant part of that along with other like minded outdoor bloggers. Again and I thank you all.

    I love the idea of a forum. For ideas you might check outdoorbasecamp.com.
    A radio show, that could be very interesting.
    A yearly convention would be cool as well, as much as I would love to come out to Colorado to check the trails, I just don’t see it happening for us. Definitely one of the smaller regional ones and especially if it were somewhere like Gatlinburg or Knoxville. :P There’s plenty of Fly fishers in the Smokies, I not being one of them however. I was spoiled on saltwater fishing in the lakes and bayous in southeastern Louisiana so the fresh water thing just really hadn’t taken hold of me.
    As for the awards, I love the idea and category specific is definitely the way to go. As for the names there have been many great suggestions already so I won’t attempt anything. I will suggest that we stay away from OBNY only because if a G were added mistakenly…. well you might get the idea. LOL.

    Only other ideas I have are for the gear review opportunities, or more just a wish than and idea, it seems that the gear reviews are more geared to fishing or hunting, as a hiker, backpacker, etc. we can certainly adapt some of that gear to our needs like the boots, gloves, etc. Have you made any contacts with some of the outfitter companies like Mountain Hardware, Columbia, etc for things like packs, tents, sleeping bags, etc?
    Just curious.

    Anyway keep up the great work and thanks again for all you two do.

    Oh one more idea. The badge you offer for us to put on our sites, it appears you only offer the one size, has any thought been given to other sizes?


    • 110

      You’ve brought up on of the parts of the puzzle that we hadn’t anticipated, and may need soem help from an Industry Insider to accomplish. the OBN was started based around hunting and fishing – it’s what Rebecca and I do. The hiking/ camping part was a natural extention, but the players in that world are not the ones I have any kind of relationship with. And, trust me – sending out blind requests to people who don’t you is an exercise in futility! Now that we’ve got an established track record, or are at least compiling a track record, I think we have something to take to the hiking/ camping folks and my plans are to have that segment of the market well represented in the future gear review offerings.

      That being said, if there are any “Industry Folks” from the O.R. industry who can streamline the introductions – feel free to send us an e-mail. That’s one area where we can use the help.

  37. 112

    First, you guys are doing a great job. I hope that unlike other blog networks/summits over the years, you are able to keep your steam and keep folks (and yourselves engaged).

    To your questions:

    1) realistically, no, i wouldn’t tune into a net radio show on a regular basis. I would like to, but it’s not something I usually do.

    2) a summit would be awesome, although I’d be more likely to attend an east coast one (which may be forthcoming in future years?). It should be limited to about 12 hours of business/networking over the span of 2 days, with lots of additional time allotted to being outdoors, doing whatever’s appropriate for the season.

    3) blog awards would be great. What about OBOY (outdoor bloggers of the year) in the various categories. Rolls off the tongue easier than OBNYs. Or ONYD (ha ha).

  38. 113

    BTW! Another comment about the radio show thing….

    I do my radio show every Thursday night at 11pm Eastern….but I get about 300 listens a week to the podcast after the fact…just something for you to consider!

  39. 114

    How about an online rendezvous – i.e. go2meeting or webex – probably couldn’t make something that wasn’t local. It would be nice to get to know the other bloggers better, even if it wasn’t in person.

    Like the radio idea, but probably wouldn’t listen (just due to time), but a podcast, might be an alternative, something that you can put on your iPhone or iPod and listen when you can.

    Blog awards sounds great – I liked the OBOY idea above

  40. 115

    Rebecca & Joe, or, Joe & Rebecca (whatever the order is?), I am sure you both are getting sore backs from all the pats on the back for the great jobs you have done. But, wait, let me add one more, please!

    You both have made this ol’ guys dream come true. I always knew there was a way to do just what you have done. Where I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, you two, found a river and a bunch of trees to kick start an amazing adventure. Verbal appreciation and pats on the back just doesn’t seem to be enough in my book. Let’s just say you have created history, kind of like Christopher Columbus, and, the blogging world awaits your ingenuity. God Bless you both!

    Looks like you have plenty of offers for help with the pending get together in Denver, but, if I am needed don’t hesitate to ask. Maybe I will be able to make the trip, maybe not! Could be a tough year on the work scene. I would really enjoy meeting all of my fellow bloggers. Could an ultra light spin fisherman fish amongst you fly fishers?

  41. 116

    You guys have some big plans and Im glad to see them going down just like you say they will… R-s-p-e-c-t is what it means to me

  42. 117

    For the midwesterners that don’t fish trout and can’t afford trips, I hear Plano Illinois is a regional hot spot. Okay, I live a few miles away and it’s kind of luke warm at best. But I happen to know that excellent fishing can be had right near by. Right in town if you don’t put too many people on it at once. I also know they have a radio station with possible time slots available. And their is this community college called Waubonsie that offers classes and video equipment, end results of which can then be aired on the local public station. Plus I hear some guy involved with this works there. :)

    I’ll go look at the new forum and rerun this over there, but I’m just sayin’, some of us do enjoy the pursuit of smallmouth bass while wading rivers over just about anything else.

    We can always meet up in Yorkville, then I can walk there from my house. :)

  43. 118
    Michelle @ Sportsman Channel says:

    117 comments? Wow you guys! What passion has been developed here.

    1. Radio – I agree w some of the posters that I would prefer a podcast. No matter what you do, send a proposal my way for sponsorship.
    2. You know I am all over the conference idea and would love to be a part of the organizing committee.
    3. Awards are a great idea and again, we’d be happy to help sponsor them.

    Thanks, Rebecca and Joe, for organizing, planning and getting this off the ground.

  44. 119

    I think you guys are doing a terrific job-and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next : )

  45. 120

    Joe & Rebecca, I am so thankful for what you’ve guys have done here. The OBN truly has been a great way to connect with fellow outdoor bloggers.

    Denver for an OBN convention?? I’m in! (Crossing my fingers that it isn’t on July 10th – I have a race I’ve already committed to.)

    Oh, and I would listen to an OBN radio show. You’ve got my support there.

  46. 121

    Would that be an on-line radio show? It would definitely have to be targeted and advertised. Maybe a five minute segment on NPR. Are any of us that interesting to actually talk to?

    For the awards, I’m suggesting reworking the Network name to the Bloggers Outdoor Network; then the awards would naturally be the BONers.

    I’ll take any excuse to travel to Denver

  47. 122

    Can we take a break from the Hunting/Fishing giveaways and giveaway something the Hiking/Backpacking/Kayaking/Climbing people would enjoy?


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