August 30, 2014

Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Favorite Outdoor Places…

Ok, so this morning I was experiencing a mind blank. An idea meltdown. Or more specifically, I tweeted my brain issue on Twitter as such, “My OBN Brain is currently a sizzled overdone egg ~ So help me out fellow Outdoor Bloggers, I need photo prompt ideas…” I chirped and the Twitter crowd responded, so now I’ve got a nest full of new ideas (feel free to leave additional photo topics in the comments below for future prompts) to offer up on the OBN.

A River in Montana

For this photo prompt I picked twitter Nate’s suggestion (who writes the blog Fishing in Pa) he tweeted, “Favorite Outdoor Place (landscapes!)”

When I read his suggestion I instantly thought I’d give anything to be standing in a river in Montana. Any non-frozen river would do. 80 degree temps would be a bonus…

So let’s see it in photography, show us your favorite Outdoor Place. Where is the one place you’d trade all your leftover Christmas candy canes to go visit for a day? Is there a story behind your favorite place? Feel free to write about it in your post as well.

After you post your favorite Outdoor Place picture, be sure to come back here and leave your blog post link in the comment section below so we can see it too.

By the way, is it to early to start itching for Spring?

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When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Poe Paddy State Park fishing Penn’s Creek! That shot is actually Poe Paddy Run, but it makes it’s way into Penn’s right after that :)

  2. 10

    I was itching for Spring a month ago. Only a brand new Frabill Tip-up Combo and some time on the ice cured that. Need to get out again…

    • 11

      My Cabin fever, jitters, and twitches have set in….I fear I’ll never make it until Spring and for some reason, Ice fishing just doesn’t sound like a cure (for me)

  3. 12

    Great idea! – and hey – no way it’s too early for cabin fever! I’ve had it for months with no ill-effects! ( ha! )
    I’m wanting to keep the rod kit contest Center State on FFSBR, so I put the writing prompt on OMG It’s Fly Tying!…and here it is now:

  4. 13
    Great idea for a prompt, how about a nice mountain scene of one of our favorite classic New Hampshire places.. The Franconia Ridge!

  5. 16

    Suggestion for a future photo prompt: “Most Amazing Natural Moments”

    • 17

      Hey, hey now. I’m not sure I want to see any natural moments from folks like Howard or Mike. Or you. Wait – When you say natural moments…you know, I’m not even going to ask. ;)

  6. 18

    Sounds like Rebecca has a case of “FISHITIS”!!!

  7. 21

    I’ll throw in my 2 cents on this one. Hope these photos make someone happy on a dreay Winter day.

  8. 25
    Mine is up, and was very easy to write considering the frigid weather we are experiencing in OK right now.

  9. 26

    Owl, just for clarification, when I suggested “amazing natural moments” earlier, I wasn’t referring to any natural bodily functions.

    Now that we’ve cleared that up, here’s my favorite fishin’ holes:

  10. 28

    tee hee. tee hee. tee hee. :)

  11. 29

    This one is for Owl…so he can forget about the snow for awhile!
    And, I don’t want to see any “natural moments” from anyone! lol… My idea for a prompt is this…”Where my outdoor passion started”. Was it from a family member or a friend teaching you, reading about it, taking a class or something else? And how did it evolve from there. There you go.

  12. 30

    Here is my link for the prompt:

    An Idea for another prompt…
    Weather it be hunting, fishing, camping or dog walking…”Do you consider yourself” New aged or old school and why?

    • 31

      Wrote your prompt down Josh….good one that WILL be used in the future!
      p.s. your photo and video did not help my cabin fever either. I want warm weather and outside!

  13. 32

    When you asked “Where is the one place you’d trade all your leftover Christmas candy canes to go visit for a day?” It was a no brainer. check it out at

  14. 33
  15. 34

    Here’s my favorite spot (and for those of you who know me, it’s not where you’d think!

  16. 35
  17. 36

    After much deliberation, the choice actually ended up being very easy…

  18. 37
  19. 38

    Ok…Here is MY submission!

  20. 39
  21. 40

    Hi folks, had a lot of fun doing this post! I’ve enjoyed everyone else’s photos, hope y’all enjoy mine –


  22. 42

    I don’t have one spot but here are a few of mine.

  23. 43

    Okay, I got a little carried away. But my Favorite Outdoor Place is a whole mid-sized river and most of the creeks that feed into it. I tried to pick a couple of photos, but that didn’t work out very well.

  24. 44

    It’s not a place that I’d choose to be, it’s a time. My apologies for pointing to an old post, but I simply couldn’t say it any better than I did then – nor would it be any easier a year later.

  25. 45

    This to me is the perfect outdoor moment.

  26. 46

    Is it summer yet? I need to spend a few weeks in Minnesota!

  27. 48

    A few pictures from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon – Pine Creek Gorge.

  28. 49

    Finally put mine up. I suppose better late than never.

  29. 50

    Sorry to be so late getting in on this one but here’s my FAVORITE!!!!

  30. 51

    since the river damsel chose the madison, I felt it was safe to pick the Big Hole River in SW Montana as my favorite outdoor place.

  31. 52

    I’ll tell you about my favorite place but shhhh it’s a secret!

  32. 53

    Here’s my post about my favorite place to be… usually I am a (couple) day late and dollar short posting.

  33. 54
  34. 55
  35. 56

    I was gonna pick one of my favorite lakes that i fish often. But i went with a great place iv only been to once. But i plan on going more. There’s water but if fish were in it they would be cooked! :D

  36. 57

    It IS too early to dream about spring – still 2 weeks left of duck season!!

    Here’s mine….Folly Beach Pier, SC

  37. 58

    Orwell Reservoir, Minnesota for me:

  38. 59

    Thought I would do a addition so here you go.

  39. 60

    Ok, Ok, I got around to it finally. Here is “My Favorite Place To Be” with a picture or two.

  40. 61

    This is, indeed, a great idea. I very much look forward to future prompts!

  41. 62

    OK I couldn’t help but post more than one. Enjoy!

  42. 63

    Never too early for spring, unless you enjoy winter, which I don’t.

  43. 65

    Here are a couple of photos of my favorite place to fish in the winter.


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