June 30, 2016

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 1/31


This weeks first Featured Outdoor Blog comes to us from the Conservation and Ecology category ~Skunk in the Woodpile ~ Conservation … Uncensored This blog is penned by three different people. We have Vince Palone, Roxane Palone and Bob Frye serving up excellent conservation topics/issues in the PA area. All three have backgrounds that lend a […]

Gear Review Opportunity Winners: Otis Gun Cleaning Kits

Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Kit

And now for a favorite part of our Monday routine, announcing the newest winners of one of our gear review opportunities. Last week we put 2 Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Kits up for review and today the Random Number Generator has selected the lucky commenters. First comment chosen was #12 – Downeast Duck Hunter he […]

Introducing a New Outdoor Blogger Forum…


The Outdoor Blogger Network has added an Outdoor Blogger Forum platform to the website. Check it out, introduce your blog to everyone, ask the blogging questions that have been on your mind, discover new tips and connect with the Outdoor Community. We’ll see you there!

OBN Notes: A Forum of Notes

Missing Blogger

Outdoor Blogger Network Upgrade #1: On Tuesday we posted our 100th entry and asked for feedback. Our wish was granted in the 115+ comments we got….Idea’s galore! Yesterday I got to test out #1 upgrade to the OBN system based on a suggestion from Extreme Adventure News in the Photo prompt. Based on it’s looks and […]

Outdoor Photo Prompt: Lets see where the Outdoor blog ‘work’ gets done

Where the Blog Work Gets Done

Photo Prompt was suggested by Kari Murray of the blog I don’t Wear Pink Camo to the Woods. I think we can all agree that we’d much rather be outside playing then indoors sitting behind a computer. But since we are all required to go home occasionally and we are Outdoor Bloggers, we end up […]

Gear Review Opportunity: Otis Gun Technology

Otis Gun Technology

This weeks gear review opportunity comes to us from Otis Technology ~ From the Front Lines to the Hunt of a Lifetime A lot of hunting seasons are over now and it’s time to get those guns cleaned. Today we are putting two Otis Hard Core Hunter Cleaning kits through the barrels of two lucky Outdoor […]

Newest Members of the Outdoor Blogger Directory ~ 13

In The Everything Outdoors Category: Intro to the Outdoors ~ A little fishing, a little shooting, a little hunting, all through the eyes of someone with relatively little experience Get Off the Couch News ~ focusing on quiet, muscle-powered outdoor recreation in West Michigan ActionshotsNH ~ I enjoy doing fun things outdoors. Family adventures, hunting, […]

The State of the OBN: 100th post


Once upon a time, on a cold October 18th 2010 morning, the Outdoor Blogger Network was officially launched. Last week, on January 18th, Joe and I quietly celebrated the 3 month anniversary of the OBN. No wine, chocolates or flowers were involved with that special occasion, however, Joe did send me a very large box […]

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 1/24

Simply Fishing

Our first featured Outdoor Blogger of the week comes from the General Fishing Category: Simply Fishing with Travis Brasfield ~ A gathering of writings and observations while out wandering and fishing the surrounding areas if Illinois. A mix of pictures, videos, and reporting. Travis writes with a unique and refreshing fishing perspective that is often full of humor, […]

Gear Review Winners: The Original Muck Boot Company

Woody EX Pro, Stealth Professional Hunting Boots

I think this gear review opportunity gives new meaning to the phrase, “happy feet” and two sets of feet are about to be encased in a pair of boots from The Original Muck Boot Company. ~Life isn’t always comfortable, Your Boots Should Be. The RNG did the heavy lifting for us and picked our Muck Boot […]