July 1, 2016

Legalities of shipping the Air Rifle, and a little clarification

When we posted the availability of the Benjamin Air Rifle yesterday, I really hadn’t given the issue of legality any thought.  To be quite honest with you, I figure if states or communities decide to ban air guns, they must have ALL of their other issues solved, and I hadn’t seen or heard about  too many of those places.  So, of course, upon digging deeper, I found out that there ARE laws governing the shipping of this rifle.  The fine folks at Pyramid Air – one of, if not the largest distributors of air  rifles – clued me into the laws.  As I understand them, they are as follows:

     – The gun CAN NOT be shipped into any of the New York City boroughs, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago (Cook Co.) , or the state of Michigan.  Apparently, the shrouded barrel on the Trail series puts it into a “banned ” list in Michigan.

     – In New Jersey and Illinois, the gun can be shipped in, but it must go to a Federal Firearms Licensed establishment and picked up there after filling out the required paperwork.

We will continue to do the RNG process as we always have.  If we pull a blog from a banned area, we will re-draw.  If the next one that comes up is from a FFL area, we will contact the blogger and see if they want to arrange for its delivery.  If not – we’ll re-draw until we get a winner.

Finally, I confirmed that the gun DOES come with the scope!   

Hope this lend some clarity to the situation.  You should ALWAYS check with your local municipality to determine if something like this is legal in your specific area.  And, just as a point of clarification – the rifle does shoot .22 caliber pellets using compressed air – not .22 caliber ammunition.



  1. 1

    I hate living in this state.

    I guess if I win I better find a Federal Firearms Licensed establishment right quick.

  2. 2

    Ummm….you’re welcome. Are you guys that mad at me for swapping blog hosting services on you in the dead of night!? :) LOL

    I thought you might want to look into that, or at least make sure the OBN members knew that they should look into it wherever they live before receiving it and finding out they’ve committed some crime. Like you, Joe – I think it’s absurd, but then that’s the world we live in with regard to firearms rights in America these days. As a member of GeorgiaCarry.org and GeorgiaPacking.com I’m probably more informed than I need to be. What can I say – I can’t get my wife to take up fly fishing, but she’s always ready when I say “let’s go to the range!” I even got her a new Mossberg 12 gauge for Valentine’s Day one year. No, I didn’t have to sleep with the dog, either. :)

    • 3

      Owl – I made a pledge to myself that I would refrain from attempting communication with you until I saw at least 3 consecutive days of the same url. I think you’ve made it through your probation period now, so I can respond!

      Usually I’m pretty good about anticipating things like the legalities, but this one never occurred to me. Live and learn, I guess.

      thanks for the head-up – it’s good to know that people have your back!


      • 4

        I’m sorry about that mess. It’s what I get for not knowing when to be happy with “good enough.” ;) But then, I’m in good company since there’s always something new and exciting happening at OBN – so I don’t feel too bad about it!

        I’m on day 11 or 12 at least, btw! ;) I’ll try to keep the changes down to just fonts, colors and themes from now on! I promise!

  3. 5

    I had a feeling that would be the case. Being here in wonderful Yorkville, Illinois, not much of an issue. Pick me, pick me.

  4. 6

    You people all went to sleep on me, didn’t you? :) lol

  5. 7

    Happily I live outside of Cook County, so I’m still in – Happy New Year all!

  6. 8

    I noticed Mass wasn’t up there at all. I could be wrong, but I think (since they are my neighbor to the south) their firearms laws are extremely strict!!! Good for me that New Hampshire never seems to be a problem when it comes to this!


  7. 9

    Like I said, I live about ten minutes from where they’re made. The whole shipping thing could be a moot point. I’ll pick it up :)

  8. 10
    Marc Reindell says:

    If a blogger from AZ happens to win, We now have a FFL and would be happy to handle the transfer! Happy New Year!

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