June 25, 2016

Take Me Fishing

We are breaking new ground here at the OBN with this post.  We have highlighted various well deserving bloggers in the past – and will continue to do so in the future – but this post is dedicated to one particular blog.  So – why is the Takemefishing.org blog so important ?  Read on,  my friends, read on …

A few weeks ago, in our Inbox filled with various Comments to the OBN posts and new Blog Submissions, we got some communication from the folks at Take Me Fishing.org  asking how they can become a part of, and work with,  the OBN.   I was more flabbergasted than Owl Jones was when he found out he was a Featured Blogger!

You see, Take Me Fishing  is a brand of the RBFF – The Recreational Boating and Fishing Fund, a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.   RBFF’s funding is administered through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  pursuant to a cooperative agreement between the Agency and RBFF. The original source of the funds, the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, is comprised of excise taxes paid by manufacturers of fishing tackle and a consumer tax on motorboat fuel.  Basically, the funding comes from the fact that we like to go fishing and use motor boats.  I could re-write their Mission, Vision, and Programs into my own words, but I can’t say it any better than they can, so I’ll utilize my vast “Copy-and-Paste” skills to let you read it for yourself:


Our Mission

RBFF’s’ mission is to implement an informed, consensus-based national outreach strategy that will increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need to protect, conserve and restore this nation’s aquatic natural resources.

Our Vision

RBFF believes that parents don’t frame pictures of their children playing video games and couples don’t reminisce about the unforgettable evenings they spent sitting in front of the TV. That’s just not how memories are made. Boating and fishing bring families together and boost friendships. Sunny afternoons spent on the water foster the kind of conversation and contentment that strengthen relationships.

Our Programs

RBFF has developed a wide variety of programs and products that make it easy for people to get involved in recreational boating and fishing. Under their Take Me Fishing™ brand and Anglers’ Legacy™ program, RBFF provides the tools to help people get started. RBFF also reminds lapsed boaters and anglers — people who enjoy the sport but no longer participate — about the joy they’ve been missing.


When I read those statements, my mind immediately goes back to the hundreds (thousands?) of blog posts I’ve read over the  years.  That love of the outdoors, the passion for being “out there”, the willingness to take our friends and neighbors out and show THEM how great his sport is – we as bloggers are essentially mirroring the efforts of Take Me fishing.  And there is no better way to maximize these efforts than to work in tandem.

The TakeMeFishing.org site hosts a plethora of resources.  The State Info tab alone lets you buy a license online, find camping facilities, picnic areas, launches, …  In addition to the hosting of an enormous amount of useful resources, the  site has a blog, which is what  led them to them OBN in the first place.

Their most recent blog posting – The 10 Days of Fishmas – is essentially a Wish List of Christmas Presents for the  fisherman.  But  – their “elves” scoured the web, and each recommendation is actually a blog post from someone suggesting the gift.  Guess what – 5 of the 10 suggestions are from OBN bloggers who posted in response to  the Christmas List writing prompt!  They are:
- #10 - The 100 Little Dramas 12/8 post – Handwarmers
- #8 – Reel Lady’s 12/7 post – circle hook jewelry
-  #7  – Wind Knots and Tangled Lines - 12/7 – a bamboo fly rod
-  #6 – River Damsel – 12/8 – waders for the fishing woman in your life, and, their #1 recommendation:

- #1 – Journal of a MN Angler – 11/30 post recommending Gift Cards to your Sportsman’s favorite retailer!

The OBN is doing something unusual with regard to the TakeMeFishing.org blog – we are dual-listing it.  It will be found in the General Fishing category as well as the Boating and Watercraft Blogs.

We strongly encourage you to click over to their site and get acquainted.  There are vast resources on their site that can be of use to everyone.  I know this is already a lengthy post, but I could go on for another 2 or 3 pages about the content found on this site.  In particular, I encourage all of you to check out, and participate in, the Angler’s Legacy program.  This program will be the subject of a future post as well.

And, finally, I know that some of our bloggers are already familiar with the resources on TakeMeFishing.org, and  interact on their site.  How do I know this, you may ask??   Well, when I was randomly checking out the posts and threads on their site, I saw a comment from . . .  Owl Jones!

Does that guy EVER sleep?



  1. 1

    If you were as flabbergasted as me, then you were mighty flabbergasted indeed! :)
    I’ve visited their site before, and it is absolutely a must-favorite type of thing for the outdoors-person. Congrats to those bloggers with wishes that made Santa’s…errr…TakemeFishing’s list of goodies! I keep telling people all over the net that OBN has collected a membership that contains some of the very best in outdoor blogs, yours truly notwithstanding. ;) Another big high-five from one blogger to another! Way to go TakeMeFishing – and OBN. The hits just keep on comin’! :)

  2. 2

    I was as flabbergasted as both OBN and Owl Jones when I discovered my post was #1 on the TakeMeFishing list! How cool is that?

    I’ve gone to TakeMeFishing.org over the years as well to find information about Minnesota lakes. It’s a great site and well organized.

    Thanx, TakeMeFishing.org for listing my article as #1 and thanx to OBN for outlining it here. I greatly appreciate the props.

    • 3

      We thought it was pretty kickin’ when we saw your gift idea in the #1 spot as well. Good job and great idea! I’m hopin’ I find a few gift cards in my stocking this year.

  3. 4

    I noticed last weekend while browsing my stats that I had a visitor from Take Me Fishing. When I clicked on the site I saw their Fishmas posting and about fell over. It’s a great organization and I have used their site many times while teaching. Good move Rebecca, tying up with them. Benefits for everyone.

    • 5

      I get the falling over part….their organization is HUGE. But, you’re list was great and the way I see it, how could they not read yours and highlight it =)

  4. 6

    That’s awesome! I may be biased since my site is targeted at beginners , but still…

    Congrats OBN and all of the featured bloggers!

  5. 7

    Oh oh…Owl is using those smiley faces again ! I wasn’t “flabbergasted” when Owl won his blogger honors (that was expected to happen sometime), but I must admit that making the #6 wish of the “Fishmas List” for every woman to have a good lookin’ pair of waders was a huge surprise! Thanks, “TakeMeFishing.org” and thanks to OBN for adding them to the team.

    • 8

      Good Job River Damsel! And when you find those perfect waders…..let me know. I NEED some lady approved fitted water rejectors.

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