June 24, 2016

Winner(s) of the Sportsman Channel Blog Writing Contest

Today we are proud to announce the winner(s) of the Sportsman Channel ~ Blog writing contest. Since everyone hates a Board of Directors speech before a big award show, I’ll just tuck my napkin of notes back in my pocket and get to the good stuff. Drum Roll please………

The Winner of the $200.00 dollar Cabelas gift card is….
Mark Dillow of the blog No Clear Line.
His winning entry can be read here “Frozen In Time
Notes from the Sportsman Channel judges: “a winter travel story filled with memories. Also, it was penned very well to make us feel like we were there with him, traveling to his home and hunting with his dad”

Congrats Mark!!

Now, as a bonus, The Sportsman Channel decided to elect two additional winners as well. Both winners will be receiving something from The Sportmans Channel in the mail and they will have to tell us what they got when it arrives ~ We do love a good surprise.

Congratulations goes out to 2nd place winner Ken Hall from the blog The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond and his winning blog entry titled “On Thin Ice” Notes from The Sportsman Channel on his entry : for “Most Creative Post” to “On Thin Ice” by Quill Gordon. The stark comparison between fantasy and reality was really neat and spiced up the article, plus, it was also written very well.

And lastly, Congratulations goes out to honorable mention winner Owl Jones of the blog Flyfishing the Southern Blue Ridge and his blog entry titled “Winter Scouting on “Murphy’s Mountain” ” Notes from the Sportsman Channel on his entry: Lastly, I want to acknowledge “Winter Scouting on ‘Murphy’s Mountain’” by Owl Jones. This was a crazy piece I loved because I can see any couple in this situation. I can see myself acting like his lovely bride did and I can see my husband trying to “trick” me into doing something he loves on a pretense of something else. (It has been done in the past)

And a special note from The Sportsman Channel:

Congrats to all bloggers for your great work. We enjoyed reading your stories and appreciate your participation in our first contest. If you like these contests, we’ll try to do more!

Best Regards,
Michelle Scheuermann, APR │Director of Communications

Thank you Michelle and everyone from over at The Sportsman Channel. And thank you to everyone that wrote for the contest. You ALL did a fantastic job and we look forward to doing this again on the Outdoor Blogger Network.

Congrats to the winners! All three of you need to email us your addresses as soon as you can at: contact@outdoorbloggernetwork.com so that we can get your prizes out!

Rebecca and Joe

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  1. 1

    Congrats to the winners! And thanks for the Honorable Mention! I’m grateful to be named among those that had such stellar writing to share! Thanks to all!

  2. 3

    Congratulations lucky winners! Can’t wait to see what you get:) You deserve it!


  3. 4

    I had a blast reading the other posts! Let’s do that again.

  4. 5

    Thanks Rebecca! Writing “for a reason” was really fun for a change!

  5. 6

    Congratulations, Mark!

    I enjoyed reading the other entries and I hope OBN has more contests like this one. I learned from each story, got a chuckle or two along the way and found a few more writers to follow. Everyone who entered should be pleased with their efforts. It’s one thing to sit down, type furiously and hit that “publish” button; it’s a whole different animal to enter a contest like this and really draw attention to what you’ve done.

    I want to thank Joe and Rebecca for all the work they’ve put into OBN and for giving us a place to get together like this. I also say thanks to all the bloggers who are supporting their efforts and making Outdoor Blogger Network a great place to find great reads.

  6. 7

    Well done Outdoor Blogger Network, on a sweet contest. I guess Im going to have to break my piggy bank to get that czech rod!
    Fyi- Rebecca that problem seems to be gone for the time being.

  7. 8

    Thanks to all for the kind words.
    I agree, this was a blast. Thanks Joe and Rebecca for the inspiration.

    Looking forward to future contests…I really enjoyed reading all the entries (and now am following some of the blogs I discovered).

  8. 9

    Ditto what everyone else said…and as long as someone said problem, I’d like to make sure you guys know that if you’re filling in the “news” submission form and you use the “auto-fill” feature and click a field in place, it will kick it out as a spambot! So make sure you’re filling in the fields manually and not using the auto-fill in if your browser has one.

    And now, back to the praises of OBN, Joe and Rebecca! Horray!

  9. 10

    Congrats to Mark, Ken, Owl, and everyone who participated.


  10. 11

    Congrats guys! Thanks OBN for the PR!

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