July 1, 2016

Outdoor Gear Review Opportunities from Glacier Glove and Columbia River Knife and Tool

This week, we have 2 separate companies participating in our Gear Review Opportunities.  The more, the merrier, we always say!

First up on our list is 3 pairs of Glacier Glove Alaska Pro.  These gloves feature:

Glacier Glove - Alaskan Pro

  1. Realtree Max 4 camo
  2. Waterproof and breathable
  3. 60 gm. Thinsulate
  4. Leather palms for better gripping

These gloves retail for $39.99 each.


The second item available for review this week comes to you from Columbia River Knife and Tool Co.  The item is a number 9070 - The  Guppy.

There are many multi-tools available in today’s marketplace, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen this one, or one like it.  You need to click on the picture and go to the website to see what this tool can do.  CRKT is giving away one of these tools.  The retail value is $40.

Columbia River Knife & Tool ~ The Guppy

Some of the specs are:

Open Overall Length 5.5 inches
Closed Length 3.5 inches
Weight 4.1 ounces
Length 2 inches
Thickness 0.104 inches
Material 2CR13
Blade-HRC 51-53
Finish Black Oxide
Grind Hollow
Style Drop Point
Edge Plain
Material 2CR13
Type Slip Joint
Carry System 1 Position Clip
L.E.D. Yes
Carabiner Yes
Flat Blade Driver Yes
Phillips Driver Yes

This light/ screwdriver / wrench/ knife / bottle opener/ money clip gadget has so many uses, I really can’t imagine ANYONE wouldn’t be able to use it.  Please click on the photo and read more about it on the CRKT website, and be sure to click on the video for a more visual idea of the uses.

So – how do we draw when there are 2 different products available??  Simple.  Send in your comment below and, within the comment, simply tell us CRKT,  Glacier Glove, or both.  We’ll draw the random number for the Guppy first.  After we draw a number that says the person would like to be considered for the Guppy, we’ll draw 3 more for the gloves.

Remember the simple rules:  Gear Review Opportunity contest ends Sunday evening, 5 PM MST.  By entering, you agree to use the product and review it.  After you post the review on your blog, email OBN and we will post it in our Gear Review section.  The product is yours to keep and enjoy.



  1. 1

    CRKT Glacier Glove

    I’d love to write a review for this product if at all possible. Many thanks, Phil

  2. 2

    I’m in for both the Guppy and the gloves!

  3. 3

    I am in I need a good pair of gloves and a guppie might be the closest thing to a fish I catch this fall.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Id be happy to give either one of these a good test run!

  6. 6

    My current gloves have seen better days and are slowly self destructing, but still usable. Perfect timing, I’ll put them through hell and back. Will even include before and after pictures in the review if given the chance.

  7. 7

    God I just hate being greedy but both look so tempting – put me in for both if you’d be so kind.

  8. 8
    Tommy Ellis ghost says:

    CRKT please. Never cold enough for those gloves here.

  9. 9

    Sign me up for both…though the gloves probably won;t be able to be tested here in cenrtal Texas until February…:-)

  10. 10

    CRKT please. Looks like a very cool tool.

  11. 11

    would love to try the gloves,i suffer from reynards and have yet tried any gloves that will stop my thumbs numbing in the winter,apart from real fur..i would know for sure if they were good,trust me…

  12. 12

    Put me down for both. They look like good products that i could put to use. And review :D

  13. 13

    These look great! Mark me down for both!

  14. 14

    Put me in for the gloves. Could use them this weekend while putting out and picking up decoys. But, there will be plenty of opportunity very soon with winter setting in. Thank you much!

  15. 15

    I’m in for the guppy. I won’t have any use for the gloves. Good luck everyone!

  16. 16

    I’m in for a pair of the gloves. They would come in handy ice fishing this winter. Thanx, guys!

  17. 17

    First of all thanks for recommending that we watch the video on the Guppy. It appears to be a tool that would come in handy in many ways for me. With ice fishing season here, and I go often, sure would like to use and review a pair of the Glacier Gloves. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate.

  18. 18

    I’ll throw my name in the hat for gloves and guppy.

  19. 19

    I’d give either one a whirl.

  20. 20

    Would love to review the Glacier Glove given the chance. Thanks OBN.

  21. 21

    The Glacier Gloves look perfect for a test run for the ice fishing season!
    I would love to review them for you…

  22. 22

    Glacier glove! I always have cold hands, no matter what! Maybe these would solve my problem!

  23. 23

    I’m a chronic sufferer of cold hands. Would love to review these, as frostbite is not a good thing… especially for duck hunting!

    Thanks OBN!

  24. 24

    CRKT Guppy looks useful for the fly fisher. Would love to try one out.

  25. 25

    sign me up for a gear review. That Guppy looks interesting for sure.

  26. 26

    Hey Id love to try the gloves!

  27. 27

    OK folks – entries closed. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow. Thanks for participating

  28. 28

    Holy smokes! Missed it by that much! ;)

  29. 29

    My brother and I are planning our every two year or so ice fishing adventure to Red Lake Minnesota in January 2013 timeframe. Would love to try out a new type of glove in sub-zero temperatures and also give the tool a try. Missouri boys are always down to earth and would give any product an honest assessment.

  30. 31
    Jason Reid says:

    I am willing to review anything,I just need a chance.

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