June 26, 2016

A Happy Thanksgiving To You (and You and You and You)

May Everyone's Turkey Cook Just Right

Thanksgiving is one of those days that is wrapped up with good people, full bellies and a chance to tell others how grateful you are for them.

Joe and I wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone that has made the Outdoor Blogger Network what it is today.

The support, encouragement and participation from the Outdoor Blogging Community has surpassed every hope we had imagined when we first started this endeavor. So thank you everyone, we appreciate every single one of you and look forward to what the future will bring.

Now before I go anymore mushy gushy I’ll just write…go…eat Turkey, get fat, be merry, tell someone today how grateful you are for them, then eat a huge piece of pie.

Rebecca and Joe

About Rebecca

When Rebecca isn't running the Outdoor Blogger Network, she is off Fly Fishing her favorite rivers. Occasionally she writes about those adventures at The Outdooress.


  1. 1

    Thanks for putting a great spot for all of us to connect! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys and everyone else!!!

    It’s now time to get out on that ice and catch some fish!

  2. 2

    Gobble Gobble! May I have another piece of pie now, please? :) My first one “disappeared.” ;)

    Thank YOU GUYS for making OBN and making it so user-friendly and cutting edge! I don’t think there is anything else out there that’s even close to what you have created and it’s a pleasure to be hooked up with everyone involved – creators, bloggers, readers, etc!

  3. 3

    Well, congratulations! I just discovered this on my brand new iPad. Cool for you, girl. Sorry about Boise State’s loss. I’ll be back, as the governator says.

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